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Sanders Tells Clinton: 'Henry Kissinger No Friend of Mine'

Excellent idea! Term limits on elected officials leaves the bureaucrats and lobbyists in charge. Its the appointed officials that need to be cleaned out every now and then. Some are must most stay right where they are.
I read a book Kissinger wrote in the 50’s where he said the US needed to be willing to use their nuclear arsenal or else it was useless. Government by sociopath.


I marched for civil rights in the 60’s and I didn’t see the Clintons anywhere. Never heard their names mentioned and I was aquainted with Ralph Abernathy. I don’t think he knew who they were either.


To have one dem candidate praise Kissinger while the other calls him out as a war criminal and details the damage he has done to our democracy is a watershed event- details to follow. Millions saw history being made last night by Bernie Sanders’ courage and commitment to simply stand at a nationally televised debate and speak the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth … the man is beautiful!


I agree with your point but not your question. Why would term limits for Secretaries of State, et al be more democratic? Surely requiring that they be elected would be a better option.

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And anyway, marching is one thing, what about later actions? The Clintons’ record on policies affecting people of colour is dismal. Hillary “Crime Bill” Clinton deserves no support from black people.

Well, I did not get that impression at all. From my perspective Bernie only faltered on the Russian and Crimea issue. She almost wilted on the stage when he called her on the Kissinger issue. If you think her “seeming” to be progressive carries the day we’re sunk.

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The Congressional Black Caucus PAC is the money machine. What would MLK say?

Kissmyassinger Hillary.


Clinton = Dr. Strangelove.

And she’s going to get us all killed in a nuclear world war since she loves to squeeze the trigger. About 20 some wars the Clinton family has started all over the world between Hubby and wife as sec of state (most little publicized small ones are in Africa, but I’m aware of them.) Some of the bombs are rumored to be Uranium versions of MOAB’s, which may have contaminated Iraq forever.

We can’t afford this anymore. War makes you poor and it destroys the environment for generations and exposes us all to global disease.

Send Bernie money now if you can. I’m going to.


Judging by her loud fans in the audience, her people packed the auditorium.

What is more effective, Hillary’s attacks or Bernie’s non-attacks?

I think part of Bernie’s problem is that telling the WHOLE truth about Hillary will make Bernie look really bad, especially in a debate format. It would make her look like a victim of an “entitled” white male, even though she’s the entitled, establishment one. He’s had to pull his punches, no doubt about it. He’s got to find a way to get the truth out about her without making it look like a personal attack. I wish he would start coming prepared to fully refute her lies, like the one about calling for Obama to be primaried in 2012, when he wrote a standard two line blurb of what he’s been saying on the stump, on the back jacket of a Bill Press book, and not a forward. Press called for Obama to be primaried, not Bernie. Just a sample of her knowing, outrageous lying. If she thinks she can do this to win the nomination and force those looking for REAL change to vote for her, she is totally wrong. I will never, EVER vote for her, and the more she does this, the harder I will work to make sure she never becomes POTUS.


No, no, no. I was being sarcastic about her progressive claims. I was watching the debate thinking about the great majority of captured partisan democratic voters and independent voters who would feel soiled mostly to spend a day on this website. Of course Sanders substance was correct (except as you noted wrt Russia and Syria/ISIS.) But I don’t need to be convinced. Though not perfect, this candidate represents something that has hardly ever gained much traction in this country, someone whose platform rests on a condemnation of its systemic and historic failings. Bernie’s basic argument is absolutely correct, and I thought Clinton’s closing jab that Sanders is a one-issue candidate left an opening big enough to drive the New Deal through. For many ordinary citizens in this country this may in fact be a single-issue moment.

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I understand, I am going to have to do some serious self examination because I honestly thought Bernie won the debate. Then I read Charles Pierce’s piece and I’m thinking that maybe it is I who is blinded by bias. I couldn’t disagree with Mr. Pierce’s points more, but then again, maybe it’s me. And so it goes.

Believe me His Story, I wished with all my heart that that the glum feeling I was left with when it ended would just go away. In '08 I was convinced Obama was just an empty suit but voted for him (twice) because the R candidates were so hideous. This is the first time in my voting life I actually believe that the candidate of my choice says what he means and means what he says.

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I am very pleased that Bernie Sanders brought this up. I hope he continues to bring up Hillary Clinton’s embrace of a hawkish approach to foreign affairs.

Apparently, a good deal of mainstream media pundits, have no problem with Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Kissinger. Take, for example, the moderators at the debate last night:

Hillary Clinton, and mainstream media pundits seem OK to give Kissinger a pass for his war crimes including:

(1) his actions to promote continued war in Vietnam War.
(2) his actions to promote bombing of Cambodia and Laos.
(3) his backing of the military in its genocide in East Timor.
(4) his leadership role in supporting the military overthrow of Allende in Chile.
(5) his support for oppressive military repression of civilians in Africa.
(6) his support for numerous attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro.


It was a stacked audience, manipulated by the DNC. DailyKos has a diary on this subject.

If you watched it from the start, the audience was silent after Sanders’ opening comments. Clinton got a roar of applause. That told me everything I needed to know for the rest of the debate.

Bernie was ill. He shouldn’t have even been debating last night. It was a bad night for him.

And PBS’s decision that it would be Girls Night was a display of reverse sexism that is counter-productive but very pro-Clinton. How about those three shills during the break?


And, to start with the end of the article there is no difference either with her vilification of Putin to justify her meddling in the Ukraine.

It is not only Marco Robo and Paul Ryan who live in a bubble. “It’s not that she’s been bought, it’s that she bought in.”


When I saw that Ifill and Woodruff would be the moderators, my reaction was “Oh Gawd-d-d-d” too.

The two of them represent everything that is old, tiresome, and pro-“establishment” on PBS, right along with Brooks.

Kissinger is another inconvenient truth that Establishment types refuse to discuss.


Yes, it’s a good thing it was a break because I jumped up and got away from my electric tevee machine screaming. And thanks to the many posters here revealing Judy Woodruff’s partisan bias. Her opening question was a despicable parody of the government-hating austerity-delirious GOP.

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His School of the Americas;

His use of Paul Bremer to promote the use of paramilitary “death squads” throughout Latin America in support of America’s “foreign policy.”

That would be the same Paul Bremer sent by the cheney/bush-2 administration to Iraq to head up the illegal occupation of that country. Shortly after Bremer’s arrival, the Arab-on-Arab death squads began roaming the urban centers during the Iraqi nights.