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Sanders Targets Biden Over Iraq War Vote, Repeated Attacks on Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/07/sanders-targets-biden-over-iraq-war-vote-repeated-attacks-social-security

There is no chance that I would ever vote for ByeDone
Joe Biden Has Called for Social Security Cuts 3 Times


When Uncle Joe wakes up from one of three daily naps, he’s re-energized to sound like a Republican.

This is the d-party frontrunner, ladies and gentlemen. This is what Trump v2.0 looks like.


I’m not sure where this should be injected but I wanted to make sure more people read this.
An excellent article by The Zero Hour - RJ Eskow
Nailed it!

This is the true meaning behind the lingo used by corporate Democrats


While we’re at it, Bernie can hammer Joe “Naptime” Byedone with this. Uncle Joe keeps repeating the lie that he was against the Iraq War. His bullshit needs to be called out repeatedly:


I, like you, feel the same. Biden needs to be defeated now. I think, although it’s not being said, whatever Rethuglicons don’t want to vote for the turd in the Whitehouse will be voting for Biden. He says and does a lot of what the right likes and stands for. He will carry on Obama’s corporate-loving ways and screw us all. Little chance of ANY change if, very unfortunately, Biden wins. Help…I need my barf bag NOW! at just that thought.


He’s addressed that clearly - "Nothing will Fundamentally Change"

I will not vote for Byedone. He will not beat Caligula anyway.
We have better choices. I will not support the process that rams a corporate Whore down my throat.


I like your user name. On your comment, Biden doesn’t just sound like a rethug, he is one disguised as a Dem…

It is amazing to me how many thoughtless, scared Americans are rooting for this jackass Biden.

We need to donate, volunteer and promote as much as possible a real progressive, honest candidate. I did that for Bernie in 2015. We need to get out of our comfort zone. Let’s knock on doors, call. Corporations must be fought now by the masses.


I would suggest that your assertion that disillusioned Repubs will vote for Biden is wishful thinking.
They had an Obama/Biden clone in a pantsuit on the ballot in 2016. They didn’t vote for Her.
When offered a choice between a real Repub and one pretending to be one, the real one wins.

Perhaps you remember Chuck Schumer’s assurance in 2016:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”


Let me add to that,

The Schumer “logic” from 2016 (and I am sure they are thinking this still)

Chuck Schumer (2016)
“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

That Failed, bigly. and it will again


Time for the Sanders campaign to do a salted earth national campaign on Biden.

No punches pulled -

They can call it the “say it aint so, Joe” campaign.

Camera Fade in -
video of Joe biden on senate floor talking about his repeated attempts to cut social security, medicare, Medicaid, and veterans care.

Camera fade out to caption -
" say it aint so, Joe."

Camera fade in -
Video of biden talking up the Iraq war and voting for the Iraq war.

Camera fade out to caption -
“Say it aint so, Joe”

Camera fade in -
Video of biden talking up NAFTA and voting for nafta.

Camera fade out to caption -
“Say it aint so, Joe.”

Camera fade in -
Video of biden talking out against school busing - quick cut to biden talking about how the segregationist senators were just a great bunch of guys.

Camera fade out to caption -
“Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

Damn… We’re just getting warmed up here. This could turn into a mini-series.


Minor point on rethugs voting for Biden.

Your comment of “failing Bigly” is wrong. Who is occupying the Whitehouse now???

Where the rightwing doesn’t have the numbers as Chuck claimed, the rightwing had the power, the money to lie, cheat and steal so that they got the Whitehouse and T rump has now captured the whole Rethuglicon party. Cult lives with the right. They rule the country. And the MAJOR point is we need to defeat them and corporate-owned Dems.

This was the point I tried to make.

And I would add… anyone that does vote for Mr. Master Card is voting for a Wall Street, stooge! Unfortunately, that is why Joe will be nominated for POTUS instead of Bernie.


It is about time that Bernie stopped being excessively polite and unleashed a barrage of Truth about Biden’s disgraceful record of Warmongering and his Political Support for Corporations over We The People.

If Bernie wants to be our President he must be totally honest with voters and expose Biden’s shameful record of inhumane, immoral, criminal decisions regarding the Invasion of Iraq and his extremely Right Wing Republican support of legislation that favors Corporations and and disregards the needs and desires of the Majority of Americans.

If we examine Biden’s long record in Congress you can only come to one conclusion: Biden belongs with the heartless bigoted Republican Party.

If he wins the Democratic nomination he will undoubtedly lose the General Election; Progressives like me will never vote for an unethical Warmonger and a Wall Street Puppet.

Biden is obviously the Male Version of Hillary, nothing whatsoever to offer the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party and solely dedicated to the Military Industrial Complex and the Wall Street Tycoons.



Definitely agree. There is no such thing as ’ The Lesser of Two Evils’. There is only evil.
Clinton’s giggling over the salvage butchery of Gaddafi cured me of any thoughts I would ever vote for a warmonger … including Biden.


Glad to see Bernie has decided it’s time to take Biden down. It doesn’t look like he will be able to actually go toe to toe in a debate with just Biden. We are still plagued by having the losers magically able to meet poll numbers and collect money. The impeachment sham is also calculated to help Biden and Buttigieg who will be able to continue campaigning while Bernie is stuck in the senate.



I posted this in a different thread yesterday, but I’ll repost here. In the upcoming debate…

Bernie to ByeDone: With all due respect, Joe, you went along with US policy built around lying to the American people about how well the war in Afghanistan was going, you believed and promulgated the Bush/Cheney lies that got us into still unfolding disaster in Iraq, you actually suggested partitioning Iraq along sectarian lines – which is just plain crazy. Joe, your claims of being the commander-in-chief we need don’t hold water.

Bernie to Mayo Pete: Thanks for your service, but your service and the service of thousands like you – as patriotic as it was – has not made us safer, it’s turned an entire region into a powder keg. We haven’t won a war there in forever, which should be data enough for a n ex-McKinsey analyst. So sorry, Pete, but your claims about conducting a smarter, data-driven war in that region are nonsense.


You don’t know that.

Just what we need in America. More apathy. NOT. Not!

Thinking that way is a sure win for fascism. There are lessons to learn from 2016. There are about 60 million apathetic voters in this country and taking the position there’s nothing the people can do to correct the problems we face is scary-wrong. Too much of that here.

This is our time. We need to get off our growing butts and work for the change we need. Superman/Superwoman doesn’t exist. We the masses, rarely have a chance to change things, really change things. Now is our time.

That should be encouraged here. It’s easy to just blog and complain about what is wrong with politicians on the left. What are you doing to change our country besides complain in apathy???


And Petey is the Child version of Biden. They’re all on the same continuum.


He’s rotten eggs.