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Sanders to Trump: End Insulting Tweets and Start Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Sanders to Trump: End Insulting Tweets and Start Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Jon Queally, staff writer

The president "should be focusing his energies on helping to rebuild Puerto Rico, not attacking San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz."

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A Simple Solution : MOMS

That’s right. A “Moratorium On Military Spending”.

The $700 Billion that Congress and Trump passed legislation to give to the Military must be reversed now and used for rebuilding America where it is most desperately necessary.

All we need is a Congress person or Senator that’s not corrupted to introduce MOMS as new legislation.

One, to get it started.


I am increasingly of the opinion that Trump is NOT “grossly insensitive” but rather suffering from a chronic psychological condition with elements of an addictive personality disorder. I would add that there seems to be a dangerous tendency to see how far he can go and how much he can get away with. It seems to be the political equivalent of smearing faeces on his own “optics” like a seriously ill person acting out the desire to be assured that there is a power more coherent and powerful than his own optical delusions.

Whatever happens, it would seem that the capacity for citizenry at all levels of government to come together and recreate the necessary coherence for healthy governance is going to be soundly tested.


Puerto Rico’s debt is a sham of corruption that should be canceled.

That is US law. The US refused to honor Puerto Rican debts to Spain when it won independence from Spain and was instantly enslaved by the US. The reason given was corrupt business sales to a corrupt government are not valid debts.

The same rule applied to Cuba and the Philippines when their hard won freedom was also destroyed by US colonialism.


When I saw him throwing out paper towels to the crowd I thought *%&$# !!!

When he talked about throwing the budget out of whack, I thought, EXCUSE PR CITIZENS FOR DYING



God… the Demo/Auto-Crats pretty much &*$# for a living.


" All we need is a Congress person or Senator that’s not corrupted."

Whom would you suggest?


One solution I would like to see is for California to secede, and Puerto Rico to take its place as the U.S.'s 50th state. Then the U.S. won’t have to spend money altering the flag to add another star. California is a nation of 39 million people; more than the total population of 22 other states, The difference in population between California and the next most populous state, Texas, equals the population of 12 other states… Puerto Rico, with 3.1 million, has a higher population than 20 other U.S. states. It would fit right in. And it’s about time that we stop treating that country we stole fair and square from Spain over 100 years ago it like a colony, and accept it as a state.

He is not suffering from this disease at all. We are suffering from his disease. And the consequences for the world of his disease are sometimes terrifying.

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President Trump is not suffering from this disease at all. We are suffering from his disease. And the consequences for the world of his disease are sometimes terrifying.

I’d suggest Bernie as I still love his willingness to speak Truth to power, however, I still have his endorsement of the weaker candidate stuck in my craw.

I’d really love to see Jill Stein start this conversation but the media wouldn’t cover her.

As a lifelong fan of Senator Sanders and a Sanders delegate, I say GO Bernie, GO! What is tragic is that he has to urge POTUS to comport himself with integrity, self-respect and in a manner befitting the highest position in our government and as leader (used to be since his appearance) among nations. All DJT has done to date is to DEGRADE America…yet again…each and every day.


I love Jill, but politically, in my opinion, she does not have a chance. Bernie is probably a good choice too…but if anything, we know especially after the last election, Bernie will never be allowed anywhere near the oval office. Does anyone know why Bernie sold out to HRC?


Months ago, Senator Sanders himself answered your query. In part, hoping to save our nation from the current tyrant. But the Russians throughout the campaign with the addition of Comey and his last minute maneuverings, and the outdated useless electoral college system, put the current despot in office. And it goes without saying, that DJT’s base was deeply displeased with having to see a Black man in the WH for eight years, po’d that “gays” were allowed to marry, and Roe v Wade was not overturned.

Please, no need to say anything derogatory about HRC…no need to beat a dead horse, as the saying goes.

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I heard reports of threats of some sort made against him, his career, and Jane, but nothing substantiated.

The Oligarchs got what they wanted, by hook or Crook.

Bernie and Elizabeth on the Democratic Party side. But I do understand the point you are making. There are both Democrat and Republicans, especially those that have been in office for years, that fill their pockets with corporate bribe money. Whether is it healthcare corporations, or the military industrial complex, any time there is legislation of high interest to corporations, there are as many as 8 lobbyists per legislator, and the legislators usually walk away with lots of bribe money. So generally speaking almost all legislators in congress on both sides of the isle are raking in lobbyist bribe money hand over fist. That means they are high priced protitutes of the military industrial complex, the huge medical corporations, etc…

In reply to post number one at the top of the page absolutely YES. I can’t help but notice but Trump has issue with leaders that are Black and Brown. He has a horriufic relationship with Mexico and with Black leaders in the United States. When I read a news story like this I have to stop and think, what if the leader of Puerto Rico was WHITE. Trump es extremadamente racista, un supremacista blanco. Trump is extremely racist, a white supremacist. Which is my biggest if not huge issue with Trump. If he can’t serve and relate to all Americans, if he is a racist, White Supremacist, he isn’t qualified to be president of the United States.

Thanks for your reply, but still perplexing to me.

Your post reminds me of the statement by Greg Palast: " America has the best democracy money can buy!"

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Have PUERTO RICANS learned anything from this horrible experience? Will they come out and vote in the next presidential PRIMARY, the only way they have of STATING their preferences for President? I SURE HOPE SO! The power that they do have needs to be used with a good deal of thought and with vivid recollections of how THIS PRESIDENT has treated their most vulnerable populations, outside of the cities and away from immediate access to services. THINK ABOUT IT, Puerto Rico. Please think about it. The ONE choice you do have in voting can make a very good difference next time. Do not lay down the little bit of power you do have. Do not give in to that tendency. VOTE in the Primaries. Make a difference in any way you can. Don’t let Republicans and Wall Street do this kind of damage any more. SAY NO to REPUBLICAN RULE.