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Sanders to Clinton: Yes, Trump's Foreign Policy Ideas Are Scary. But So Are Yours



But... but... Hillary had nineteen American flags behind her when she gave that speech! Nineteen! And in the Bernie photo, I counted only one measly American flag. By my reckoning, that means that Hillary is at least eighteen times more patriotic than Bernie. Case closed! Hillary uber alles!


Hillary Clinton said "Can you imagine Trump in the Situation Room?"
Well, we have SEEN Hillary in that room and it has been a disaster.
I can see why all of the war profiteers are behind Hillary.
If she is elected, their gravy train will keep on flowing, much to the detriment of the US and rest of the world.

I hope the good people of California, New Jersey, and the other June 7 races see what a disaster that another Clinton Presidency would be. And after that, our only hope then is that the super delegates that really control the race will give their allegiance to Bernie.


It's Time for Bernie to challenge Hillary and Trump to a Debate, for the sake of the American People and the Voters of the remaining Primary's. Its time to challenge them on Foreign Policy, and Transparency. Let's see your tax returns for the Clinton Foundation and Trump's Personal Taxes. What are you all Hiding. I know you will have a great viewing audience. Hillary and Donald, what are you afraid of? Transparency. Challenge them Bernie, we will all back you, It's Bernie or bust for me and all of America. Lets do this now.


Many have looked at the Hollywood patriotic background of flags put behind Hillary as an obscene joke.


A report this morning placed Colorado Gov John Hickenlooper on Hillary's "short-list" for VP. The connection is very meaningful given Hillary's record selling and supporting fracking to the world as SOS (and millions in campaign-contribution bribes from the oil & gas industry/lobbyists) and Hickenloopers support for fracking.
Hickenlooper famously "drank" or sipped what was claimed to be "fracking fluid" to show it was "perfectly safe", not toxic carcinogenic poison - the connection between Clinton and Hickenlooper and fracking/gas production at a time when governments are "trying" (or claiming to try) to reduce fossil fuels use to limit global warming is a very telling connection, giving further reason to shout "Never Hillary"!

I guess a VP as intellectually-truth challenged as Hickenlooper, who would either actually drink fracking fluid or falsely claim to, makes Clinton look good by comparison - he also reportedly drank Animas River water after the mine-plug spill contamination - freakin idiot, perfect for Hillary VP........




Clinton-2 never saw a war that she didn't want to just, Right Now, jump in on, and rally the "troops". Rather than going farther into the weeds with another snarky comment - Senator Sanders is on roll to upend the oligarchic ruling class. Mrs. Clinton's campaign contributors must be running low on diapers. (Please, no offense to my elders, that bein' me.) Oh, there I go again! lol

2 Sanders Rallies in Cali, today!
1PM PST Santa Rosa - here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxWSy_NNxz8
7PM PST Fairfield - here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b96nohcqDJA


I don't know if it's a joke but it's definitely obscene; another Clinton attempt to manipulate the public.


If the DNC won't allow it how about a Patriotic Billionaire who wants to see America Survive give 50 million to Charity and have a private network sponsor the debate. Like Utube, Google, Apple, some group with the horsepower. It does not need to be sponsored by the DNC. That is the Key. If a Billionaire like Elone Musk were to sponsor it, Everyone would watch. Cockroaches don't like the light of day. Lets see who shows up. I challenge you Billionaires of the world to stand up and donate 50 or 100 million to charity to support this debate. It will wake up America and the voters. Lets all push for it now.


Once again Bernard Sanders shows his quality and truthfulness - his moral compass and common sense - aspects missing from almost all politicians of late. Foreign policy decisions are critical to the worlds future and Clinton has a proven record to fear, as well as Trump's potential ignorance and stupidity.

Today I heard about tensions being intentionally ramped-up in the Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - the darlings of the west against the big, bad Russian Bear - all BS of course, but easily manipulated to become something after the Ukraine was used to surround Russia in violation of previous agreements.
Hillary would follow Obama's warmongering lead re Russia - two contemptible politicians following paths to assure endless wars........



We can also watch all of Bernies rallies at:


Excellent math, i think i'll try wearing captain America underwear, i think that should woe the women to my side, nothing else has been working so far.


It is hard to build coalitions with tribes that have been fighting amongst themselves for centuries and the west's (first Britain then US) meddling and breaking countries and boundaries has only made things worse. Build a coalition to get the west out of the affairs of the Middle East and Isarel and support none of them. Of course Empire's interests i.e. multi national corporations who want the resources in middle east, africa and .....using slave labor to obtain maximum profits for a few at taxpayers expense of protecting these endeavors.


There a stark contrast here.

Every time Sanders opens his mouth to say something I like him more.

Every time Clinton opens her mouth to say something I dislike her more.


Sorry for sounding repetitive here but i think the orange man is going to beat the pinata out of the red queen come November unless we match him against Sanders who will blow his wig off.


Giving to charity is going to do NOTHING to alleviate suffering inn the long run. Most of that money will be lost by the time it gets to the intended party. A better way is through fair taxation.


Hillary thinks her speech was so hard on Trump. Pleeeze, all she did was reaffirm what we already know about her neocon (Bush, Cheney) policies.
She scares the hell out of me. Her and her friends, the generals, will keep us in a perpetual cycle of war and creating more terrorists.
We need Bernie's even handed approach to foreign policy. He's no pacifist but he will lead us away from the neocon/neoliberal failed policies. Even the IMF has said they have failed. But like austerity which they also say is a failed policy, Hillary arrogantly marches forward with the same ideas that are killing us. She is as frightening as Trump. According to consistent polls, she can't beat him either, only Bernie can.


“…making certain that the brave American men and women in our military do not get bogged down in perpetual warfare in the Middle East.”

It seems the US is already bogged down in perpetual warfare in the Middle East. What’s the exit strategy?


The so-called "special relationship" (read servitude and subversion) we have with the terrorist state, Israel, especially under the right-wing "settler" regime of Netanyahu, is possibly the most dangerous we face. The Israeli lobby has subverted our politics, politicians, and foreign policy to push for more and endless wars (by American's) to "benefit" Israeli extremism, expansionism, and racism, and Hillary is a strong supporter/shill and apologist for Israeli/Zionist war crimes and ethnic cleansing.


What is remarkable is to go back into the video files and find that ones where Hillary Clinton is parroting George W. Bush almost word for word as she makes her announcement that she is supporting authorizing the President to go to war in Iraq and listen to Bernie Sander's speech as he opposes giving such authorization to the President. He lays out a scenario of a possible aftermath that played out almost exactly the way he described it. Here is a man who can see impact and consequences paired with a pandering, me too, neo-con Presidential candidate, Hillary, who charges down a path without thinking about the cost and impact of her actions. She is scary. Maybe not as scary as Trump but scary nevertheless.