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Sanders Takes 30-Point Bite out of Clinton Lead in NY


Sanders Takes 30-Point Bite out of Clinton Lead in NY

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A poll released Friday shows that Bernie Sanders has significantly narrowed the lead Hillary Clinton once claimed in New York.

The new Emerson College poll (pdf) shows Clinton leading Sanders among Democratic primary voters in the state by 18 points—56 percent to 38 percent. That marks a significant drop in support for the former secretary of state since the same poll was taken less than one month ago.


If the mass media did its job allowing Sanders to speak rather than prejudicing him and misrepresenting his policies when giving his name/face any presence at all, those polls numbers would close in tout suite!


This seems to be turning into a fantasy site. Realists would probably say that Clinton has gained 10 points since the CBS New poll released last Sunday not lost 30 points since a poll last month that clearly seems like an outlier. She was also ahead by 12 points in a Quinniapac poll released on March 31. Basically, the polls indicate that Clinton has been either maintaining her lead or actually her lead is slightly growing in New York. If there is any momentum in New York either way it appears to be with Clinton.


Have you seen this? http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/occupy_activists_launch_battle_of_new_york_to_counter_20160408


Well the "stuff" just keeps on coming out with regards to the Clintons: http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/panama_papers_name_client_of_lobbying_firm_with_clinton_ties_20160407


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The Clintons have more baggage than all of the Democratic Party and GOP candidates combined. Unlike Bernie, who continues to demonstrate restraint in the primaries, the GOP will wrap her baggage around her neck in the general election.


Is anybody else sick of how three old people are dominating the election: Trump is 69, Clinton is 68 and Sanders is 74. I am their generation and find this preponderance alarming. In fact, I went to school with the Trump but he was such a nonentity I have no memory whatsoever of him. But all of them are too old and too mentally rigid to do anything but repeat what they did in years past. In fact, I'd say that Sanders' fumbling interviews of late are not atypical of men of his age.

I understand that these 3 geezers can keep up the pace physically because I can do the same but new ideas? Flexibility of thought? Reaction times? Not so much. Sorry, but Bernie is more heartburn than Feel the Bern for me.


Look at the notes PDF in the link. The survey is landlines only. Who has landlines? A tiny subset of old people, businesses, and barely anybody else. These kinds of polls are not random samples.


This is it. This is the watershed moment. After exposing the Red Queen's "New Clothes" in the debate, If Bern can just get into the slums around the One Percent and the people are allowed to actually vote, the Naked Crumby Clinton Dynasty is going down!

We got rid of one Dynasty coronation already, by shear luck, when Donald Dump-Mouth assailed GWB and Jeb Bush for the disastrous 911-scam in the Republican debates and made him go crying for mommy. Trump said: "Maybe she should run" (your mama.)

One to Go! This UnAmerican monarchy nepotism from dynasty families has got to end.

NEW RULE: We don't want anyone's spouse or spoiled silver-spoon offspring to ascend the American Wall-Street Throne anymore. If you have the same name as a former President or take Dirty Super-Pac money, you can't run!

Edit: Check out this amazing indictment of Hillary by actor Tim Robbins:


Perhaps you'll accept the Quinnipiac Poll, which shows Sanders gaining on Clinton, and there's good news out west. Sanders is gaining on Clinton in California, too!

Momentum is a really valuable thing and Bernie's got it in spades. It is still way too early to call this one. I really hope Sanders berns her hide in the Empire State!


The mainstream media continues to shield Clinton as much as possible, as witnessed by her problem swiping the metro card on five different tries before succeeding. Obviously, somebody in her entourage goofed by allowing her to expose herself as clueless with the card while attempting to portray her as a regular person. Very little attention was given to this gaffe by the media.
Her speech in Colorado, which was muffled by piped in noise, is another example of the media covering for her. Any other candidate would have had this affair in the headlines rather than a story only on liberal sites.


Really? How interesting. This is significant. Bernie has the young vote already wrapped up. Bernie's hardest demographic he's tried to convert is the old registered Democrats. They've been clinging to old Clinton lies from the past. This graph would suggest Sanders has actually been winning over old people with landlines all along.

Oh Yeah, can you feel the Bern of Sander's rising star? I can.




You beat me to the punch about CO, I'm very happy you did so, the only thing I'd do different is to put it in caps...Thank You


Troll...go home to faux news. There is no mistaking the wisdom of Mr. Sanders.


What really chaps me off, SR

Is the MSM keeps pretending that SuperCitizens are regular delegates and includes them in the total, making it looks like the score is 1700 to 1000 in Clinton's favor. As you and I know, the real spread of bound delegates is only around 200, which means this race is almost neck and neck (within some poll margins of error.)

If the Supers aren't counted right now, as they should not be since they are uncommitted delegates, Sanders is close to overtaking Hillary. And those Superdelegates have, in the past, switched to the dark horse candidate if they detect he has a better chance of winning against Repukes in the General Election.

And that apparently is the case: Sanders is ahead of all Repuke Candidates by double-digits in the General Election polls! But I fear most Americans don't know those important facts, since the MSM keeps misrepresenting that this Democratic contest is already a done deal for Clinton.

We've all got to hit social media hard this week pointing these things out...


(p.s., Head's up: five-month-old retired sock-puppet names just popped up like Jonny the Bully, aka John Treada, aka many other screen names!)


You beat me to it. I've worked in demographics for years. Most polling companies have been trying, to almost no avail, to improve their measuring metrics since their debacle of predicting a Romney victory in 2012. The problem is that they have not been able to replace their dependence on landlines in the digital age. While they were very accurate in 1970, today only about half of US homes have a land line, and the majority of those homes are over the age of 65. Since there is no current phone book listing of cell numbers, it's almost impossible to contact anyone under the age of 55.
Unfortunately, the only agency that could possibly provide an even remotely accurate poll in these modern times is the NSA.
This is why there have been such huge disparities in the actual voting numbers on this years primaries and the what the polls said was going to happen.


Yeah, why won't old farts like me with my land line hurry up and die!

Apple and Verizon and other big capitalist corporations are soooo cool and in tune with young people!



He was simply pointing out a curiosity. Why are the candidates so old? The equivalent to Sanders back in the day, RFK, was only 43. Trudeau to our north and Peña Nieto to our south are only 40-something.