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Sanders Thanks Verizon Workers for 'Standing Up to Corporate Greed'


Sanders Thanks Verizon Workers for 'Standing Up to Corporate Greed'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders took a break from campaigning to join striking workers on a picket line in New York City on Wednesday after Verizon employees launched what could be the largest work stoppage the country has seen in a generation.

As Sanders approached the podium outside a Manhattan Verizon office, the striking workers erupted in cheers and chants of "Bernie! Bernie!" before the Vermont senator launched into his speech.


My gawd how I love this man and what he does. A fine example for us all no matter the age.


As you can see none of the other candidates showed up to support the workers....The other candidates dont give a shit about workers they only care about the corporations and their bottom line.....Outsourcing jobs...They dont care....No raise..they dont care...health care benefits cut...they dont care....The only candidate who cares is Bernie and he showed up to support them...All the other candidates are a POS...None of them care about you.....sooner voters realize this sooner we can cull the herd of shitty republicans and shitty democrats.


I'm surprised that there's any unions left in this country. There certainly aren't any benefits left to speak of not to mention wages that address the cost of living increases.

That's right Bernie. Time to spread the wealth around.

Power to the people.


While HRC supports regime change in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Honduras among other countries, Bernie supports regime change in America and by joining the Verizon employees he proves it again.

But what is disgusting, so many Unions have sold out their rank and file and are supporting Hillary.


Recall Obama promised to put on his "comfortable shoes" and walk the picket line with workers... and then, after being elected, never did...


Now, GOTV!


I don't know how much more contrast you need than two headlines in today's CD: Bernie joins striking union workers Vs. Hillary sees nothing wrong with illegal Honduran military coup? Please tell me Hillary-bots, how do reconcile your cognitive dissonance and still consider yourselves - and her - to be progressives?


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.. too busy hosting championship sports teams at the White House ..


That's our guy!!!! :O) Feel the Bern.


lol was this before or after he promised his first legislative act would be to push for the card check?

they lie, we die. And so it goes.


" I will never forget one of the most powerful things he said to me, in my office April 2, 2008. " You know what your problem is I said what's that....Obama said you have to tell the truth".
The Reverend Wright


I kept wondering where is the part where the police come in and arrest the demonstrators for exercising their rights under the constitution and as human beings. Then I thought about the cops trying to arrest Bernie, going through his secret service squad. Would have made a great huge headline. I'm glad no heads were busted and at the same time I am almost sorry they weren't. At least it would show the typical true nature of corporations and the cop-orations who really work for them and how they handle those who demonstrate for decency.


Hillary could not march with the workers as she was too busy comforting Blankfein after GS had to pony up million$$$ for their ongoing corporate malfeasance and she could not find her NIKE's (gift) for walking.

Senator Sanders WALKS his TALK!


Too bad he never did.


He'd win in a landslide. Too bad he got a late start, getting recognized. The MSM finally had to at least tell us that he won some states. lol.


Holygeezer, you are so right. I was thinking about the "40 Senators that have endorsed HRC" versus Jeff Merkley who today endorsed BERNIE. The 40 have bought into the "establishment." Wonder how many are looking for payback from Shillary?


Yes strike and a big uproar to the CWA and TWA for realizing that Mrs. Clinton is a phony - pity for unions who sold their workers out by endorsing Mrs. Phony. Up with the people!


Winning in my eyes is as the folk song writer Casey Neill said we'll be 'dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations'. Worker owned cooperatives, every one, no excuses. If you don't have a hand 'in' you usually have to ask for a hand 'out' and that's out of line in a world with so many riches that COULD be shared, but when the aren't destroy the world in the process. The world by and of corporations is a phkn dump, take a look around, human produced environmental filth is all you see. The 'world' is a victim of a million tiny cuts, they add up folks.