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Sanders to Clinton: The Time to Come Clean on TPP, Fast Track is 'Right Now'


Sanders to Clinton: The Time to Come Clean on TPP, Fast Track is 'Right Now'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about to formally kick off her presidential campaign with a rally in New York this weekend, rival for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders is demanding she make her positions on critical issues—especially pending trade agreements—more clear.


It will be interesting to see how Hilary responds to Bernie’s questions. Beating around the bush and evading questions has become a fine art in politics.


Mrs. NAFTA will say nothing and vote with the BIG money!


HillBilly won’t say a word because one, she doesn’t have to and two, because she wants Barry’s support on the campaign trail. It’s a twofer (at least) folks. But I’m sure at some point she will tout her political courage…


Failure to take a stand on these issues is like voting to invade and torture Iraq. Deciding not to decide is a decision.


She hired a phalanx of experts led by the newest maven in the Democratic fold, Robbie Mook, to produce a magna carta of “kick off” speeches. The theme, “to seem to be.” Artful use of legerdemain is the name of the game, in other words: trickery, cunning, artfulness, craftiness, chicanery, skulduggery, deceit, deception, and artifice.


Exactly. That’s it in a nutshell. Perfect, even tough I think you mean these and Iraqis. It sums up the last 30 years of life under the rule of Demacons and Replutocrats. Really sickening.


It is not criminal complicity–which sets up an equal equivalence between empowered bodies that have access to microphones, print media, and a cast of “experts” and average people trying to understand the world around them.


Hillary will give speeches using vague rhetoric and dance around the issue as much as possible. If backed into a corner and forced to comment on how she feels regarding TPP, she will tell us just what we want to hear from her because she doesn’t have to worry about casting a vote on the Senate floor.


Lay her out and expose what she really stands for and who she really represents!


“We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” MLK


Right, they can’t help it if they’re indifferent, ignorant and in some cases stupid…Poor things.


Saturday is too late. She must take a position against fast track today or tomorrow morning or recognize she will lose support from environmental and labor portions of the democratic base.


yeah, but she probably won’t lose all that much support. Over on Crooks and Liars, they have a HRC fanatic writing articles left and right about her and posting comments in the comment section all about how Liberal HRC is. A main writer on a left-leaning site supporting HRC, not saying word 1 about TPP. I don’t get it …


It is one of the only bright spots in our whole governmental process. That and watching the corporate lackeys squirm when their rock gets turned over. Have you noticed that they don’t squirm as entertainingly nor as long as they used to. Could it be that it doesn’t matter anymore who is in office, the masters have them all by the short hairs.


No political lie, scandal, or wreck surprises the public any more.


Eight democrats voted today to move the fast track forward for a vote friday in the house. This vote if defeated would have allowed amendments on the fast track bill. Who were these democrats?
And yesterday the house passed a bill to repeal the country of origin labeling of meat.This was passed with 300 votes.
Republicans talk all the time about sovereign rights.
These are all issues democrats and republicans can be held to account in primary’s.


Yes, but if Sen. Sanders breaks clear on Israel and speaks against their current governmental policies he’ll have to bear the anger of Judaism’s two greatest profits. I’m speaking, of course, of Sheldon Adelson and Benjamin Netanyahu. Or, as we like to call them, Big Shorty & Short Biggy.


Speaking of “…not saying word 1 about TPP…” Bill Maher (at least on his show) has done the same.


Bill should stick to trashing Jewish hypocrisy. Or, as he would say it, hypocriosity. s/