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Sanders Tied in First With Biden in Nevade While Warren Edges Bernie for Second in Carolina: Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/29/sanders-tied-first-biden-nevade-while-warren-edges-bernie-second-carolina-poll

Over the last few years I have heard many President Trump supporters say they would have voted for Bernie Sanders had he gotten the Democratic ticket.


In another poll, Elmer Fudd leads at 58%.
Hell…my poll is probably just as fair and unbiased.


Extremely curious to see how the Ukraine corruption situation effects ByeDone’s standing.

The optics are terrible, the nepotism obvious, and the fact that fellow Democrats are now on record supporting Byedone’s son trading on his name to secure a job he wasn’t particularly qualified for is shameful. I’m looking at you, Liz Warren and Ted Lieu.


There’s zero, as no, evidence that Biden or his son did anything wrong. This could just as easily be Sanders, Warren, or any other candidate. Every other candidate will be subject to the same forces that made Obama wearing a tan suit a thing if Trump deems them a threat enough.

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If only black voters would realize how bad Biden was for the criminal Bill, back in the '90’s, that he wrote, they would certainly change their opinion of him. The new law locked up thousands of blacks for long sentences just to “control” them. It’s still on the books. It is good to see Sanders near the top of the polls, though to listen to TV you’d never know it. Peace


When Bernie did the fox town hall, the studio audience was extremely supportive of Bernie.His policies such as Medicare for all were very well received. The DNC banned Fox debates after that happened. Why? His authenticity speaks to young and old. People know the real deal when they see it. Bernie’s working class policies are popular with people who voted for Trump. It was also really fun to watch Bernie dispatch the Fox talking heads. They couldn’t get to Bernie at all.


You’re stating that Sanders would have stood by while his son or daughter (fresh off of a dishonorable discharge as a reservist for cocaine use) secured a lucrative position with an oligarch in one of the most notoriously corrupt countries on earth?

So, I take it you’re fine with influence peddling by our elected officials? Or are you saying that Hunter ByeDone was qualified for the job as Board member?


This precise, accurate video should be seen by all Warren supporters everywhere. Please share widely:


They do know. They aren’t dumb. They want to back a winner who they view as an Obama teammate.

Plus, lots of older black voters lean fairly conservative and Christian.


When talking about this with others the discussion is always about the person. I say, “Let’s take some ISSUE and you tell me what your position is and let’s see what each candidate’s position is”. Invariably, the most consistently agreeable candidate is Sanders.


Here is from Moon of Alabama about Ukraine-gate


Before anyone concludes that I’m a Trump supporter (or any other spewed epithet) I 'd like to be on the record. Not only do I want Trump impeached but I would like to see him before the International Criminal Court, along with Obama, for turning Yemeni children and their mothers and fathers into hamburger meat so that the arms dealers can sell ordnance for profit.
Oh, and I would like to plug the film, Official Secrets. It reminded me that the next war, it is a lie.



The really important poll for democrats right now, say this coming Thursday, would be in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.
South Carolina can be traded to the Danes for Greenland, any day. So, we should exclude these soon to be ex citizens from any influence.
Nevede is where we can bury our nuclear waste that is not recycled for civilian electric power generations.

The only ‘poll’ I am concerned with is the vote count in these primaries and caucuses. Everything else is just noise.

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Do you even know what Hunter Biden did for the company? Even if it was the Biden name that got him on the board (for a short time), there’s zero indication he did anything wrong. And, Joe Biden, who is the person running for President, not Hunter, is one of those people who has released tax returns for twenty years. Anything in them you’ve seen that indicates anything untoward in regards to this situation?

If you think Sanders would be exempt from this nonsense, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. If Sanders were looking as strong as Biden, Trump would be asking the AG to gin up a phony investigation too. Maybe reopen the FBI investigation into his wife, or some other sordid looking BS. It’s all about playing to people’s ignorance and pushing a narrative, not the truth. No Democratic candidates, ever, will be exempt for this.


I asked you three questions. You answered none of them.


I think that one thing the 2016 election told us is that all the metrics that we have previously relied on can be thrown out the window.


Because I’m not trafficking in bullshit and ignorance just because Biden Bad!

To me more exact, if you pay attention to the MSM, it is more like, “Bernie who?”


THAT is a poll statistic you will never hear uttered on corporate media.