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Sanders Surrogate Nina Turner Considering Green Party's VP Offer


Sanders Surrogate Nina Turner Considering Green Party's VP Offer

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Coming off a contentious week at the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders surrogate and former head of the Ohio Democratic Party Nina Turner is reportedly considering an offer to run for vice president on the Green Party's national ticket.


Go for it!


Works for me.


Turner is a perfect fit for the Green VP slot !


Nina Turner is an extremely powerful speaker, and is loved by millions already. I hope she decides to run.


#RunNinaRun Nina will never heel to corporate Oligarchy. A true patriot.Stein / Turner 2016


I believe that sister Nina will probably never be able to hold office again in Ohio as a Democrat, so she might as well become Jill’s running mate, and set an example for people in Ohio to take a cue from. The Clinton faction is so vindictive that Turner’s political career is over anyway. If the objective now - and I believe it should be - is to defeat Hillary in the General, then putting a popular progressive Ohioan on the ballot for the Greens is a good way to help do that.


If Bernie had accepted Jill’s offer to step aside, he could very possibly have won the presidency on the Green Ticket.
He would have had all of his vote, plus Jill’s. Because all is supporters would have most certainly followed him.
DNC allegiance to the Clinton’s could very likely cost them the presidency.
The most important measure of candidates electability is their favour -ability rating. Bernie had both beat comfortable.
What a possibly tragic miscalculation the DNC as made.
They tried so hard to create this false narrative of party unity, when we all know nothing could be further from the truth.


If Bernie ran 3rd party he would not have gotten his lucrative book deal from the Oligarchy.


Oh please Greens, not two women on the ticket.

This is not the time to break barriers, its the time to build the membership without rocking the boat any more than necessary.


They’ve run two women on the ticket for three election cycles. So Much for $hillary’s “historic” moment.


Yes, I know, but what did they gain by that?

I think at this point they should bend over backwards to be as conventional as possible in order to attract as many people as possible to membership.

Personally, I have no problem with two women. Jill will have my vote.


And why not two women on the ticket? That would surely give the population who voted for HRC because “it is time to break the glass ceiling” something to mull wouldn’t it? If they are so insistent on a woman holding that office, what would they do with the possibility of the top 2 positions being held by women? Let the hypocrisy ring out loud and clear!


Poor Nina! Just like any pol she craves the limelight. Unlike most pols she won’t just do anything to bask in it. An uncompromising Bernie would have been the ideal running mate, but he ceased to exist after last week in Philadelphia.
Why not get her sister Tina for the job? (I know she presently lives in Switzerland, but for the country maybe she could be persuaded to come on home and she could really rev up the crowds with her music).


I have to disagree. $hillary is the “conventional” choice. That’s why we reject her. Running another white man will just amplify the cries of “sexism” from the Democrats. Head, meet brick wall.

Your argument is self defeating. “If only those Greens would run as Democrats, then they’d win elections.” If only Democrats would run as Republicans. Then maybe we would be able to tell the wolves from the sheep. If only Democrats would run as progressives. Then there would be no need for a Green Party.


I choose to view the individuals’ qualifications, not their gender.

In these two I believe the Greens would be incredibly strong.


OMG, that would be fantastic, if Tulsi would go for it!


Why not two women? Two men have run on tickets for far too long! We need to normalize two women on one ticket. Men have had that ‘fun’ for far too long.


The average everyday person that supported Bernie is not a political operative they are going on the emotions of hope and change.By cheating to win the nomination for Hillary they ripped the heart of the Bernie supporters.
Not a thing you can mend easily.
They have done alot of damage to the Democratic hope of putting a candidate in the office.


It’s less about the good things Stein and Turner would be able do in office, than it is about all the bad things they’d be able to prevent being done by either Trump or Hillary.