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Sanders to Rally for Abdul El-Sayed as New Poll Shows Tightening Democratic Primary Race in Michigan


Sanders to Rally for Abdul El-Sayed as New Poll Shows Tightening Democratic Primary Race in Michigan

Julia Conley, staff writer

On the heels of poll results showing progressive candidate Abdul El-Sayed is pulling ahead in Michigan's Democratic gubernatorial primary race, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced he would rally voters in the state in support of El-Sayed this weekend.


If this happens in Mich AND an even bigger event in NY where Nixon beats the POS Coumo, then maybe the majority of Democratic voters will embrace the change that’s coming whether they like it or not.


We so need Cynthia to beat Cuomo!. For his entire term(s) Cuomo served the wealthy, corporate interests, bailed-out aged nuke plants, betrayed the 99% in many ways, and protected corrupt cronies…and now, predictably near election time he trots out his BS propaganda lies and deceit! Cuomo is a vindictive fraud and will only support an issue when the public support is massive, never lead until the outcome is assured…that’s cowardice and political scheming, not leadership. As far as funding goes he will never RESTORE progressive taxation on the ultra-wealthy or corporations…he always transfers the burden onto the backs of those least able to afford the increases!

http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Kevin-A-Cahill/story/40353/ ALL NYkers should read both these linked pieces. - the Equity in Education Act link - betrayed by Cahill sadly, and predictably by Cuomo and others serving the wealthy!

Nixon’s The One! (sorry, can’t resist that slogan)


Bernie Sanders is a hero to progressives and can help turn this country light blue which should be progressive choice color.

However, how many years ago did the move for $15 hour start? In most cities across the country $15 an hour will not put a roof over your head. Yes, I know it takes time but over the last 40 years but on steroids in the last 18 years inequality and housing rose 150% at least. Wages stayed flat. That should be stated when talking about $15 an hour.


Where are the D-Party centrists?

Isn’t it time to warn us that El-Sayed is the weaker candidate to run against Schuette in November?

Lrx? where art thou?


The polls haven’t been too good at predicting winners lately but I would not bank on Nixon. She is a lot more than 5 points behind. More like 30 points. But if she pulls the upset I think she will win in November as the Republicans generally only put up token opposition for governor in NYS. Usually a county executive takes one for the team. They have another county executive lined up. He is probably already working on his concession speech. The only change he will have to make is whether he says I congratulate Governor Andrew Cuomo or I congratulate Cynthia Nixon.


Never say never, is what I say on the Nixon/Cuomo race. I see today that Cynthia’s about to pull up much more because of the NY progressive women’s movement, including long-time NYers… She had an important appearance with other women on sexual harassment - and she was just endorsed by a former head of NOW - i.e. the NOW that existed before Hillary Clinton poisoned (what is now ‘their’) organization with the insurance and pharma lobby - and when every major women’s rights organization advocated single payer health care - and as a feminist issue. So I think she can still fight her way up there.

I’m not as optimistic, however, about a Democrat taking the “prize” if she moves forward with the primary. New York has tons of Republican leanings - including Democrats who are really Republicans- not the kind that gives you a Donald Trump, but other varieties. So I think it would still be a very tough fight to the finish line.