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 Sanders Supporters: It’s Infuriating to Be Told We Have to Vote for Hillary. But We Do

 Sanders Supporters: It’s Infuriating to Be Told We Have to Vote for Hillary. But We Do.

Jumaane D. Williams

It’s been months since I sat at the Democratic National Convention and proudly cast my vote for Bernie Sanders. I still feel and miss the Bern with each passing day of this election cycle. Oh, and lest I forget, I must mention the coordination—in violation of protocol—between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The attempts to derail my candidate’s chances of being named the Democratic nominee for president are pretty well documented. It is in that framework I write this.

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One after the other these articles are appearing. But I’m not buying it. I will not be told who to vote for, even by Bernie.

I was a strong vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders, but I will not vote for Hillary, who is more than a “flawed” candidate. She and the DNC conspired to destroy Bernie’s chance at the nomination and we all know it. That is not something to be rewarded. Bernie believed in what he said. Hillary says what she needs to say to get votes. Hillary is a captive of neoconservatives intent on dragging the United States into conflict with Russia in Syria, and Iran, despite President Obama’s achievements with the JCPOA.

With Bernie’s movement, it was never about him. With Hillary, it has always been just about her! I for one will not be a part of it.

Frederick Douglass said that power concedes nothing without a demand, and one might add, without countervailing power. The two party duopoly has brought us to this horrible, tragic place – the DNC and Democratic party elites, and their media cronies bear the greatest guilt of all. The only way to weaken that system is to strengthen alternative third parties that promote peace and policies that favor the people, not the wealthy and moneyed interests.

Vote Stein/Baraka!


The Hillary supporters get desperate. They know on the one hand she is poison but feel that if she has one redeeming feature it the duty of peoples of Conscience to vote for her over someone who has none.

This is NOT progress. A person has to vote for the values he or she believes in and not discard all of those values just because one might be something Ms Clinton supports. All this does is mean those other values sacrificed and the one remaining killed them.

This is how the GOOD in the world becomes compromised and poisoned and indistinguishable from the evil.


Have you ever wondered why we have committed war crimes in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen? Have you ever wondered how all the financial gains since 2008 gone to the top 1%? Have you ever wondered how we have the largest for-profit prison population in the world and yet most don’t know that they are striking due to their slave labor working conditions?

Have you ever wondered how GMO food is not labeled and Roundup doesn’t have a carcinogenic warning label? Have you ever wondered why health care costs keep shooting up along with drug prices? Have you ever wondered why there are 1500 fracking sites in the Gulf of Mexico and the oil companies can just dump the waste in the ocean?

Have you ever wondered why the hell are we still building pipelines, through sacred burial grounds, and assaulting peaceful protestors? Have you ever wondered why half of the population is poor? Have you ever wondered why Jill Stein’s voice is not present in the MSM?

Well, wonder no more. As this article aptly shows, it’s due to the stupidity of the Democratic base… the coalition of the deluded.


Has there been a president of the United States who has not been flawed? Is there any human being who is not in some way flawed? I think as long as human beings are running for president we are going to have flawed candidates. Hillary Clinton is an usual person because she has probably been charged with more phony scandals than anyone else in the US except perhaps for Bill Clinton. Even in the Democratic primary which she won fair and square by several million votes and several hundred pledged delegates, she has been falsely charged with stealing the election. Now her opponent continues to call her a criminal without any evidence of wrongdoing. She is not liked by the Left since politicians considered to be left center are always considered to be the main obstacle to a socialist revolution. Since she is not a socialist she is vilified by the Left. Her foreign policy is pretty much mainstream so she gets severely criticized by pacifists on the Left. And Bernie’s foreign policy isn’t much different than hers and he knows much less about foreign policy than she does. Since Bernie doesn’t seem to have much problem supporting Hillary Clinton why some of his supporters seem to have such a problem seems unclear. Maybe they simply believe the lies from the Right and Left about Hillary Clinton and cannon really understand who she is.

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“And while you feel boxed in now, remember that, if and when she wins on Tuesday, she will needs us.” Who are you trying to kid, Mr. Williams. HRC will need progressives just as little as Obama needed them after he was elected. I really think you are drinking too much of the kool-aid. Everyone seems to forget how deceptive so-called liberal politicians like Obama and HRC are especially when they need your vote. Take climate change as an example. Most Democrats consider this to be a very important issue and many pundits tell us about how much Obama has done and HRC will do to mitigate climate change. Yet, Obama’s record is very clear when it comes to what he has and has not done on climate change. See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-alexander/obamas-climate-change-hyp_b_8780846.html and http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/12/09/hilary-clinton-and-obama-s-dismal-record-on-the-environment.html


Williams took six paragraphs to convey what can be condensed into a sentence: Vote for Clinton because she is not Trump.

To make Democracy work the voters need to vote FOR candidates, not AGAINST candidates.

“Voting third party could result in electing a man who has literally made it popular to hate” ?

The DNC and media, not third parties, railroaded Clinton into the nomination, thereby increasing Trump’s chances of winning. Voting third party WILL give third parties more than 5% on November 8, assuring them ballot access in 2020 that will enable them to spend their money campaigning rather than jumping through hoops and paying extortion money to get on state ballots.

Vote Green in 16.


This nice young man is urging us to vote for a war criminal as a lesser evil. What have we come to?


If and when she wins, she needs us? Wrong, on such a fundamental level. Once she wins, that’s when she STOPS needing us. There is NOTHING that can MAKE (you can certainly persuade, etc, but that’s not what we’re talking about) an elected official vote ANY way they don’t want to. Period. Their vote is their own to give, just as OUR vote is our vote to give now. Our next window to have ANY leverage with an elected candidate is…their next election, if they actually want to be reelected. And, as this election has amply demonstrated, big dollar donors have far more say then, than we do.

This is WHY voting for people whom you at least have SOME hope actually will vote for the issues they way you want them to is SO important. Because we can’t do JACK to them once they are in.

Go ahead, tell me, specifically, HOW she ‘needs’ us once she is in office. For what? Not like she gives a good flying…fig about our opinions or what we think about her NOW, when she still needs our votes. Why will that change once she is in?

Sounds great, to talk about putting someone’s ‘feet to the fire’ in office, but there’s no ‘fire’, and there’s no power we have to hold ANYONE’s feet to it once they are in.


Just as we witnessed during the 2008 lame duck period with Obama, by the time Clinton has announced her first six appointees during the month following this election we will know just how much she needs us.

Just as Clinton’s endorsement list is heavy with lifelong Republicans, every one of her appointments will have the stamp of approval of her Republican endorsers.

The author’s first paragraph confirms that he is afflicted with the Stockholm Syndrome.


The Sanders campaign expressed many of the beliefs and perspectives that are crucially important to our society, both domestic and global, and are the very same sorts demands made by Frederick Douglas, demands which he and Dr. King would still be making, and are now being made by the Green Party.

Those demands resonate across generations, and embody the very ‘countervailing power’ in speaking truth to power.

We will continue, as that countervailing power, to demand . . . and demand, and demand.

Stein/Baraka 2016


“What he (Trump) believes depends on what day it is, and maybe even the hour”.

Many pundits and other observers have noted this characterization of the Clinton family for the past quarter century. Expect the most dramatic Clinton reversals of the past quarter century to occur during the upcoming lame duck period when Clinton announces her appointees, thereby confirming what the “2016 Party platform” is made of.


Total nonsense. So bad people support Trump. That doesn’t mean I vote for someone who is even worse when it comes to war, actual acts of deporting immigrants, and has a history of working to hurt minority communities with her Neo-Liberal support of unfair trade deals and the industrial prison complex.

No. We do not have to vote for Hillary. We must stop supporting this sickening and disgusting system where they convince us to vote for a terrible and horrible person who is a sociopath and laughs about people being killed in foreign countries because the other candidate is horrible too and their horror is blasted all over the media, which covers up the preferred candidates horror.

No. Never.


Sorry bud, I’m not buying the fear Trump crap. Nothing could make me vote for a woman I know is going to cause more war and devastation all over the world.
I would never vote for a woman that cheated and stole a primary election in the US. She has no morals and will do anything to win.
Jill Stein 2016


WOW you don’t read much do you. These “scandals” are scandals because they’re true. If you really believe all that stuff fine but it’s sad. The truth is everywhere if you look for it. She isn’t fit to be president, she has no respect for the law.


It’s not really “infuriating to be told we have to vote for Hillary,” it’s just boring.

Even if Hillary were not a lying, influence-peddling warmonger, I would not vote for her. Because rigged nomination.



Yes Ms Clinton would do anything to win. What also must be pointed out is that voter that will give up EVERY principle and value to ensure that she wins just because she not Trump will sacrifice everything to sensure she wins.

A rhetorical question to these voters who on the one hand claim they understand Ms Clinton as a poor choice, one that will support more wars and the neocon agenda and fracking and all of the policies of the 1 percent. One that would even use fraud to win herself the nomination. If they would ignore all of this just to ensure she wins, would they also accept a fraudulent election to ensure she won?

If not why not and why is the principle of a a fair election greater then all of those other principles?

The logic and reasoning they use to arrive at the conclusion that one must vote Clinton to avoid Trump is part of the reason so many societies are in decay and the reason the 1 percent keeps getting more and more.


Exactly! Why do HRC supporters or former Bernie supporters (if they really ever were) think it’s okay to just ignore that and/or claim it is “just politics”? When did cheating become acceptable behavior for anyone especially our leaders? How is that being a good role model for all the little children HRC claims to care about?


“Given that scenario and as much as we hate to admit it, voting for a third party or staying home helps him win, period” Hillary is the establishment choice and she will “win” because our elections are rigged. Trump is correct about this. We have a faith-based voting system. You have faith that your vote counts, but no proof, as an ordinary voter.

If you’re a delegate, you know for certain your vote is counted, because there are precious few of your kind voting, but your vote is then based on the popular vote count. There is no way to prove this count reflects the actual votes cast by each person. You must have faith in a system you cannot monitor and most likely do not understand.

If your vote means anything at all, it is a reflection of your choice, your values, and your civic duty. The corrupt system rejects your choice and does not represent your values. It robs you of your significance. What have you got if you don’t have you?

I voted Green, for Stein and Baraka because that is where my values are. And I hope my vote helps to eliminate the two party corruption and that our entire election apparatus is completely redesigned and federalized and made transparent.

As it stands the American people cannot have a “brexit”. It is impossible for the popular vote to override the wishes of the oligarchs. We are less democratic than GB. We have no democracy at all and we are not a light to the world or an exceptional nation. The odor of American corruption encircles the globe.


So good to the the responses here from the Millennials. They are not believing this lesser of two evils bs! They know this election is one of the best chances of bringing in a new progressive 3rd party. Just not falling for it. Voting Green!:green_heart: