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Sanders Takes on Pharma Greed With Rule Aimed at Ending 'Price Gouging,' Sanders Takes on Pharma Greed


Sanders Takes on Pharma Greed With Rule Aimed at Ending 'Price Gouging,' Sanders Takes on Pharma Greed

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move characterized as an effort to prevent large pharmaceutical companies from "goug[ing] American consumers after taking billions in taxpayer money," Sen.


Can Americans please be allowed to have their democracy this time around and let us vote for who WE want to vote for in 2020?

Yay Bernie, the President of the people not the corporations!


These quotes are from a new (today) statement email from Bernie Sanders - read his words, NOT divisive lying deceptive trolls who work for what? For who? Que Sanders detractors BS rubbish comments in 3…2…1

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathtub, or demand only the perfect immediately in a system fife with corruption, lies, endless delay/subversion and the likes of the ginger pig…

"Our goal is to create a rational, cost-effective health care system. Today in the United States, we are spending almost $10,000 a year per person on health care. This is absurd and unsustainable. We must not continue a system which is, by far, the most expensive, wasteful and bureaucratic in the world."

“Our goal is to put health care dollars into disease prevention and the provision of health care, not insurance company profits, not outrageous salaries for health industry CEOs, not advertising, not billing, not lobbying or campaign contributions.”

“Our goal is to move this country to a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system.”

“Let me be clear. This will be an enormously difficult and prolonged struggle, and one which will require the efforts of tens of millions of Americans in every state in this country. It will, in fact, require a political revolution in which the American people participate in the political process in a way that we have not seen in the recent history of our democracy.”

"In order to pass a Medicare-for-all, single payer system we will be taking on the most powerful special interests in the country: Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the corporate media, the Republican Party and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party. In opposition to our efforts there will be a never-ending barrage of TV ads, editorials, political attacks and lies." – Bernie Sanders

In Sanders own on-the-record words - read between the lines too - a canny politician cannot just throw bombs like shiteheads think he should, they must win to alter history…“a federally administered single-payer health care program. Universal single-payer health care means comprehensive coverage for all Americans” – Bernie Sanders


GO BERNIE!!! He has remained himself; feisty, democratic, astute and anti-greed. For the people, not the corporate elites and their pols. You rock, Bernie. Gonna ask my one Senator why he’s not behind this bill yet…(other one is an R and totally hopeless).


Thank you, Emphyrio, for an extremely informative, as well as comprehensive post.


This man has been fighting for social justice ever since he he joined Martin Luther King’s march more than 1/2 century ago and never wavered, remaining rock solid throughout.


I agree on Bernie on this one. How in the hell do we let the drug companies dictate prices on drugs that taxpayer money paid to develop? Hope he sticks it to them.


On another note, Does common dreams have no time to report the monumental developments going on in Venezuela? Used to be news on Venezuela almost every day…now, crickets. :confused:


We’ll have to fight off -or oust quite few “Democrats” to get that done.

Here’s to doing just that.


Yes! I hope he lives forever and his movement continues and I plan to donate to it again and again! Thanks, K


Last night’s Frontline dealt with antibiotic resistant bacteria and featured interviews with Big Pharma execs. It seems some bacteria have developed resistance to all antibiotics and are increasingly causing deaths and havoc. The execs said they have not been trying to develop new antibiotics because it just wasn’t profitable enough. I would have asked them, what if you or your family was infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria?

Making money on the Wall Street Casino outweighs everything it seems.


Note that most antibiotics in the US are fed to livestock to enhance weight gain.

Treating illness in humans and other critters is a secondary application compared to the agribizz uses.

Pharma is always competing with the GMO cartel to see who can pump more money into agriculture programs in academia to make sure the status quo prevails.


I have been plagued with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - severe gluten sensitivity, for five or six years, before the book The Gluten Cure was recommended to me.

It took first identifying the problem and then a full year of dietary discipline to restore my intestinal health.
What was the problem and still is the cause of the sudden proliferation of celiac and gluten sensitivity?
You already put your finger squarely on it: The proliferation antibiotics in the food chain does not only kill bacteria, but also the beneficial gut flora, which is essential to breaking down macro molecules such as gluten and lactose so they can be absorbed by your digestive system for their nutritional benefits.


The gubmit and corporations that own the gubmit make sure they peddle lots of drugs to “remedy” gluten intolerance to milk it to the max. They make money feeding antibiotics to livestock and make even more money “treating” the problems that practice creates.

When we mention these travesties we are called conspiracy theorists. Stock analysts and politicians praise these business models as savvy vertically integrated profit centers.


That’s about the size of it. Just as the Depression-era farmers got " everyting but the squeel " out of a food source, the agricultural/business model is also putting profit, over public health policy and the general wealthfare. And, it’s all subsidized, as well.
The pharmaceuticals and proteins are added at the milling/mixing level with ingredients coming out of fields that are bolsterred with herbicides, soil nutrient enhancements, insecticides and … Then to promote shipping and shelf-life, you’re getting yet more chemicals and additives. It is a cash cow😉.


I wrote in “BERNIE & 'BETH” in both 2012 and 2016 – for all the good it did in our current, utterly corrupt “representative republic”.

You have echoed my home-made 2016 bumper sticker for The People vs DamnocRatic Establishment primary,
"Bernie ROCKS, Hillary SQUAWKS! "

For the genl. election, Damn. Establishment vs RePooplican Charlatan, I made a grammatically slightly off one:
"Lock 'em BOTH Up!! "


Sounds good, but we need more. This bill seems like common sense, but corporate representatives don’t care about simple justice for the masses. We need to control all drug prices, like other industrialized countries. Sanders’ bill is a first step though


Thanks for posting this and I have sent it to main single payer organizers in Vermont.


If he were serious about doing something about drug prices he would introduce in the Senate the campanion bill to HR 676 National Improved Medicare for All. The majority of the House democrats have signed on to the bill as co-sponsors. The Senate remains silent.

We must be united on this and make it toxic in 2018 for any Democrat who does not support National Improved Medicare for All.


I’m a Canadian who had to have an emergency eye procedure while on vacation in the U.S. The hospital bill for my medical treatment came to US $2,006. Upon return to Ontario, I submitted the bill to the Ontario Ministry of Health, our single payer, for reimbursement. I received payment of CA $365, approximately US $280. What was the reason for the $1,726 difference? I was only eligible for reimbursement of the amount that would have been paid to an Ontario hospital for the same medical services. In other words, the medical procedures I received cost over seven times as much in the U.S. as they do in Canada. Seven times! No wonder Americans can’t afford heath care. Clearly, it isn’t just gouging or administrative costs of U.S. insurance companies, though I’m sure that is a major part of it. The prices charged by your health service providers as astronomical compared to the prices charged in other developed countries. There’s simply no reason or excuse for gouging the public for necessary health care services.