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Sanders Threatens to Demand Stronger Conditions on $500 Billion 'Corporate Welfare Fund' if GOP Senators Move to Reduce Benefits for Laid Off Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/25/sanders-threatens-demand-stronger-conditions-500-billion-corporate-welfare-fund-if


I posted this a few minutes ago under another piece and will repost here:

New: Sen. Bernie Sanders announces he will place hold over coronavirus bill – & demand new restrictions on $500 billion fund for corporations – unless 3 Republican Senators drop their objections to unemployment insurance expansions

How can we mobilize to make sure there is a debate between Biden and Sanders in April?
Biden in yet another incoherent ramble today said he is “done with debates”.

It is more important now than ever for this to take place.

Christo Aivalis makes the case brilliantly for why this debate is essential:

I hope Common Dreams has a feature piece on the necessity of one more debate and what we can do to make this happen. This is not off topic on this thread because this “stimulus bill”, covid 19, failing healthcare system, environmental crisis-----it is all interconnected and Bernie must be heard.


Bernie is doing his best. I feel sad for him. It must bewilder him to be the only senator who has never taken corporate bribes and has always worked for the 99%, and see his campaign and ideals sabotaged by he feckless Biden voters, the hostile media and DNC, and the disgusting Senate Trump Cult.
I hope he realizes that the few good people still in America love and appreciate him.


Note that the Rethugs who are in the lead on this absolute shite are from SC where the “powerful” Rep. James Clyburn came out of the woodwork at the last second to screw Bernie (instead of staying neutral) in the primary. Lottsa Power Clyburn basically invited these shiteheads to pull this crap.

Oh, aint “bipartisan” suicide grand?


Why is Bernie out there by himself on this? What a bunch of cowards.


Bernie, Leading again!

Hidin’ Biden… crickets


Biden is a sick joke. Cuomo’s obviously leading the DNC pack.


Have you ever seen those well preserved plantations in SC where now all the suburban white people have their lavish weddings served by black people in morning coats?

Joe Biden HIDING from Debate with Bernie Sanders: “I think we have had enough debates”


I suppose they will cancel the voting for the 2/3 of us who haven’t voted yet too!!!


It does not matter what a few moral liberals do, the immoral conservatives (democrat and republican) are going to steal us blind.


[D]rop their objections," he is prepared to demand that “any corporation receiving financial assistance under this legislation does not lay off workers, cut wages or benefits, ship jobs overseas, or pay workers poverty wages.”

Sanders needs to push for this anyway.


Damn right,I do love and respect him. Though human and imperfect, he is one of the finest people to serve in the Senate in a long time. Why more people do not get behind him and support him is an absolute mystery to me. I guess being popular in the USA means getting bought off by the big corps, like most of the others in Washington do…Go Bernie!!! We luv ya brother! Bernie 2020!!!


And you can bet that the DNC will oblige Biden.

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And probably without much more than a slight whine from those getting screwed.

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Re; $500 Billion for Corporate Welfare == $1500 Per Resident in USA.

Where will the money come from? Will the Government create it?
Will the Banks create it and Lend it to the Government? Can they do that?
Why not have the Government create it and give it to the people in equal shares?
If it causes inflation the Government can get it back by raising taxes…
The Supreme Court may think that Corporations are people but I do not think that they really get hungry and cold like people do.

Hi Caroline:
I was wondering where Joe Biden went. I was told to watch a video of Joe in his basement. Hmmm----however, it appears that he is now adding some coloring in his eyebrows, so he doesn’t look completely like the deranged elf which he looked like in the other debates.
YES for BERNIE—because the DNC is acting like everything’s over. NOT!
And DNC I distrust you soooo much, that I bet that if Biden corked off, the DNC would wait until they had picked a VP, and then say Joe had a bad cold----and if he corked off you would act as if he died hours after the vote in November. Oh and I got another one of those creepy ads of "Should Hlliary run for president? " NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

BERNIE is the only one who can save this nation, as he’s the only one who is FOR THE PEOPLE. He s our Neo FDR and if the DNC cheats again------sigh----what shall we do when the ANIMAL FARM book springs to life ???


Such an evil government. The workers should have been bailed out first in a separate bill instead of opening Pandora’s box by proposing a huge, complex piece of (shit) legislation. There is too much cover in the proposal for members of both parties.


There is no reason why any corporation that receives any amount of funds from the relief bill should not be able to provide a PUBLIC ACCOUNTING of EVERY SINGLE PENNY of those funds. Members of the board, as well as the corporation itself, should be criminally liable for any malfeasance or misuse of funds.


Only because the media is focused on him.

Same thing happened to POS Rudy (for a while) after 9/11 - remember?