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Sanders' Surge Continues: Vermont Senator Leads Clinton Nationwide in Latest Poll



This is the result of working for the Common Good rather than common greed and self-interest for ones entire political career.

On another note - great sadness for the passing of Harper Lee who gave us her wonderful gift-visions of childhood with Atticus, Scout, and much more.


Good news for Bernie! I said the same thing a long time ago that Bernie would win POTUS in a landslide against any Republican opponent but his real battle is if Bernie is given the Democratic nomination or not. The system is so rigged that Bernie definitely will have an uphill battle at the convention.


Why aren't they joining the surge in South Carolina? Don't they want free health care with not even deductibles and co-pays. And free tuition at the U of South Carolina and other state schools. And get paid at least 15 bucks an hour even if they have a minimum wage job. Why do the South Carolinians still seem to be supporting the establishment candidate who has received so much money from Wall Street? What is it that they don't seem to be getting in the palmetto state? Don't the people of South Carolina realize they could be as happy as the people are in Denmark.


You are such a clucking tool it is really sickening to witness.

Sanders's proposal for a universal single payer system by expanding the existing Medicare system would of course be paid for by taxpayers, and would amount to a great savings to US citizens taxed by corporate profits in the cruel existing system. A cruel fucking system that you would prop up being the tool that you are.

And free tuition at the U of South Carolina and other state schools.

It wasn't that long ago in this country, prior to the Reagan/Clinton emancipation of corporations from domestic responsibility that free tuition wasn't uncommon in publicly funded State College systems in the US. Those of your ilk, the Reaganites, Clintonites, Norquistites, and the rest want that corporate emancipation to continue from any responsibility to give back through investment to the public good. Rather, you and your ilk want the little people to pay more for basic public utility services like electricity to heat and cook, water to take a shower and flush a toilet, and trash removal. You and your ilk would have the little people pay even more for those services through a higher corporate tax so your ilk can masturbate in even bigger piles of cash.

You are such a tool in what amounts to your sickening arrogance directed at those working minimum wage jobs. To that I say, go cluck yourself jerk.

I'm not in the mood for your bullshit, not that I am ever. I came down with the flu, and I've missed a week at work at my minimum wage job (that averages sometimes close to $15 including my tips, but not always). Why the hell wouldn't I want to be in a place like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Germany, or Denmark?

I wouldn't be in fear of what's going to happen when I finally get garnished wages for not being able to afford payments on my student loan, or I wouldn't have a constant fear of my life becoming a nightmare going into old age alone somehow ending up on the streets.

But those of your ilk don't get that do you.

Go cluck yourself.


Reality check!

If they can do that all over Scandinavia in Austria and Germany, why not here?
Speaking of Germany, as just ONE example, all that Bernie proposes has already happened there decades ago. So how do they fare there (while our manufacturing sector is whining about job losses to China and other low wage countries)?

I have recently read a German language article in Der Spiegel (http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/soziales/fluechtlinge-kann-der-mittelstand-ihnen-arbeit-geben-a-1075189.html )
It is about a survey of Companies with 30 to 2000 employees. 62% have openings they cannot fill and 49% declare that they had to decline orders, because they could not find the workforce to fill them.

This was part of an article which reports, that these companies actually appreciate the influx of all these refugees, because they would, at present figures, eventually provide a workforce of 340,000, compared to presently 300,000 unfilled positions
For those, who do not speak German, here is an outline of the stand of German manufacturing in English:

Where do all these manufacturing jobs come from? – From a well trained and educated workforce in a country, where (as in many other European countries) not ability to pay qualifies for higher education, but where academic prowess and aptitude for skills decide your career.

Isn’t that what Bernie is trying to achieve?
I say, that Bernie is the pragmatist and Hillary is a corporate stooge!
The Germans and all the other Europeans are not supermen. They just have better political systems. We can do the same!


Is not Lrx using irony to suggest that South Carolinans are rather silly in not supporting Sanders ?


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You and Natyliesb simply need to reference a person's previous posts to easily determine whether irony or sarcasm is being used.

Edit...and FSB


Good for you for standing up & speaking out. AND, get well soon, and may you soon find a good job.


I live in Columbia, the capital of South Carolina. I can tell you from the many Facebook groups and people I've come to know since I returned here in 1989 that there are many Progressives and that they vociferously support BERNIE. We are not all the retired military here who are conservative, even reactionary; we are not all older white women who think it is Hillary's "turn." We are not all head-in-the-ground, disappointing hacks like MOC Jim Clyburn, who just endorsed Clinton.
I know from my time phonebanking @ BERNIE headquarters, and from personal friends, that there are thinking African Americans who will cast their primary ballot for BERNIE.

Lissen up, BERNERS all over our country, we can't, however, let up for a skinny minute. We gotta do all we can to help push BERNIE over the finish line come November. Between now & then, please, if you can, phonebank, go door-to-door, write Letters to the Editor, talk to friends and strangers alike [wearing a BERNIE button starts a whole lotta conversations], and donate whatever you can & then a little bit more.

[BTW, have you seen any BERNIE ads? They are soooo classy-just like the man himself!]The man's team has hired marvelous, creative, classy people. Donate MORE to pay for!

This won't cost you a dime, and may well acco mplish a great deal: go to www.citizensagainstplutocracy.org & take the pledge: BERNIE or Green. We need to have big big #s of pledges as Convention insurance against whatever the hell dirty tricks Schultz comes up with...first it was no debates, now it is superdelegates. Wotthehell has Clinton promised her for her cooked shenanigans????????


Add a #4 to your list:

Polls can be deliberately skewed to produce a predetermined result. All you have to do is ask questions that echo Clinton's talking points and respondents will automatically answer in a way that indicates they have a more positive view of Clinton once the answers are deciphered, without realizing what they're doing.

If you watch MSNBC at all, you should be able to identify those instances where Hillary Clinton receives far more PR spots than Bernie Sanders. The network channels other than Fox are doing the same. When interviewed, Clinton is asked more softball questions where Sanders gets the hardball questions. This is designed to sway the potential Voter to see Clinton in a more favorable light. It's all a propaganda campaign.

Sanders must capture a margin of delegates by popular vote to make the DLC wing of the Party realize they will face a huge backlash if they interfere by favoring Clinton with the super delegate totals to tip the scale in her favor.


And I'm sure this state will be in the win column for Clinton come Nov.------and it might be after she offers to privatize social security for all bribes from wall street!

When is Clinton going to release her speeches to wall street? What is she hiding?

A few years back Bill Clinton was recorded talking with Paul Ryan about how social security needed to be cut back. How do you think she is going to negotiate with republicans? Wall streets dream is to get its hands on all that social security money-----------



New Hampshire was a rip-off. Bernie had a landslide of popular votes, but Hilary got the Super-Delegates and won? What a screw job.

Same with Iowa. Bernie said the Democratic machine rules were so complicated, that it's quite possible Bernie won Iowa's popular vote too.


By your history, you're a conservative troll, no?


This is such great news. Finally people see Bernie is electable. I believe he is.
As I was reading, I kept thinking of the narrative where we are supposed to settle for the other candidate.
We have to get in line and support her when she gets the nomination,

I had a vision of the future were WE get to say to THEM, they have to support the nominee against the scary, SCOTUS-nominating GOP'ers. THEY have to vote for Bernie against the republicans. So far, the narrative has been scolding we Bernie supporters we better vote for her in the end, that it is inevitable. Not so inevitable now,


True, the odds of that coin toss coming up 6 out of 6 for HRC is about 64:1!


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Each and every time the Corporate Clinton main stream media political charade get busted for attempting to corrupt the democratic process to force through the corporate stooge pick, Bernie Sanders gets a massive spike in popularity. You would think they would learn by now, when it's the idiot box with it set scripts versus the flexibility and intelligence of the internet, the internet will win every time.
Sure you can steal the show on the first day but wow will you pay a massive price there in after, the 24hour main stream media news cycle is dead and on the internet the lies once exposed last and last and last.