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Sanders Top Aide Says Heads Should Roll for What Leaked DNC Emails Show


Sanders Top Aide Says Heads Should Roll for What Leaked DNC Emails Show

Jon Queally, staff writer

Party unity?"Everybody is disappointed that much of what we felt was happening at the DNC was in fact happening, that you had in this case a clear example of the DNC taking sides and looking to place negative information into the political process." —Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager


Debbie Wasserman Schultz...will not have a major speaking role in an effort "to keep the peace" in the party...

Baloney. The Dems are just trying to avoid a major embarrassment on national TV when she would be booed off the stage, as she deserves to be.


The Democrats really know how to put the mock in democracy.


It's clear that the DNC doesn't want Bernie or his supporters, and never has. Does anyone remember Rahm Emmanuel and his "fucking retards" comment? Now we get Kaine doubling down on TPP as a final action showing his loyalty to Team Hill. Why should the Berners stick around a Party in which they're obviously not wanted and so obviously disrespected?

In this election year when the populists are breaking up both of the establishment Money Parties (Romney, Jeb, et. al. are no-shows at the RNC), it's time for Berners to make their move. Leaving an abusive relationship isn't easy - especially when you can't clearly see a way forward.

The first necessary mental action is to Respect Yourself, and insist that others do, too. Stepping out the door becomes possible once you have that mental toughness.

We may not know where we are going, but we know what we don't want - more abuse from establishment politicians who use us for votes and then laugh in our face.

Respect Yourself!

The Staple Singers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oab4ZCfTbOI


I am furious that people aren't screaming for justice. Robert Reich was able to muster a weak "Wasserman-Shultz should be fired." Fired? This is massive election fraud and it's provable. There is a lawsuit already filed and served on the DNC and nobody mentions it. Why??? This isn't the first 20,000 emails released there were others already out that proved the same thing.
The convention should not happen. And where is the FEC or do we still have any laws left in this country that haven't been corrupted by entrenched power?
With all the illegalities flying around how can they continue to act as though this is just a witch hunt, like her private server and those damn emails?
Heads need to roll alright, starting with HRC. Enough is enough.


Little Debbie will not be punished. She was doing exactly as she was instructed, by Team Hillary, and their rich supporters. It won't be fixed. The New Republican Party wants power, and it doesn't care what it has to do to get it. We had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix all the horrible things wrong with our country, and these power-mongers and billionaires destroyed it. Hillary is not progressive, never was, and never will be. Kaine is firmly for the TPP. The New Republican Party is just as bad as the GOP, maybe even worse: at least we know the GOP is a bunch of backstabbing, conniving crooks. It took this election cycle to show many life-long Democrats how terrible their own political party is.

Bernie needs to rescind his endorsement of Clinton and join the Green party as that party's presidential nominee.


When accountability dies lawlessness grows.


Excellent point! Excellent! This demonstrates duplicity, collusion, dishonesty, favoritism, and rigging a system for a favored candidate for a determined outcome. If that's not fraud, what is? Quite frankly, if people want to vote for Trump as a show of anger or contempt for establishment politics, or rejection of Clinton, or a practical joke, or just not vote out of sheer disgust at this comic tragedy, let's not accuse them of helping Hitlary. Let's just call them fed up.


My very broke 19 year-old college-student daughter sent money she could hardly spare to the Bernie Sanders campaign. There were millions of other people of similarly modest means who were DEFRAUDED by this corrupt political party and its corporate media jackels and lackeys, to the tune of $200+ million dollars.

It's not good enough that a muzzle is being strapped on the ringleader of this outrageous public fraud. If Bernie Sanders gets up on that stage and blesses this wholly fraudulent process then he is every bit as corrupt as the rest of them.


So let's all teach our children to respect our institutions and participate in their democracy. Hmmn? What would be that message?

Don't drop out of the political process but get involved in your democracy. Heck we are just faking it anyway!

Sounds 'bout right.


Everything leading up to this convention is based on manipulation, fraud and lies. How can this "convention" possibly go on given the number of smoking guns revealed in these emails that prove HRC was the predetermined candidate?

AS IF it’s just Debbie Wasserman Shultz that is the problem!!! It’s the whole f----ing DNC committee!

A bit of research into the names of all those who make up the committee show the sordid ties between HRC and the DNC committee.

Just ONE example:

And, BTW (from Wiki page on DNC):
"When the president is a Democrat, the party generally works closely with the president."


The democratic (this word is a joke) national convention and this whole election is rife with fraud. The truth has been revealed thanks to Gucifer, Assange and the progressives who have been sounding the alarms re: the corrupt 2 party system for decades.

The republican national convention and the campaign of Trump (and those that preceded him) could be used a template for a course called FASCISM 101------ or we could write a book: Fascism for Idiots.

I'll close with an example of the epitome of arrogant pathological lying:

In April, when The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah interviewed Wasserman Schultz, she held fast to her claims of neutrality:

TREVOR NOAH: Many people feel Bernie is being cockblocked by the DNC. Is there any merit to this?

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: You know, as powerful as that makes me feel, I’m not doing a very good job of rigging the outcome, or… blocking anyone from being able to get their message out.


The timing of the most recent e-mail leak wasn't a coincidence. I'm hoping that the Wall Street transcripts will make an appearance this week and then you might just get your wish.


Remember when the Democratic Party objected to electoral fraud? Gosh, those were the days!


Perhaps Sanders is listening to Weaver? It's hard to imagine him embracing her candidacy in view of the revelations of the past few days... the ugliness of that prospect is turning my stomach.


The ring leaders are HRC, Bubba and all the big money behind them. Debbie is just another political whore who sells herself to who ever can meet her price. It's over and it's has been over for quite awhile in this country. Corruption won a long time ago and some of us are just realizing it now because we didn't want to see, didn't want to finally admit that America is a fraud and the torch bearer for fascism in the world.


DWS wants the Senate seat of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson in 2022. She needs Clintonista money, Obama money, etc. to do so. She is a " do anything, say anything, triangulate anything " lackey. Her AIPAC " long con " reveals where her true intentions lie. She is a " loan shark's wet dream " regarding banking and financial regulation. Her type of " realpolitik " is what's wrong with the Dims. There really is a banality of indifference in The First Circle of our Dims. Their brand is rotting our country like chicken spoils in a fly-infested outhouse in July. The inclusiveness ends with our vote every election. This latest leak doesn't tell us anything we don't already know about the DNC. Their Mafia Capitalism is just as bad as Trump's crooked and devious scamming. Don't be fooled. This country needs a brand new gov't. The 99s will be sacrificed on the altar of endless war, greed and profit for the simple goal of Corporate Empire. Enough is Enough. Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Vote Green.


My 18 year old as well. And she was excited about "joining in the political revolution" as per Sander's encouragement. (still has that damn "I voted" sticker in her room)

If he gets up on stage and blesses this process (now a PROVEN fraudulent process) as you suggest, what is that teaching the youth who he encouraged to participate?

This is abuse. It is abuse by the DNC and all involved with the DNC (the web of the DNC is far reaching) of power, control, privilege. I have taught my daughter that abuse is NEVER OK. Emotional abuse can be more difficult to deal with than physical abuse.

Talk about crazy making and the beginning of learned helplessness.
Sanders should know this. I thought he was beyond ego centered, ego and power driven politics. He will be asking the youth who supported him to now back a party based on lies and abuse of power.



Let's just wait and see what Bernie says at the convention before we condemn him. If he's still all in with the D's, then flail away, and I will be there with you. Until then, it is all idle speculation as to his mindset and motives.


Take it to the convention. Demands must be met or rescind Bernie's endorsement and WALK OUT with all those Bernie Delegates.


This election will be determined by Hillary's decisions not third party votes. Third party votes are the result of her decisions.