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Sanders to Headline Progressive Summit on 'Moving Beyond Resistance'


Sanders to Headline Progressive Summit on 'Moving Beyond Resistance'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), will headline a major progressive conference this summer that aims to galvanize the resistance to President Donald Trump into a larger movement for a just world.


Senator Sanders stands-up and speaks-out loudly and often for progressive issues and resistance repeal/replacement of the trump regime when most Dems it seems do not. Sure they are in "resistance" mode, but will eventually fold as usual, like the craven lap-dogs they have become! My local Dem reps supported the candidacy of HRC who all are responsible for stupidity and collusion with the trump regime of destruction and death! All of them Schumer, Gillibrand and Maloney supported HRC, one of the most despised, reviled, hated and questionable politicians ever - the only candidate herr trump could have beaten, instead of Bernie Sanders - so now we watch as our nation and sustainable future are given away to environmental rapists, usurers, vulture capitalism, war-machine and general greed and evil! The rest of the world will also feel (if not already) the force of this regimes depraved indifference for their lives, homes and families!

SO.....Bernie is the leader we must support (and other proven progressives) at this time, as he has earned support, and pressure the same Dem spineless quislings, establishment players that were so stupid and arrogant they essentially gave us 4 years of pathological trump depravity and service to the 1% - profits uber alles! YES, I am very pissed...at the entire trump cabal/regime and at the DP/DNC establishment that also serves the 1% and business as usual!



You might want to clean up the text on your web site home page under Tentative participants: for the 2017 gathering (ie: descriptions of some of the speakers) Highlighted ones I am sure of, others may be incorrect, or at least incomplete.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Jane Sanders, educator Eve Ensler, activist Frances Fisher, actress Josh Fox, filmmaker Danny Glover, actor Van Jones, CNN commentator Shaun King (maybe add TYT commentator), journalist Naomi Klein, author Nomiki Konst (maybe add TYT reporter), journalist Bill McKibben, activist Michael Moore, filmmaker Frances Fox Piven, educator Linda Sarsour, activist David Sirota, journalist Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator, activist and author Jim Hightower

The email address is also wrong on the home page. It is spelled correctly on the page, but the link itself has only one 'm' in summit.



Here in Bernie's home state of Vermont the entire Democratic leadership opposed him. Recently, I had a chance to call again the other VT US Senator Patrick Leahy and pretty much used your arguments and that is why he must stop sitting on the fence with regards to Gorsuch and Improved Medicare For All.


When i saw the headline i immediately worried about the real breadth and diversity of the speakers and presenters.

i'm pretty happy with the lineup listed so far. But i'm still concerned that there are not enough strong voices in the mix, pointing out the absolutely critical and immediate need to address what is truly a civilizational and biospheric crisis, with deep revolutionary transformation of the "operating system" of the economy.

We must END the prioritization of private wealth and profit above ecological and human needs! We must END the psychopathic "limited liability, investor-owned" corporation as the basic building block of the economy! We need serious global wealth reform, global land reform, and global democracy reform. Tinkering with the machinery, while maintaining the basic structure of corporate supremacy, will NOT stop the ongoing destruction of the ecology, or the ongoing debasement and impoverishment of humanity.


Upon further perusal of the text of participants, it is the punctuation that is skewed. A bullet list of the participants would be much clearer. The email address is still incorrect as of the time of this post.


Well said Emphyrio.

Before supporting Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka in the presidential election last November, I had most willingly supported Bernie Sanders with my time and money.

Bernie has spoken truth to power since Trump was installed in the White House. I admire him for this however I am still wary of the change in direction he took before last year's Democratic Convention.

I refuse to put any trust whatsoever in the Democratic Party Establishment, the DNC or Hillary Clinton. I would really like to see Bernie continue to speak as an Independent or as a member of a 'new' people's party, as yet to be named.

I see that you agree that neither party of old, Democrats or Republicans can ever be trusted.

In my remaining years, I will work to remove as many Democrats and Republicans from the White House and Congress. They have proven for decades of their unworthiness.

That said, our job going forward is to return this planet to the young people in a habitable condition.


In a nutshell!


A general Strike will take place on May Day and this should add positively to the Peoples Summit.


That's what we must support and center around. When the speakers at the summit embrace, and participate in, a general strike I'll be on board. Until then, May Day protests in Portland, Or. are always worth attending.


Moving beyond resistance:


When Donald Rumsfeld made his infamously insane quote about unknown knowns I wrote to Leahy requesting he call for Rumsfelds resignation. His reply was that he was a good friend and dinner companion of Rumsfeld and supported his actions. But I continued to believe it was worth while to share my thoughts with him. After his glowing support for Roberts and Alito in reply to my requests to block their nominations though I finally realized it was a waste of time.


Let this be the beginning of a new party, the Progressive Party. Instead of trying to move dug in Dems, let's give them some space and say what we think, what we want. Pretty sure the repugnicans are getting close to doing the same with their "freedom" caucus. We are among the few countries in the world that don't have a multiplicity of parties.


I agree completely. Truly revolutionary change is demanded here and the challenge is to how to address this now and in a peaceful manner. The pressure for this is only going to continue to increase in proportion to the danger and the price of business as usual is much too high to ignore. We have time now, but that clock is ticking.


As a fellow New York State (Catskills mountain) resident I wholeheartedly echo your attack on our senators Schumer and Gillibrand, the two most worthless pseudo progressive hacks in the senate. Schumer remained silent about moving to counter Trump until he was forced to by public outcry while child of privilege Gillibrand continues in that role as she eyes a White House run in 2020. Add in our elitist wannabe governor sour puss Cuomo and you will understand that New York is far from the progressive flow as each of these clowns are in office because of only one thing, New York City (Manhattan) money, in whose servitude these phonies operate. Like them, people in our area of the state rely upon City money to endure, but unlike them we give back essential resources for the good of all. Shut off the Catskills-centered City water supply spigot, for example, and see how far that Manhattan money gets you. Meanwhile we upstaters are working to replace partisan hacks, both Democratic and Republican, with actual progressive representatives.


Yup, and we were told that about the last set D rhetoricians - B Clinton and B Obama - and now we have B Sanders - all "B" politicians that "we must support" because they are Ds ....

As to your "other proven progressives" - like Stein, e.g., - yeah, leave them in parentheses - Stein, apparently isn't even invited to this shindig .... kept off the stage, again ...

The pattern is rather clear - here we go again - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ...


Gee, Josh had a sex change? I suspect that the text errors aren't the only thing wrong with this shindig ...

Sloppy with the details so early in the game? Not a good sign, eh? The devil is always in the details ...


Stein ain't on the list - gee, wonder why ....... (smile)


In your goal to remove as many D/Rs as possible methinks you will have to decide whether to fight Sanders ... his goal is to fill the place with Ds ...


Oh we have a number of parties all right - we just don't support them - so you can add a new one to the list or you can work for one we already have - like the Greens ...