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Sanders Threatens to Demand Stronger Conditions on $500 Billion 'Corporate Welfare Fund' if GOP Senators Move to Reduce Benefits for Laid Off Workers

The Dementia must be gaining on him
What a phucking coward.

This is worth sharing - again

Krystal and Saagar: Biden’s teleprompter breaks mid-speech, DISASTER ensues


I know it ain’t over yet but…if all the efforts of the media and morons win and Bernie and “We the People” are fucked yet again, I hope Jane will take him aside and ask him to resign and spend the rest of his days writing from the comfort of their inherited country home. He has SERVED “We the People” more than any other politician I have ever heard of with the possible exception of Dennis Kucinich.


I hate to confuse anyone with names but Biden already looks and sounds like “Weekend at Bernie’s “.

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Yet when they get around to counting the votes after each primary Joe Biden beats Sanders even in states Sanders polled well ahead.

The people are led to believe there really no support among the public for Bernie Sanders when compared to what Biden advocates for.

Something is rotten here and no that not quite what Bernie means when he suggests the USA be more like Denmark.


Resign—to mentor into being the new Progressive Party!


Well no not really. The sons of bitches never read anything but the caption (title) Anyway.

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Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC) and Tim Scott (SC) are two of the three blocking Senators, so I’ll say something about the pandemic in South Carolina:

South Carolina is already 20th in the nation in terms of new cases per capita, but they’re in a serious tailspin. Five days ago the state had 60 cases according to LiveScience dot com. Since then they have piled up 282 new cases. That’s not exactly breaking even. I give the state a turn-the-corner ratio of -370% for the last five days, not good at all, and that puts them 45th among the 50 states plus D.C.

Down in South Carolina they just love their conservative Republican Senators to death. Not funny.

If you need daily updates to coronavirus trends (and certain states are moving fairly fast up or down these days), I’m at (h)ttp://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm I just post the stats.

Hi Louis_Janney:

O. K. I had to google that as I hadn’t heard of it before. So I googled it and oh yeah—the guy named bernie apparently had his mafia guys off him----except the 2 other characters had to pretend the guy was still alive-----------the plot fits Biden well enough–dead man walking in a very realistic way though.
Someone just told me that Biden is considering Obama for VP? What? I keep getting emails saying Obama for the Supreme Court--------the Dem party is totally insane if any of this is true. So much for a woman VP—oh wait, maybe they meant Michelle. : 0

I know that the pandemic is being spread around the country by a youth diaspora of spring breakers returning home from Florida. I know places like Myrtle Beach are big spring break spots too. Has SC governor done anything to close the beaches, etc?

Regardless of what the GOP leeches do, I hope Bernie sticks to his guns on those demands.


“Moral liberal” is an oxymoron. “Conservative” is a euphemism for U.S. fascists.


I’m in with THAT!

Oh I do not think so. Progressives and Congress need him too badly. Nice try though


Is this why Biden is keeping his head down?

Katie Halper
This is a story that has been trying to tell since it happened in 1993. It’s a story about sexual assault, retaliation and silencing.


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This is the moment for revolution!! General strikes, work stoppages, etc. The American people are being sacrificed for Capitalism and Corporate greed. It is time to rise up.


As of Friday, March 20: “We want people to be able to get out and get sunshine and fresh air. But we will be taking other measures,” Bethune said.

The mayor noted that because of spring break, starting Friday, police will be actively on the beach controlling crowds.


So the answer is no, Myrtle Beach didn’t control their crowds much at all. It was all go go go for local businesses. That explains a lot.

Bernie said he will vote for this emergency financial rescue.
Then he was followed by Sen. Sasse who praised Bernie’s straight talk and said he will also vote for the bill.
On c-span2 about 9:10 pm eastern.
Leahy on at 9:40 pm, mumbling from fatigue, perhaps.
Susan Collins speaking to be followed by another senator.
10pm eastern

stop the yackity yack.
Vote now to cover our back
Or you’ll get our flack
Our voting won’t have slack

National Security Council gave Trump a 69-page pandemic plan three years ago — he ignored it

Trump team failed to follow NSC’s pandemic playbook

The 69-page document, finished in 2016, provided a step by step list of priorities – which were then ignored by the administration.

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Bring forth the leader of the band and we might follow. Who will that be? Bernie isn’t physically revolutionary enough.

Some say they are not happy with Liz Warren. But what if Bernie ran separately with Warren on a new ticket?

11PM eastern
senate voting on Sasse amendment to limit unemployment to the workers 40 hour wage at 100% and not more. expected to fail because needs 60 yes votes to pass. 1/2 hour assigned for this vote. Then another 1/2 hour for another proposed amendment and finally the vote on the bill itself.
from the Hill
"A group of Republican senators has struck a deal with leaders to allow the $2 trillion economic relief package to pass the Senate on Wednesday evening.

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Tim Scott(R-S.C.), Rick Scott (R-Fla.) and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) have agreed to drop procedural objections and let the bill move on a fast track in exchange for a vote on an amendment to the package to cap beefed-up unemployment benefits at 100 percent of workers’ salaries.

Their amendment will need 60 votes to pass, and it’s expected to fail, setting the stage for final passage of the mammoth coronavirus stimulus package later Wednesday evening.

Graham argued that for South Carolina and other states with low per capita income, a federal plus-up of $600 per week in unemployment benefits will make it tough for employers to hire workers.

“Under this bill, you get $23.15 an hour based on a 40-hour workweek not to work. And if you’re trying to hire somebody in South Carolina the next four months, you got to compete with that wage,” Graham said on the floor.

Graham later told reporters that he will allow the massive economic relief bill to pass Wednesday if he gets a vote on his amendment. He said he plans to support the 800-page package and predicted votes before midnight.

“We’re going to vote,” he said. “My amendment along with the two Scotts and Sen. Sasse says you can get 100 percent of your salary and not more than that.”

“If you make $15 dollars an hour working in South Carolina — a lot of people do — this bill will pay $23 an hour not to work, and I think that’s perverse incentive. It’s going to keep people from being hired,” he added. “To hire somebody in South Carolina, you’re going to have to compete with a $23.15 rate.”

Graham dismissed critics who’ve said his concerns are unfounded because unemployment benefits only go to people who are laid off and that workers who quit wouldn’t be eligible.

The South Carolina senator said it’s almost impossible to dispute an unemployment claim on suspicion that a worker quit instead of being laid off.

The GOP senators threatened earlier Wednesday to hold up the package because as drafted it wouldn’t cap unemployment benefits at 100 percent of salary.
Without consent from all 100 senators, the Senate passage could have been delayed until Friday."

The senator is wrong. Most of South Carolina is on dole (sarcasm) already. Landlords here already raising monthly rent amounts,
He forgot folks who are part time at two or three different jobs, single parent homes, and our young people who do not yet have enough quarters worked for wages that establishes their weekly amount from the states unemployment fund.