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Sanders Team Hits Back After Biden Claims Social Security Video Was 'Doctored'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/18/sanders-team-hits-back-after-biden-claims-social-security-video-was-doctored


Finally! Now we’re seeing true Democratic teamwork and unity!

It’s about time.

Biden, and Warren, both calling Bernie a liar. Together.

Ain’t it a joy to behold!


I’d say the be-nice-to-Warren and don’t-alienate-her-supporters position has just been demolished.

You know Warren will either defend Biden or remain silent. She will not support Bernie. There is no chance for progressive unity now.

Bernie can do what he chooses, but those of us who support him can no longer afford to be polite. It’s either Bernie or it’s nothing.


They keep slinging shit which just boomerangs on 'em. Okay Joe, wanna talk Social Security? Let’s spend a few days chatting about Social Security.


Biden is almost as much a fraud as is Trump.


Biden is worse. Trump is what he claims to be. Biden pretends to be something he is not.


This could be the thing that finally sinks Biden’s campaign. I don’t see how he can escape it, given all the video proof of his efforts to cut Social Security. I wonder why it has taken so long for Bernie to go after Biden on this, or has he been doing it all along?
And it’s the older people that give Biden most of his support!
Damn, maybe Bernie can win this thing after all…


Time to knock Biden out and take his supporters. Hit him on this and his corrupt ties to cc companies. Bait Warren to back Bernie up or again show her true colors as a fake progressive. Really disappointed in progressive groups that continue to back her like the pccc.

  1. The corporate-friendly media and their friends all agree that the best way to handle extremists is to never give them any publicity whatsoever. The Bernie Blackout begins.

  2. Everybody in the middle including all the political operatives believe the media. So, for all of 2019 there was no plausible reason to fear Bernie Sanders because he didn’t exist. Meanwhile, the Bernie campaign knew that they had one million volunteers and vast reserves of enthusiasm.

  3. The door knockers get busy. Bernie not only rises to the top but he has all of the volunteers and enthusiasm to keep on building. All of a sudden the light bulb goes on, all twenty watts of it – Bernie MIGHT POSSIBLY win.

  4. Desperation time in spread-the-money-land. I would expect the media long knives to be out for Bernie constantly through next November 6.


Would make a perfect VP for Dumbf.


I stand by my prediction of a Biden implosion.
It’s been happening in slo mo so far, this straight up bullshit from Uncle Joe might speed it up.
And let’s be real: The dirty campaigning has just begun.
Because Bernie has TPTB scared shitless.

Ahhhhh, I love the smell of desperation in the morning…


nutty old coot.

the DNC giving us their very best with this doddering clod.


Warren better get behind Bernie or risk political oblivion. I am glad we’re uncovering all this crap now plenty of time for Warren and Biden supporters to see the truth behind the shill.


While watching the geriatric democrats (Biden Warren) start their inevitable spiral into senility, I feel the need to ask once again, where are the young liberals in the Democratic Party?
While I like Bernie as much as anybody, I would really like to see an organized and intense group of progressives making noise and moving the party to the left again, and not just relying on an old independent from a Vermont to try and show them the way.
Bernie is not going to be there forever. God forbid something happens to him, then where would the majority progressives of the Democratic Party be? Stuck voting for another corporate slug of a candidate, and holding back any liberal progress in the party for another generation.


Bernie now. Then Tulsi. Then AOC. Then …

It all starts with Bernie now.


I don’t consider tulsi a liberal. But AOC is a fine choice for future leadership. There seems to be a thing about her. She seems to have “it”, whatever it is. People are drawn to her. For good reason


Nuts to Tulsi.


I like Tulsi’s non-interventionist foreign policy. She thinks US involvement in unnecessary wars makes the world worse. I agree with her. Her foreign policy positions are the best of any candidate.

I like Tulsi’s accurate and vivid response when Clinton slurred her as a Russian asset: “… embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot …” Who could dislike someone who says stuff like that?

Tulsi resigned from the corrupt DNC (she was a vice chair) when it became clear that the DNC was cheating. That act essentially destroyed her political future – as she knew it might. But she fights on still.

Tulsi is both fearless and principled.

Her domestic policies are not as good as Sanders’, but whose are?

I like her.


Yes, ok. That was funny. :slight_smile:


Supports targeted attacks and assassinations like the Seal Team 6 shit. Supports drone war. Supports the War on Terror, and volunteered for two combat tours. Islamophobe.

When the tell you who they are, LISTEN TO THEM!!


She’s got some very good positions. And some very bad ones. The thing that concerned me the most is that early on, you could see her massaging her message. Trying one thing, then another, to see what would get her an audience.

She may turn out alright; but I don’t think we quite know who she is yet - nor does she.