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Sanders Takes Landslide Victory in Ex-Pat Primary


Sanders Takes Landslide Victory in Ex-Pat Primary

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Americans living overseas spent early March casting ballots for the U.S. presidential primary, and the results are in: Bernie Sanders wins among ex-pats.


The entire primary process is run by the parties as they see fit with very few of the same rules that govern general elections. I charitably characterize caucuses as just another form of voter suppression.


If HRC or Trump become the next POTUS next November, anyone that can should get out and become an Ex-Pat. I have worked and lived in foreign countries and will take a look at that option.


What are you some kind of subversive? One person one vote? How naive that is to think ordinary people should decide things. If you don’t stop this wild talk we will end up with people deciding things in their democracy and nobody would want that would they? Please try to be more responsible and trust that your betters know what is best for everybody. We don’t want somebody that doesn’t fit in with how we’ve got things set up so nice and besides what do you know about anything anyway? We have professional government people who have been running things their whole lives and they don’t need someone new confusing things with new ideas. You know listening to you I can just bet that you aren’t rich are you? What does that tell you huh? No wonder you want the regular person to control things. Hah!

Nice try peasant but we are in charge like it should be. We own everything so we should be in charge of everything! Got it?


maybe its because they can’t watch the 24/7 propaganda masquerading as news.


It wasn’t long ago that you cheered along with the forum’s Blame Voters’ squad… quite refreshing to NOW hear you say that the entire game is rigged. And as should be plain to note, if a game is rigged, the players (dupes) can hardly be cited as cause.


Democracy isn’t just about rights its also about responsibility. The rest of the world sits on its hands and wishes (that is all we can do) when elections come along in the US. Elections that impact all of us. Bush brought all of us more (way more) terror. Obama continues on this path. Terror brought to us by the American electorate. They decided.

Information is available, its not 1963 with 3 channels. Some of the best progressive media comes from the USA. I do blame the colossally lazy of mind. Millions upon million find information. That is not because of a “natural” intelligence. It is about character. Right and wrong don’t require a college education. Millions more won’t read it because it makes them think and besides the games on a 7:30 and the west coast game starts at 10:30.

The USA is 3 1/2 % of the world’s population. I am hoping for Bernie however…

if it becomes a Trump, Clinton show down. Trump will screw the US citizenry with slave wages regressive taxes, racist misogynistic domestic policies, However he has made clear he is not itching for a fight with Putin. Clinton called Putin Hitler so we know where she is going with her policies. So I wish (not vote) for the one who has no interest in WW3.

That HRC is itching for a fight with Putin is mainstream media information!!! So the American people choose her? It’s not for a lack of information but a lack of character!

I do hold the American public responsible. Korea, Vietnam, Latin America, Middle East - if history teaches us anything at all it is we learn nothing from it, if we don’t take personal responsibility. It easy to say " bomb em" and then go back to Monday night football. Casual acceptance of regime change, shock and awe is a massive failure of the majority of the US electorate to take on its responsibilities or to show an ounce of moral compunction. That’s not media’s fault - those are lazy minds.

Americans go watch their men play childhood games and give a passing attention, if any all, to the world.
You want a democracy - what just rights? … no responsibilities? Just the perks? So voters can be like Wall Street bankers?

Don’t get me wrong there are knuckle draggin cretins in every country, but it’s American Zionism (Exceptionalism) that is foisted on the world and the ONLY fix rests with the US public.

The American electorate is responsible 100%.


That’s a bit kinky but acceptable with a veggie pesto sauce though.


I just wanted to express my support for that militant vegetarian stuff recently current on CD. It seemed an apt response to your penitential nature.


“Sanders won 69 percent of votes cast by Americans living abroad”

Is this statistic an indication that intelligent USAians prefer to leave the USA? Like we did in 1783.


I agree. Living outside gives one a different perspective on the USA. The outside news sources are relatively independent of paid bias as far as the US goes. Sanders is clearly the only candidate running on common sense.


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