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Sanders Threatens to Demand Stronger Conditions on $500 Billion 'Corporate Welfare Fund' if GOP Senators Move to Reduce Benefits for Laid Off Workers

Don’t feel sad for Bernie. He is the only one who can look at himself in the mirror and not wince. He is the only one with sufficient balls to fight. Ask yourself: what would Biden do? Nothing–because his corporate masters must be paid off.


This is a terrible bargain and I am ashamed for Sanders that he is willing to strike it and vote in favor of it. But this is how it always goes: the GOP gets people at their most vulnerable and withholds existential level aide that is pretty meager to begin with in exchange for unconscionable, exuberant concessions aimed at obscenely enriching those on top at the expense of the very people who are starving. And it works. Everytime. it is like they are terrorists - which in many ways they are - and the negotiations always work in their favor. This bail out is a sell out of the public in more devastating ways than I can describe and one whose consequences will be felt for a generation to come. Not just a few years but a GENERATION, if not more. And the thing is, it is a bandaid as next time there is a pandemic or emergency or recession, things will be even worse cause of this set up. In fact, they will be worse because of this bail out. This really didnt accomplish anything. NOTHING. A one time $1200 check and unemployment for 3 months extra is not worth what we get in return. The Dems should have stood their ground but then again they answer to the same corporate overlords as the GOP.

But, the short term gains do not outweigh the long term loss. Those people who just got bailed out, they will be back at square one, only tenfold, if not worse off, after this ends or the next tragedy hits. I mean what corporations are allowed to lay off 10% of their workforce and then after the first year as many as they like without restrictions?

Absolutely shameful. I am done voting Democrat at all - be it presidential elections or congressional ones. Shame also on Bernie Sanders for striking this terrible bargain. This is so devastating. Makes me think if he was in office, he is the kind of guy who would, under pressure, quickly abandon his principles if push came to shove and that is no good.

Yes, you are right. If Sanders was any sort of chess player or poker player, he wouldn’t have stated that he would hold up the bill if the four Senators persisted in trying to reduce unemployment pay. He would have required something bigger, on the order of stating that he would hold up the bill unless it contained something like monthly payments to individuals for a number of months. Those four Senators very well might have been asking for the unemployment cuts merely as a bluff that they were willing to give up for passage of the bill.

The first link below is to an article that I believe rightly depicts Sanders as not being a courageous all-out fighter for the goals he espouses. The second reinforces this depiction.

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Here’s a good rant about what a shit Cuomo is


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