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Sanders to Trump: Instead of Telling Europe To Buy More Guns Like US, "Why Don’t We Join Them in Guaranteeing Health Care to All'


Sanders to Trump: Instead of Telling Europe To Buy More Guns Like US, "Why Don’t We Join Them in Guaranteeing Health Care to All'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Joining other critics warning against President Donald Trump's urging of NATO leaders to double their military expenditures on Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders said the president's advice to Europe has it precisely backwards when it comes to national spending priorities.

"We spend $700 billion on defense, more than the next 10 nations combined, and end up with 30 million uninsured and crumbling infrastructure," Sanders declared in a tweet.


And exactly when have F-35 Bernie and the Dems called for significant cuts in all things military and withdrawal from permanent war and global occupations?

You cannot have imperialism without domestic austerity. It’s time for Bernie and other “liberal” and "progressive"Dems to choose peace and prosperity or get out of the way.


Moon of Alabama on Russian LNG to Germany, NATO and health care as defense spending.




Thank you for sharing this. Most of the posturing is about energy. Most of the wars are about energy. Peace is about quiet contemplation, food for human thought, I hope.


Wow…a great site…thanks!


True, but don’t many of the Democrats also have defense contractors in their states, providing jobs? Or military bases from one or more branches? Truly liberal, or progressive Democrats SHOULD work toward peace and well as prosperity, but having a Defense Department ATM in their states can make a Senator or Representative get an easy result by saying, “look at all of the jobs the base brings in,” rather than saying, “now we’re all paying for each others’ health care.”


F-35 Bernie is in one of those states. The fact is that each dollar spent on military goods and services is a negative dollar due to the fact that it is financed with debt and actually destroys human and material economic value. Each dollar invested in human activity grows wealth, so it is invested, rather than wasted. Such basic math is lost on politicians and a critical mass of the voting population.


Who needs more Guns, if Peaceful Coexistence is the ultimate goal?


You hit on a big political problem. Both defense contractors and military bases are spread throughout the US creating a tremendous lobby for jobs and keeping the local economies strong. We have seen how difficult it is for Congress to close military bases that are not needed and reduce funding or eliminate weapons systems that are no longer required.


“Sanders to Trump: Instead of Telling Europe To Buy More Guns Like US, “Why Don’t We Join Them in Guaranteeing Health Care to All’”

Weapons are more profitable. And they cause a greater demand for health care. Just looking out for his shareholders…


One of the problems with that is Europe does not have military all over the world and 17 year long wars. Medicare for All eventually includes military care under the same umbrella.


Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate.

Bernie is expanding at an accelerating rate with Cosmos and evolution.

We are all learning together.

Three cheers for Bernie!


if I were Bernie, I would lead with the positive thing that should be done and follow with what Trump says instead of the other way around.


We have all dealt with talentless Trump like characters at work and the process of getting rid of them, politically speaking, is straightforward. Let them blow and build circumventing structures that avoid them. Being stupid, they make promises they can’t possibly keep and once sidelined from power structures, the gulf between their rhetoric and their ability to delivery widens. People are not completely stupid and eventually get tried of a dog and pony show which has neither a dog or a pony. Trump blazes a road we have all seen before and one of the best contemporary examples is Boris Johnson. Three years ago, this talentless politician began riding populous right wing anger in an attempt to become PM. Many bombastic stunts latter, he now finds himself outside the cabinet power circle and largely detested by the populous that bought him to power. He is finished and will fade away just as Trump will.
What will take down Trump is a recession which is on the horizon. The market is currently maintained by tax cuts we clearly can’t afford and by cheap money (enabled by the fed) which companies are using to buy back stock and pump up profit/valuation. We are borrowing on credit and when that credit line disappears stock valuations will go down far faster than they went up. The myth of Trump as a business genius will then disappear and that will be the end of him.


The good “independent” senator from VT has point. Let’s start with not giving “military aid” to the likes of Egypt and Pakistan. There half a billion right there, let’s let everyone handle their own defense. Sitting around in Europe waiting for Russian tanks to come thru the Fulda gap was cool until circa 1991.

If South Korea loves freedom so much I bet they can defend their own border from a 1970 equipped military.

I’m with Sen. Sanders on this one.


The whole thing is just a big profit machine and they are high on their wealth. They are doing their best to convert the government into a business. The corrupted politicians represent corporate America and the 1%. They serve the wealth and power and humanity and the planet are just something to exploit. They must care nothing about their descendants. Our environment and our society will be mostly dead by 2050. Great wars are a real possibility as the fresh water dries up, the crops fail, and various resources become serious problems. The Arctic Ocean is warming quickly and there is about 100 gigatons (billions) of frozen methane there. 10% of that will do us in if it releases quickly enough. I suppose there is the small chance that things will get bad enough, quickly enough that we institute radical changes before it’s too late and before bad enough does not destroy us… but that’s a mighty slim chance!


With this attitude, we can all look forward to Trump’s second term in 2020.


The Bleach Blonde Snake Oil salesman attending the NATO conference is actually promoting the sale of American Military Weapons.

He is insulting our allies into spending more money on products that Kill our fellow human beings. It is tragic and sad that the vast majority of the American public are so enamored with our militaristic power.

It is difficult to escape the drumbeat of our war machine. The Dept of “Defense” (War), spends a fortune promoting the Glory of Killing “other” people.

Thank you for your service, those people needed Killing. It would be helpful if they just reminded us as to why? For example: Killing millions of Vietnamese was necessary because……?? Bombing innocent Civilians in Iraq was necessary because….??

You cannot go to a Football or Baseball game without being forced to sit through the propaganda. In essence what they are saying is: Give us your sons and daughters and we will teach them how to Kill people on command.

Now the Snake Oil salesman is pushing the effectiveness of our killing machines, which he believes every country should have like a kitchen appliance.

Why Kill your neighbors the old-fashioned way, one shot at a time? With American technology you can Kill your neighbors by the thousands, just as we did recently when we Bombed Iraqi civilians in our Shock and Awe demonstration.


"LABOR INTENSIVE." “Labor intensive” is a choice populations should make on behalf of their economies…nation by nation. Two and a half thousand F-35s will create some jobs, but if THE PEOPLE decide (rightly) $1.5 trillion could do something else providing vastly more jobs, then the people need to ACT on getting a representative in there that’ll do something about it. Same goes for up-grading old nuclear weapons…“some” jobs at roughly same cost. Another problem with these projects is that both up the ante germane to certain perspective-frames that could end up blowing us all to hell.

What makes democracies better…what makes pluralism better…is that the direction a nation travels is subject to a less cenralized decision making process. If a nation travels only in a direction to beef up plutocratic-run businesses (like Lockheed Martin or Wall Street’s), its SECURITY starts to head down the tubes. Sort of paradoxical in the case of Lockheed Martin, but nevertheless true. Bear with me…this situation of ours engenders something like a frame of mind wherein one could imagine in the next moment pulling out ones hair. By chance, can you relate?

Populations come to realizations. In 1848 some realized they were being victimized by industry. In the 1890s farmers in the US came to the realization they were being victimized by Washington and railroad monopolies [THAT is populism, not Trump]. Later on down the road the upshot of more education was that people began to think about how they were victimized in terms of propaganda, which turned out to be bigly a matter of psychology. That’s why their concern over subliminal advertising during the 60s (even if “possibly” a little overboard at times) was IMO just as significant as the realization regarding how the misguided Vietnam War victimized. IOW the realizations were starting to get deeper. It never happens that, during one of these waves of realization, everything about humanity and the universe dawns on folks. Never.

Common Dream readers, please forgive this tangent–> I am a little tired of trying to argue for a labor intensive economy on facebook. In the future I may attempt to make sure at least a bigger number of folks who are concerned enough to lay down their thoughts somewhere [possibly as many as 3]…at least see what I have to say (not that they’ll read it). Thus, I may make whatever comment at Common Dreams first. And after I say it at Common Dreams, I may share that comment with facebook friends. If I only share my comment and not the article-link, and you want to check out the article, look for the little phrase in hyperlink-blue “Back to full article” at top of Comments page under the exerpt from article.

Paul Verhaeghe wrote in 2014…

“On top of all this, you are flexible and impulsive, always on the lookout for new stimuli and challenges. In practice, this leads to risky behaviour, but never mind, it won’t be you who has to pick up the pieces.”

“Solidarity becomes an expensive luxury and makes way for temporary alliances, the main preoccupation always being to extract more profit from the situation than your competition.”

Last statement IMO sort of minutely filters down to ALL communication. For sure on facebook. So, believing that, of course I think this applies in discussing what-to-do in terms of activism. We post links to rundowns on outrageous rip-offs, and same-such in regard to every sphere of endeavor under the sun. We post a myriad of outrages, and all of us believe “our own” algorithm delivers to each one of us news of the most significant
tell-tale rip-offs. Meanwhile, we’re not forming up a process that delegates new leaders…new representatives. Only developing some pressure regarding SCOTUS Justice picks. Not enough. Of course the best rep candidate prospects the establishment will attempt to quash, but we could at least discuss what risks are involved in choosing candidates a little closer to “best.” This we do not do. When we switch cause-alliances, in effect don’t we scapegoat the latest abandoned ones??

If we focus too much on the evil of Trump, we ignore the build-up of “smaller” nuke weapons Michael Klare wrote about on Wednesday 7/ 11/18. Well, dangerous scams are all around…won’t argue that. But some of us are incredibly little, little, little cogs. It is up to our kind to…

  1. Develop a solidarity opposing the most dangerous

  2. Agree on a positive, sustainable goal…labor instensive economies, say

  3. Discuss better candidates in synch with the above, and together end up promotin’em

Michael Klare “What Trump’s Critics are Missing About the NATO Summit” https://www.thenation.com/article/trumps-critics-missing-nato-summit/

Paul Verhaeghe “Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/29/neoliberalism-economic-system-ethics-personality-psychopathicsthic


Yeh, I guess global mass murder and environmental degradation are just too much fun to give up. Stick with the Duopoly. At least you’re sure to get what you vote for.