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Sanders to Grassroots Army: New 'Medicare for All' Bill Only Beginning of Battles to Come


Sanders to Grassroots Army: New 'Medicare for All' Bill Only Beginning of Battles to Come

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As he gears up to introduce on Wednesday his much-anticipated Medicare for All bill—which has already garnered the support of several high-profile Democratic senators—Sen.


I don’t see any other progressive politicians with the same messages and goals as Bernie.


There’s Jill Stein. The Green Party has always supported single payer. It has similar domestic policy goals to Bernie’s including a livable wage, campaign finance reform, and finance reform. It goes beyond Bernie with calls to end the US role as world policeman and to abide by international law.


They should hitch their wagon onto Bernie’s growing team of horses. They’re going to gain more at the neighborhood and community level, than lose. That’s how it’s done with disparate but well meaning and progressive coalitions.


Sad that all Democrats don’t realize that and back such a candidate as Jill. If she ran as a Progressive Democrat instead of as a Green, she might have a chance. But the DNC sellouts won’t give up their corporate bribes to back her and the Green Party has barely registered 1% of the vote. Progressive Democrats need to separate ourselves from the DNC and finance and run our own candidates.

Or screw the system. Use the blockchain in elections.

Direct Grassroots Democracy Now.


I’ve heard too many things about Sanders’ bill to be enthused that it is really Single Payer.

We got bamboozled in 2009 and I’m wary.

I want a real examination of his bill.


There’s also Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon – a stout progressive, and the only US senator who endorsed Sanders in the presidential primary.


When Senator Bernie Sanders says something about the war in Afghanistan maybe I’ll tune him in, Right now I’m tuning him out. Actually at the moment the focus should be on stopping repeal of the ACA. It could still happen, particularly with attention going on other things such as Medicare for All which will have to wait for a new congress.


I hate to sound sexist but this wrongheaded country of ours would reelect a trump in 2020 before it would elect a woman progressive. The candidate could win the popular vote by more than the Hildebeast did and still lose the electoral college if she failed to flip those core red states that carried the vile pumpkin head into our presidency. Do I hope I’m wrong? You bet. But I don’t think so. It might reduce to a debate slugfest wherein a man (say a Bernie or an Al Franken) could trade insults and not diminish himself as might be concluded by the misogynistic audience should a woman be cornered into that position by trump. Hopefully the great money launderer is gone by then, and the sex of the progressive candidate is not an issue.


One of the very few Democrats that I have respect for, glad to say he’s one of my senators.


We are blessed the Bernie is still out there and still pressing corporate politicians by bringing is fire and energy to a public that welcomes his viewpoints with a sigh of relief, and a smattering of hope that all is not lost. He is far from perfect, but his is the most tenacious progressive voice we have, and the media cannot silence him. In this article he merely tells the truth.

I, for one, am very grateful that we still have him, and his amazing energy, trying mightily to push the agenda in a progressive direction.


Ever the shxt bomber, aren’t you? Now it’s a new objection about Afghanistan. U R 2 Funny. But, not in a sincere way.


Bernie’s bill leaves a lot to be desired. If it doesn’t mirror HR676, it’s not worth pursuing. Any involvement by insurance companies should be a non-starter. This leaves an opening for establishment tools like Harris and Booker to obstruct and eventually scuttle the legislation. To Sen. Sanders: We Cannot Begin From a Position of Compromise

No more compromise, no more bullshit. Improved Medicare-For-All NOW!


Remind me again what state Sen. Flowers is from, again?


Hopefully, in the near future, some good will come out of all the clamor, by the little people, and a comprehensive Medicare for all will be instigated. I’m not holding my breath though. The corporate vultures with their greedy profit motive and endless supplies of election cash make this outcome highly unlikely. It will take concerted pressure by all on their senators and reps. Emails daily, countless phone calls, voting where it actually matters, if at all possible; I have my doubts. They seem to not to listen as soon as they get seated in their new offices.


Not a Senator: https://www.commondreams.org/author/margaret-flowers


The message now, and always going forward, must remain the same:

We do not “need” insurance. We “need” Healthcare.


Yes, yes, yes.

Insurance is not Healthcare.

Insurance is Big Bucks for the .01%

Insurance is waste and fraud.


We have the Green Party and Socialist Parties running candidates too.


The name of the game is compromise once you are in the mix in the House of Representatives or Senate. The difficulty with the issue of healthcare is the medical health industry corporations flood the congressional buildings with lobbyists with bribe money. The estimate during the Trumpcare congressional sessions was 8 lobbyists per legislator. The legislators got richer and Trumpcare was passed despite causing a 750 percent increase in costs and not being able to cover 23 million poor Americans (CBO report). So it is still frustrating to see other first world countries having better healthcare systems almost all sticking to the single payer type system. They have much better health coverage and pay less. America stands out as the first world country that pays the most and in return gets the least in terms of quality health care services.