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Sanders Takes Biden-Proof Lead over Clinton in New Hampshire


Sanders Takes Biden-Proof Lead over Clinton in New Hampshire

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders now boasts the support of nearly half of those who say they plan to vote in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation Democratic primary next year, and his lead over national front-runner Hillary Clinton has widened to 16 points, according to a new poll from CNN/WMUR-New Hampshire.


Weren't you the person that's been using more polls than anyone to justify O'Malleable and Chillary having as much electoral juice as Sen. Sanders? If you don't like this one wait a couple of weeks and you'll be able to misrepresent voter sentiment, yet again. Polling over at 538, Nate Silver's site, is even being questioned for all the contradictions inside the various data. FYI- Sen. Sanders is picking up more Left Coast women from Hillary and Biden could damage both of them with the union endorsements. Today in Oregon the UFCW organized the first legal cannabis business. I just hope the primary lasts long enough that both Biden and Chillary have to seek the endorsement, and be photographed with, these union members. :wink: That should be fun.


New Hampshire is Berning up. Must be global warming.


The conclusion that I have drawn by "polling" your posts, is that you consistently work to diminish the gains Sanders is making against Hillary Clinton.

Why not argue against a Sanders candidacy directly?


It is a bit troubling that Bernie doesn't seem to be making the headway nationally he has done in the earliest primary/caucus states. I'm guessing that has a lot to do with where he is putting resources right now. We generally don't get to see national polling about his current name recognition among all voters, so he may still have a long-way to go in getting his name and views out there, which would leave him a lot of breathing room, since Clinton and Biden essentially have 100% name recognition, and nowhere to go but down. The polls after the first Democratic debate next month could tell us a lot about how Bernie might do nationally, depending on what kind of night both he and Hillary have. I'm hoping that his 30+ years in elective office and over 10 years of doing a weekly call-in segment with Thom Hartmann have given him the skills to deal effectively with her in a debate. BTW, he did a half-hour call-in with Hartmann this afternoon.


The thing is that Bernie has passed Hillary in Iowa and in NH. That should be headlined news and had it been anyone else it would have been. As yet the mainstream media reports this astounding fact as humdrum everyday news but it isn't now is it. Hillary was supposed to be the shoe in - a virtual guarantee candidate against the repubs but it may not end up that way.

It isn't like the MSM is locally owned and operated anymore. The media is centralized and standardized. Individual reporters may try and the news still has to be reported whatever it is but the tone and slant reflects the oligarchy that owns most of the media.

Had this upset in Iowa and NH (and it is most definitely an upset) been given the same 'enthusiastic' reporting i.e. 'out for blood' no favorites type of reporting that Trump received among the repubs, Bernie's recognition factor would have soared.

They don't actually censor the news but they do seem to be reporting it as if it is no big deal. What a crock that is! Bernie has scored a big upset in the polls leading up to the first debate... why isn't that big news?

Go Bernie... ya got them worrying enough to start cheating early...lol


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Gosh Hillary, I like the way you precede your attack on Sanders with an attack on yourself. It's like you're declaring "I'm not just trying to stop progressives from voting for Sanders. See, I complain about myself too!"

But you ruin it with what follows: Unsubstantiated nonsense about Sanders' 'racist' views and cherry picked budget votes to prove the most pro-peace major candidate isn't.

You don't like Sanders plan to give current immigrants a path to citizenship and limit future immigrants because he wants to protect workers? What do you want, open borders?

I worked in the tech industry. Know how they keep wages down? Through outsourcing work overseas and using the H1B/H1B4 visa programs to bring low paid workers into the U.S. The companies claim they need the foreign workers because they can't get U.S. workers qualified to fill the positions. It's usually a lie. They just aren't willing to pay U.S. workers a decent wage.

"“There is a reason why Wall Street and all of corporate America likes immigration reform, and it’s not, in my view, because they’re staying up nights worrying about undocumented immigrants in this country,” Sanders said. And he disputed the argument of business sectors that they can’t find the skilled labor they need in the country, saying in most cases there are plenty of people in the United States able to do the work. “What I think they are interested in is seeing a process by which we can bring low-wage labor of all levels into this country to depress wages.”


So Sanders is trying to protect U.S. workers and wages. That's what you're pretending is "racist and chauvinistic."

Of course Hillary, you take the opposite stance. You'd like to drive wages down by bringing in more foreign workers. Just like the Republicans.


You attack the only major candidate to have spoken forcefully for the right of Palestinians to their own autonomous/self-governing state - the only one of the bunch to have spoken against Netanyahu and against Israel's actions during Operation Protective Edge protective Edge - for his position on Palestinians.Every other major candidate is lining up to swear fealty to Israel and you're attacking the only one who isn't.

Of course, you're also attacking the most anti-war candidate, the only one who isn't in favor of four more years of neocon lunacy, for his votes on budget bills - so at least you're consistent in your misrepresentations.


53-54% of Dems nationally want someone besides Chillary. So, that's bad news since it means a majority of the party have already voted " thanks, but no thanks " to her request. And, the debates, as we see with the Republican outsiders Trump the Chump, Carson " for U.N. Ambassador " and " Ol' Snaggletooth " Fiorina, is very anti-establishment so far in the election cycle. Though, as Madonna said, " money changes everything, especially me. " This is going to be very interesting, and the long knives will be out in full force, before Turkey Days, imo.


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Now what sitting president would Bernie have a hard time beating?


Senator Sanders has spent 40+ years (longer than he has been in politics) fighting for his positions on the issues. He will do just fine in the debates as long as he continues to stay focused on the issues and maintain his passion for the people.


They are scared of Sanders. A stance like his on Citizens United is something they don't like, it would cut seriously into their profits from political ads. they also want to marginalize and omit mention of Sanders. The MIC does not take a liking to his appeal.


I agree on all counts. It is only because of Bernie that the two party connections to big money became so obvious. Hillary collects a bundle ... Jeb collects a bundle etc. but Bernie said no.

That really threw them I think and as Bernie keeps increasing in popularity that really surprises them and they aren't making it any easier for Bernie. It isn't like the rich and powerful don't know each other or that they don't have investments in different corporations. Some sit on each other's boards which kind of makes competition an illusion.

Bernie is not bought and paid for and oligarchy likes a sure thing. They don't care if Hillary or Jeb wins... they know what they will get for their money with both of them.


Hartmann has indeed been giving Sanders a free soap box for quite some time ..... too bad others haven't been given the same opportunities by our so called "prog" media ....


You know what? There are a lot of politicians out there who do little or next to no call-in shows, and if they do something like that, carefully screen the questions and callers they get. Bernie pretty much takes all comers, and deals with every question to the best of his ability.


And do you think these shows would set up one of these for indy pols? Don't think so ...

Fact is, it is free publicity over an extended period of time - called the Hartmann show once (not Sanders) and tried to engage in a conversation about indy pols - got cut short when Hartmann's initial responses were questioned ... and how do you know the callers weren't "screened" before they got to Sanders?



We get it, you don't like Sanders.

Propose another, better, candidate who can win the general election in Nov 2016 then.

Or stop the shilling for Ms Clinton.



Can you link that WBUR poll?



Media Matters does plenty of work for Ms Clinton. And yes MM has also pointed out the joke of mainstream news coverage of Sanders.