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Sanders to Trump: Instead of Telling Europe To Buy More Guns Like US, "Why Don’t We Join Them in Guaranteeing Health Care to All'


Bernie Sanders is responsible for masse murder? Who would you suggest as a good candidate in 2020 that could beat Trump?


farmers and ranchers


If you actually read what I posted (or are able to read at all), you would understand that I was talking about the Duopoly parties. One of them is the Dems. Yes, the Dem wing of the Duopoly is as responsible for U.S. foreign policy as the other, and in fact is more vociferous for the permanent War Against Humanity, especially when it involves the Zionist entity that controls Palestine.

Now I know that this will be alot of effort for you, but look up the National Endowment for Democracy and the National Democratic Institute (the Dem wing of the NED0. It pretty clearly lays out some of the institutional relationships that process the Permanent War Against Humanity that is being conducted by the National Security State based in the U.S. that was formalized by National Security Directive No.1, signed by Democrat Harry S. Truman during the Cold War.

Hopefully, none of the words above are too complex for your cliche-soaked mind to absorb.

Never mind…whatever…


You are barking at the wrong tree. I voted green in the last election and totally share your views regarding the imprisonment of the Palestinian people. I just feel (in my simple minded way) if we aren’t somewhat pragmatic we will end up in a very bad situation (like now). “F-35” Bernie may not be a leader we wish for or you may not want. … I was just asking. If you have no answer that’s fine - neither do I.


I apologize for barking. I am truly sorry. Here’s the thing: Bernie has become a de facto leader of part of the Dem wing of the Duopoly, though he could have gone independent after the convention and helped to catalyze a truly independent left political movement/party. So he’s no longer one of us. No Dem leader is and the (s)electoral process is not going to help anything – in 20/20 or long afterward.

The National Dem Party is korrupt/bankrupt/kaput/gone. My hope is that A-OC and the new kids on the block like her get that soon and take their people out and begin to form coalitions with Greens/leftists etc. Otherwise, it will eat them too – just like Bernie.

As for answers, they are easy enough to say and hard to achieve: progressives, leftists, Greens and the like have to organize from the grassroots up to build enough power to become serious actors in the U.S. political economy and (s)electoral process.

Again, I apologize for personalizing my comments. It’s the Chicago Boy in me and the frustration of age – having spent a good deal of my life trying to help to make things better and having seen them deteriorate into what they are now. Failure aint all that great.


I also apologize. My writing style lends itself to misinterpretation. You are not the first on this site to take me to task.

I have been disappointed with some of Sanders votes on guns and armaments as well as the extensions of the wars of choice. We need leaders who aren’t worried about getting re-elected but instead do the right thing (they would find in the long run they would be rewarded for their “courage”).

I just hope there is time for grassroots organizing.

I think if you look inward (a thing you must do as you age) you will see no failings only hopes and aspirations.
PEACE from an old Boston Boy.


Thx for your generosity.



If we just took half the funds spent with defense contractors, health care “management” corporations, federally subsidized agribusinesses (instead of the farmers for which it was originally intended), government funded privatized/religious education institutions, and corporate welfare from federal, state and local governments we could put people to work fixing our crumbling infrastructure, ensuring health care for all, providing public transportation solutions, developing and deploying alternative energy solutions, educating our children and ourselves,taking care of our ever growing senior population and feeding/housing the poor.


Wow. I just love what I just witnessed between you and TomJohnson1. For those of us who are a bit long in the tooth but still feel a responsibility for the world around us these times are fraught with frustration and often despair. But we keep trying to effect the change to fulfill this nation’s promise of a government “for the greater good”. We put forth our ideas in the hope we can come together in some magic “aha” moment in which we unite to right wrongs that are snowballing faster than we can identify them. Thanks for recognizing that in each other and I hope the rest of us can follow your examples


Thank You


Bernie proposed cutting the defense budget in half in all of his campaigns up until about 2002 and proposed the complete elimination of nuclear weapons up until about the mid-90’s. Now he is at more like a 20% reduction.


The percentages are fine. The fact that he continues to support the F-35s and has been vigorous about supplementals and stating that U.S. military should always be number in the world power wise, etc., and has not called for de-funding Israel is not fine. Be real. Bernie remains a “left” imperialist married to Dem imperial policy.


My representative, a Democrat, voted NAY on these bills.
The Democrats are certainly not an antiwar party. Quite the contrary.


I thank you as well … understanding brings “solidarity”.


Agreed. The key differences between the make-up of the two big parties is in domestic policies. They have generally agreed on foreign policy issues for 50 years (there was a brief period of time in the late 60’s and early 70’s when the peace wing of the Democratic Party was substantial enough in size to be able to nominate McGovern and make a serious run at change).


“Don’t blame me, I’m from Massachusetts” I remember those days well … McGovern got Mass. and DC and that was it … Nixon later left office under a cloud of conspiracy … in disgrace. I think the key difference in those days was a media that still had morals - Eric Severeid, Walter Cronkite …former war correspondents . Vietnam was raging … we saw the carnage … today it is hidden from us.