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Sanders Takes the Campaign Against the Center for American Progress to Eleven


Sanders Takes the Campaign Against the Center for American Progress to Eleven

Thomas Neuburger

One of my biggest concerns about the 2016 Sanders campaign was that, at least at the beginning, it was too easily forced to apologize for attacks on supposed "allies of progressives" in the Democratic ecosystem — because "unity."

The prime example of that occurred when Sanders accused the Planned Parenthood Action Fund—not Planned Parenthood the health care organization, Planned Parenthood AF, the highly Clintonist political action committee, which had early-endorsed Clinton despite Sanders' excellent record on women's issues—of being "part of the establishment."


Bernie continues to remind me why I became and try to always remain a lifelong, principled, Progressive Independent. Go Team Bernie!


“Bernie Sanders is not backing down this time.”

But since he has already agreed to support whatever “D” is chosen if he loses, what is THAT called?!


The Liberals don’t have the multitude of “think tanks” like the Republicans do (ie AEI, Heritage Found, Cato, Manhattan etc). The supposed “liberal” think tanks on the Dem side are CAP and Brookings. CAP and Brookings, for anyone that’s interested, ARE NOT Liberal. If anything they are “centrist”. Neera Tanden & CAP were in, and still are, the tank for the Clintons and their assorted cronies (can anyone say Joe Biden?). The left was destroyed in this country by the end of the 60’s and never made a comeback. We have no large well funded organizations like these, only the smaller grass roots orgs that we must fund and volunteer for to fight for causes and candidates.


Politics. If ya wanna play, you’re gonna get somewhat “dirty”.


It’s called tactics. Sanders is planning to be the Democratic nominee.


Editors: The image in the article is NOT of the 2016 PPAF uproar. It is a repeat of the 2019 CAP communication.


Didn’t he “dirty” himself enough after getting robbed in 2016?
If tucking tail instead of fighting back is “politics” then something is radically wrong somewhere; of course most of us know there are many things wrong with U.S. politics from vote-stealing to vote rigging to not “allowing” any other parties to play except the “Corrupt Two”.


Ok. What the fuck should “we” do? Comes a time when ya just gotta come to grip with reality. A Sanders win with majorities in both Houses would sure help turning around this clusterfuck created by Trump. Plus, even though the “corporate” Dems wouldn’t support most of his policies, his stamina and traveling around the country convincing the public to pressure their reps (unlike Obama sitting on his hands) to support his proposals will get some of his policies instituted. This ain’t heaven and it isn’t even Europe, but with the right people in charge positive change can get done. Think FDR & LBJ (S/S, unemployment insurance, Voting rights act, Civil rights act, Medicare/Medicaid, Head Start etc)


That was a great elucidation of “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” Thanks!


The d-party big tent sure gets crowded. I’m gonna stay outside it and watch it turn into a WWF event.

Reality check: Big donors matter to the d-party more than working class voters like me.


I can save Neera Tanden, CAP and the other establishment dems some time and dough for your 2020 slogan. No need for focus groups or Madison Ave when this perfectly summarizes your campaign:

Insert your corporate candidate here: Better Than Trump!


Don’t get me wrong. I think Bernie is a hard-working, sincere, “We the People”-loving guy. I guess what I’m wondering is what is it going to take to wake people–and him?–up to the fact that there are MORE than two corrupt parties out there. As someone said: “How can you have a revolution working from inside a counter-revolutionary party?”

I am anxiously (and hopefully) watching Tulsi Gabbard’s momentum. She is as progressive as Bernie and seems to have less qualms about “stepping on toes” by speaking her mind and pointing out the wrongs of the country. If there is going to be the first female president soon, then I sure as hell hope it is her. At least she will win because of who she IS and not just because she is female, which seemed to be Hillary’s #1 vote-getter.


I’m glad Bernie is taking on the Podesta tool, Center for American Progress, whose name is a huge lie. However, he needs to state his position on the arrest and probable extradition of Julian Assange, which is a huge blow to press freedom, and the right of the people to know every dirty, underhanded and criminal thing that governments and other quasi-state actors (like political parties) do to undermine democracy and openness. The fascist movement towards total state control of all of us marches on and all establishment Dems and their supporters can think about is punishing Assange for telling the rest of us the truth of what the Clinton campaign did to the Sanders campaign, which is total selfish sour grapes.


How can you have a revolution blah blah? Read the little red book, Mao will tell you how. Instead of sleeping with the fishes, you swim with the fishes. Revolution from the ground up. Your ideas are just circular firing squad and everybody must be perfect or I’ll complain. Pick something positive and do it. Whingin’ from the sidelines just makes you sound foolish.


How long have we been “swimming with the fishes” already???!!!
How’s that worked out???
ACTION OUTSIDE the norm is needed!

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I was also upset about him not speaking up against the Assange situation until I found it explained on a progressive-inside-the-campaign site. I don’t have the link right now but I’m sure a search will find it for you. Hint: It is a tactical/strategic move (And I’m personally not sure I like it or if it will work) and will come out in the future.)

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Clyde seems foolish to you? It’s strange, because Clyde’s post asks a legitimate question that you could, or would not answer, just snarky replies. The DNC has 2 ways to dump Bernie, and no one can stop them, not even a judge. Sanders has already said he wont fight the nomination issue, again.Where I grew up, that’s a “fool me twice” thing. So I’ll ask you, when convention time comes, and the nomination is down to a centrist and Bernie, what will you do when (not if) the party pulls the rug, jump on that centrist bandwagon again? The DNC didn’t enact these new rules for shits and giggles, you can bet they will use them.


Or maybe: As good as Trump!


I wish I could say that with conviction. I visited her website and it seems to have zero information about where she stands on the issues.