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Sanders Takes the Campaign Against the Center for American Progress to Eleven


Or maybe: As good as Trump!



I wish I could say that with conviction. I visited her website and it seems to have zero information about where she stands on the issues.



The information is out there if you are patient and look for it.
Hint: Type “TULSI GABBARD” into the youtube search and listen to it from her own mouth and that of others.

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A curious strategy for campaign messaging to say the least.






It’s called defeating tRump



Because the two corrupt parties write the rules for elections. Progressives need to be Trojan horses in this battle.

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She’s all in on permanent war, and has had to do so much “evolving” I don’t believe she stands for anything.



I’d rather see in in writing. How many verbal contracts have you signed?

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Tulsi’s more of a Democrat than Bernie. Beware of sheepdogs in liberal clothing.



For some reason she has two websites. One of them just gives her bio and tries to raise money without talking about any of her positions (www.tulsi2020.com - is that the one you visited?). Her other website is more substantive about her positions - it is at www.votetulsi.com



So look it up in writing! Geeeezus!!!



Here is a link to her platform: https://www.votetulsi.com/vision



If by planning you mean he has a plan for what to do next if he becomes the nominee, I’m sure that’s true. If you mean, he thinks it is the most likely outcome, I doubt it - I’m sure he is a realist and realizes he still has an uphill battle regardless of good initial poll numbers. I think his chance this time is better than last time though regardless of being 4 years older and having to hear even more of the age criticism.

But my mind is clear on one thing, if he tried to a) run in the Green Party from the get go, or b) defect to the Green Party after losing in the Democratic primary, his chance of becoming president is a big fat 0. With the current plurality system, no Green Party nominee is becoming president and the chance of a progressive independent becoming president is just as bad (Perot did pretty well but he was hardly progressive). The only path in for a progressive right now is thru the Democratic party, like it or not. And even though Lieberman won after losing his primary and running as an independent, most progressives thought he was a scumbag for doing this and the amount of ill will that Sanders would generate doing the exact same move is going to be off the charts. It doesn’t matter how unfairly he was treated (and I agree he was treated unfairly in 2016).

(not saying you disagree here - only that this idea of Sanders not pledging to support the nominee seems to come up often here, and it just seems way off to me)

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Absolutely he knows he’s in for a tough, unfair, fight. But he thinks he has a realistic chance. By no means does he think he’s a shoo-in or a done deal. But he is planning to win.

Agree with the option of bolting to a third party or independent campaign. Almost guaranteed to fail, and give his smearers endless ammunition to blame him for everything that goes wrong for the next twenty years.

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Unlike 2016, this will be a battle with the enemy named out loud and its deeds detailed

And, unfortunately, the enemy is in BOTH directions.




ok this has to be more that 5 characters

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True. But that’s why I donate directly to candidates



For one thing, Tulsi runs for Congress as a (D) while Bernie runs for Congress as an (I).



got it

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