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Sanders to Bush on Social Security Cuts: 'What World Do You Live In?'


Sanders to Bush on Social Security Cuts: 'What World Do You Live In?'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As older Americans face a looming "retirement crisis," presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders has come out swinging against undeclared GOP rival Jeb Bush, who recently suggested raising the retirement age to 68 or 70.


Thanks to Bernie for this clearly stated question. Maybe Hillary will now ask the same question of some other GOP “presidential” candidates.


The GOP against the elderly. This is news you’ll never see on the mainstream media. Go Bernie!


Sanders lays out clearly what and who the corporatists – including Clinton and Bush, represent. Reality is finally fostering a wave of populist anger. As Sanders says, Enough is Enough.


It doesn’t matter what she says. Hillary will try to pander to populism to undercut Sanders but she has a record and she isn’t going to scrap the cap or expand social security.


The US economy transitions to one of “underemployment” as many jobs are automated or outsourced. Student debt is at record levels and many University graduates can not find a job outside those that are low paying. One reason for this is older people are putting off retirement since they can not afford to be retired.

On an annual basis the number of people reaching retirement each year is around 4 million. The US economy can not even create enough jobs for the new entries into the workforce each year let alone another 4 million jobs per year.

This means generating some 300000 more jobs per month.

Jeb Bush is not only out of touch with the working folk, he is an idiot.


Social Security Administration raised my old age pension from $749/month to $761/month. If nothing else changes, that will increase my total income from $13,447 for 2014 to $13,591 for 2015. If anything, my other sources of cash income have been slowly drifting down from year to year. I wish Social Security cap would be corrected for inflation since last time it was raised and then indexed to inflation. That would not do anything to the richest Americans–most of them have mostly investment income rather than earned income, but it would increase Social Security’s total take some which should help Social Security recipients some even if much of it is just held in the trust fund to deter those complaining that Social Security is running out of funds. It would also be nice for government to insist that any income paid by others for services rendered is earned income subject to FICA tax and NOT investment income. Don’t let investment fund managers get away with claiming that their management fees for managing someone else’s money is investment income and NOT earned income.


Notice that none of them, not even Bernie, want to talk about the fact that virtually all of the increase in life expectancy is among the wealthy, who don’t need Social Security, or that so much of the problem is that both sides have been raiding the trust fund to pay for their pet projects, including a certain military project in Vermont…


As we have seen with Obama’s serial willingness to “reform entitlements” (in Obamaspeak that means cut) any corporate money magnet candidate like Clinton is not only going to ignore scrapping the cap and expansion of social security, they will, when the time is right, cut the program.


Had Obama simply reduced the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 60, rather than concocting the 2000 plus page ACA shell game, not only would he have improved a big chunk of the nation’s medical insurance problem, millions of 60 to 65 year olds who continue to work in their family wage jobs solely for the employer sponsored medical insurance would have retired thereby opening those good jobs to young Americans and solving a big chunk of the unemployment problem.


I am beginning to think that Hillary is afraid of confronting Sanders because she can’t support her sponsors and agree with Bernie. She is waiting for Bernie to show up in the polls before she commits herself. If Sanders’s positions are accepted by the majority then she has to do something but the question of whether she will pull an Obama on us will not be answered until she is elected.


Maybe Americans should declare war on those that would put us all in the street.I can’t imagine why any of us would give two cents for them. We built the country while they got money for nothing. Our boys and girls fought and died for our country while they evaded the military and draft. And now the Chinese hacked us and they likely don’t even care. They have been taken care of by daddy without a worry in the world except to screw the majority of American citizens. I say we kick but and take names. The spoiled lowlifes.


Appalling that a nincompoop like Jebushter (who, like his brother GW, does not have an original thought in his head…he may as well have straw sticking out of his ears, sleeves, socks, collar and hat, if he wore won) along with his GOP millionaires/billionaires persist in pushing for the dismantlement of Social Security. Not much has changed since 1939 when FDR managed to get the Social Security and Wagner Acts passed and all those Gilded Age carryovers (J P Morgan was one of the most brash, outspoken opponents of establishing Social Security (retirement, disability, child SSI), allowing for union organizing (WA), setting a federal minimum wage (WA), abolishing child labor (WA), establishing the 40-hr work week (WA), and otherwise creating a broad social safety net) were having conniption fits. Their worlds were changing and they flat did not (and still do not) like it. The Bush and Clinton families do not have to EVER worry about their retirement nor do so many others who would love to get their hands on the money that would become available should Social Security be privatized. The banks covet that prospect, to be sure. Crawl back into your bubble, Jebushter. The Clown Car of Rep candidates will all be spouting their vitriolic hyperbole about the evils of socialism…oooooh, shudder-shudder…while extolling the virtues of privatization. Same S —, different day.

Bernie Sanders has been and conintues to be a breath of fresh air and I have supported him for years!


Would you look at the diseased face of Jeb Bush in that photo? Talk about the Walking Dead!

This pig looks like chit, probably from eating the young. What a Vampire! It’s time to put this crime family in jail where they belong for claiming that their private investment bank: Brown Brothers Harriman, was eligible for TARP bailout funds, by reclassifying it a depositor bank, even though no common American has an account there.

Let’s cap all personal Wealth at One million dollars total wealth.


But, before decreasing retirement age, let’s get to the main reason we don’t have jobs… because of the Trade Agreements, like NAFTA. So, let’s truly start with bills that stop the Globalization/World Government from putting the whole world into slavery. Without reigning in the elite, we are going to lose our rights and freedoms.


everyone here seems to have good ideas and a grasp of the situation.the only thing missing from ALL of the debates/comments is the stranglehold the “shadow” govt. has on all 3 parts of the public govt. all policies are now created with only a few beneficiaries in mind (mostly the military-industrial-wall st. complex),with the CIA instigating events that lead to warlike activities (over 6 million deaths since 1947) which again bolster the profits of the same group who also pay for the “elections” . Without removing virtually the entire Hopeless i mean Homeland Security agency, ending the Whore on Drugs (which directly funds the CIA and other black ops), we will never be in a position to effect any REAL and LASTING change because these are the pieces of the government that do the daily grit work for the military-industrial etc complex and are merely doing their masters bidding. Then we have to get rid of the Fed.Reserve,the Joint Chiefs of Staff,Council on Foreign Relations and undo the assaults (laws) on the Constitution and THEN we will have a fighting chance to have a Republic again. While the 1947 NSA act is not the beginning of our sad tale it does mark the point where we took a hard right (pun intended) away from our founding concepts and entered the brave new world we have created(apologies to Huxley).there is a direct line from this Act to the killings of JFK/RFK/MLK etc to 9-11 and the Endless Wars with their Endless Loss of Liberties. I firmly believe that everyone in the world needs to read 1984 + BRAVE NEW WORLD asap as it is already “late summer/early fall of 1983” and the New World Odor (joke) has proven to not be ‘Brave’ except with our tax dollars,(purposeful)ignorance and children. Repeal the 1947 NSA ACT and defund the nsa.cia etc which will cut off the hands that wield the weapons of war and terror and a truly significant step towards a Republic will have been accomplished. anything short of this leaves too much money and hidden power in the hands of our very own "5th columnists " to use a WW2 term and you may equate the .01% with that term as conscious or not,they have undermined the spirit and laws of this country and, by definition, are traitors.


Set aside the heartless and cruel nature of cutting benefits for the elderly in an environment where the rich are getting exponentially richer each year and corporations are paying a smaller and smaller share of the federal budget in taxes…

Raising the retirement age would immediately result in higher unemployment as people would be forced to stay in their jobs, and this would also cost businesses more as they would be forced to retain much older workers making the top end of their salary scales.

Historically, the debt and health of the economy has been consistently better under democrats. The Republican greed seems to make sense to the rich but even the rich benefit more when the GOP is out of power.


Bruce Dixon hasn’t exposed anything, rather he has opined yet another plea to support the Green Party. I have supported and voted for the Green Party in all of the elections they were represented in, not one has come close to winning, The Green Party is like a car stuck on an icy hill, making lots of noise as its tires spin and engine revs, but it’s not going anywhere.

Like it or not, we have a 2 party system for now, and have little choice but to work within the confines of that system. I sincerely believe that Senator Sanders gives progressives the greatest opportunity we’ve had in a very long time to bring about positive change. I’ll be supporting the sheepdog this time around.


Sanders nails it: It’s the same class war the 1% have been waging against the non-wealthy for well over a century. Their goal is everything for the 1%, nothing for the non-wealthy.

The 1%‘s greatest advantage is that most of the non-wealthy have no idea a class war is being conducted against them. The mass media are OWNED by the 1%, so never even HINT at class war. Just this morning I saw an article in the New York Times that claimed Bernie Sanders’ call for increasing taxes on the wealthy makes him “unelectable”!

“Unelectable”, when the MAJORITY of Americans DO want to raise taxes on the wealthy! The New York Times parroting the lies of the 1% makes them UNREADABLE!


Jeb Bush lives in a world which is one of the most malevolent political families ever, complete with smiley face. As “Poppy” daddy said during the 80’s after he was ensconced as VP, we want “happy talk” while Reagan started systematic dismantling of the New Deal. Happy talk indeed, for he was happy to get what was wanted by any means necessary, even if it meant “voodoo economics” which he used AGAINST Reagan until the Gipper brought him on board to participate in the deeds. Jeb looks and wonders- Isn’t it my time at bat to carry on the tradition?