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Sanders to Make Presidential Aspirations Official in Vermont Next Week


Sanders to Make Presidential Aspirations Official in Vermont Next Week

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who said at the end of April that he would challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, will officially launch his run for president on Tuesday in Burlington, Vermont, campaign officials announced this week.

Burlington is where Sanders began his political career, serving as mayor from 1981 to 1989, before going on to represent Vermont in the U.S. House and Senate.


It is more accurate to say that Bernie Sanders political career began at the University of Chicago where he led local CORE social action committee at a sit-in in 1962. CORE is the acronym of the Congress on Racial Equality. He graduated from the U of C in 1964.


Perfect. Jerry Greenfield is former owner of (and still quite active participant in and exploiter of the name of) the company whose franchises do business in the illegal settlements in the West Bank despite Palestinian civil society's calls for a Boycott of Israel. And Burlington is the place Sanders fought so hard to have host the F-35 boondoggle war toy. This combo points out the gross hypocrisy of faux-progressivess' new darling, Bernie Sanders. He's a populist and a socialist alright. That is if the "population" isn't Palestinian and if the socialism includes sharing our wealth with the defense industry.

Bernie' new job is to make the Dems look "progressive" so people will come out and vote for Killary. I'll bet he'll be getting a nice pay off from her after she is coronated.


Which company is it? Thanks. And try as he might. I will never ever ever ever vote for Hillary, so am not sure that he is really sheepdogging for her.


The article says it's Ben and Jerry's ice cream.


Sen. Bernie Sanders is taking head-on the major issues of mass poverty in American and global warming. We would be well served to pay close attention to his speech next Tuesday to judge how well his policies meet these overarching challenges.


I'm voting for Bernie, and only Bernie. No more fringe tilting at windmills. The voice of distribution will at least be heard for part of the campaign, then, most likely, ennui. And so it goes.


In a nation of 350 million human beings, is this geriatric dinosaur the best we have to hope for?


Oh. Ben & Jerry's does business in Occupied Territories? Learn something new every day. Thanks.


So if Bernie doesn't get the nomination? Who will you vote for in the election


So we see the outlines - doesn't want to engage in "negative campaigning" - code for will not criticize or even directly challenge Hillary's positions ....

She will gage how well he is being received - then craft her own rhetoric to co-opt him ... Remember how Obama said he was going to renegotiate NAFTA, then sent his lackey, Goolsbe (sp?) I think, to reassure Canada that this was just campaign rhetoric, red meat tossed out to the blue collar folk who had been "shaftad", and he really didn't mean it - Hillary won't have to worry if she does some "fat cat" rhetoric for the sake of the masses - WS knows whose pocket she is in ...

He is not out to "win", as he has no wish to tarnish the nominee he will support when the primaries are over ... Don't forget, he caucuses with the Dems ...

By the time Bernie polishes her (as opposed to polishes her off) - (s)he will have brought a lot of the doubting progs back on board - "Oh, there is hope for the Dems after all! Look, all our 'pressuring' has turned the tide!"

Meanwhile the only true prog in the race, hopefully Stein, will be screwed, again, by the very folk who would most benefit from her administration ....


I won't vote nationally, just for local races.


Why not for a Green, e.g.?


A thousand apologies, Endgame. Truly. But I say what I feel and would be truly sad if you did not do the same.


The usual glop from CD ideologues who will never vote ever for anyone until they get the 1000% perfect candidate. Even if by some miracle Jill Stein becomes president, she would have to work and compromise with the GOP and the Democrats. It's a democracy (OK, more like a plutocracy or kleptocracy) and even the most pure of the pure would have to compromise in order to get anything done. It would be a supreme miracle if Bernie got the Democratic nomination, so the Bernie haters need not worry themselves too much. Even if Bernie got the nod, most Americans would not vote for him because he is a democratic socialist and because of his appearance. Sadly, appearance matters in this country. He gets my vote, I guess that makes me a Nazi fascist rat bastard in the eyes of the CD purist ideologues who will stamp their feet and refuse to vote.


Good lord. What kind of martyr pity party is this you are throwing here?


Bernie is being used by the .01% in 2016, just like Obama was in 2008. Except he has no chance because he will never be allowed the democratic nomination because he would be an anathema to Wall Street and the banksters. Bernie is being used to give liberals and progressives false hope because they have already selected their Wall Street whore.


Sanders is not Obama. He has a record. Unless you or someone else better is running and can speak to the issues in a way that can be heard, you should support him. Crippling cynicism and impossible idealism on the left only serve to further empower corporate fascism.


He speaks the truth though fortunately, not about all here.


Shame on you!!! You would not know a progressive thought if it bit you in the ass.

Oh...and you have no idea what Bernie Sanders is doing or if he has any connection to Hillary Clinton so please don't embarrass yourself with stupid remarks. Bernie Sanders 2016.