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Sanders Tops New CNN Poll in New Hampshire: Bernie Edges Warren as Biden Dives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/29/sanders-tops-new-cnn-poll-new-hampshire-bernie-edges-warren-biden-dives


ByeDone’s implosion possibly means this: Three 4th place (or worse) finishes prior to the South Carolina primary signals to older black voters that it’s time to jump ship on Uncle Joe.

And those voters won’t be switching to Mayor Pete Bog.

Also, did anyone else notice Liz slipping this month? Started strong, then the weasel words caught up…

But hey, it’s early and the polls are all over the place. Still, I’m sticking with the Byedone implosion I predicted – he’s a corporate tool just like Hillary.


While it’s nice to see the polls from N.H. going Bernie’s way, let me know how they look in the bigger, more diverse states.
I grow tired of the private “club” system run by the two private organizations, the democrats and republicans, starting their primary systems out in two states, NH, and Iowa, that are among the least diverse in the nation. Besides, we already know who the frightened old white people are going to vote for.


You might be correct. That black vote is not based on any deep faith, but just on their perception of who can knock out Donald Trump. If they see another candidate as stronger, they will slide right over.


It is.

US government, encouraged by the tepid response to its persecution of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, et al, has decided it can just arrest Blumenthal for any invented charge to stop his reporting.


Oh, you’ll see Amy K and Pete Bog well into primary season.

Pete Bog has the corporate money, Amy K has the 5th place showing in Iowa to keep them going.
Plus, centrist hopes spring eternal as ByeDone’s support collapses.


You’re correct about mayor Pete. Black primary voters in general are still stubbornly anti- LGBTQ. They are a problem for Bernie as well, as they really don’t seem to like Jews very much either.
The Democratic Party still seems to be trying to do the equivalent of herding cats as they enter another primary season, forever dealing with the infighting of its separate demographic groups. Hopefully they can manage to pull together blacks, Hispanics, women and LGBTQ groups into a cohesive voting block before next year, because I can guarantee that the frightened dumb old white people, poor people, racists, sexists, xenophobes, and Christian Nazis will all vote Trump once again.


Older black voters like his association with Obama, too.
But Obama hasn’t endorsed him.
Because Obama has learned what the stench of “loser” smells like.

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The 3rd Way Dem ‘leadership’ is already preparing for Status Quo Joe to fizzle out - As he ALWAYS does.


I fear that the DNC is about to cut ol Joe loose,
Hillary is currently beating her housekeeper with a riding crop as she tries to iron the wrinkles out of her white pant suit.


I announcement will come before thanksgiving. Hil the Shill will pick up Joes mantle and, with Liz Warren as her number 2, will enter this shit show.

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Bernie polls in second place after ByeDone among black voters and ahead of Uncle Joe among younger black voters. Bernie’s a ways back, but for the most part people are just starting to pay attention.

And you left a crucial component out of your Democratic coalition: young voters, noted for low turn out.
They don’t like Trump. They like Bernie.


That’ll be the end.
I hope you’re wrong


Wall street fav. Joe the “Senator from NBNA” is slipping in fundraising; that means the street no longer considers him investment grade-maybe a junk bond.


Leave it to the d-party to put their faith in two proven losers.


Well that, and you can count on Barry to sit on the fence until the post works it’s way up his ass.
Barry has got about as much accomplished in his retirement as he did in 8 years in DC. He’ll wait until the convention, and then endorse whoever wins, the chickenshit.


I pray I’m wrong, and I’m atheist.


This is a qualifiying poll.

It is big news for Tulsi Gabbard, who is conveniently left out of the reporting here. The cut off for discussion should be not ‘double digits’ but who does well enough to get another qualifying poll results.

Remember there are two stairways on polls here, actually for this metaphor one is more like an escalator. They need either 4 polls at least 3% or 2 polls at least 5%.

Of the rest of the candidates, there were many tied for 5th place with 5%- including Tulsi. She has risen in the polls after the whole Clinton thing and now is halfway up the escalator and halfway up the other staircase.

She needs only one more 5% poll to be in the next debate.

Of course if the media reported this, that she is doing better in polling, it would help her. But even supposedly leftist alt media like Common Dreams is ignoring it. Oh well.

But there’s more big news here concerning Tulsi. The plummeting of Kamala Harris continues as she dropped down even further. She got only 3%, down with Steyer, below Klobuchar and Yang, who were tied with Tulsi.

This should be headline news. The woman who attacked Tulsi as a fringe candidate and said that as a ‘top tier’ candidate she could dismiss Tulsi, is below her in the polls.

If you missed the embedded link the first sentence of the article- here’s a more obvious one that shows how Tulsi did:


Exactly so.
Anybody but Bernie - and the 99%


I strongly advise Tulsi to continue her back-and-forth with Mayor Pete Bog at the next debate.

He’s glib and well rehearsed but one trip up and he’ll start struggling and then fall back on platitudes.

The good news for Tulsi is that the field now looks to narrow before Iowa. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Beto, Booker, Steyer, and a few others bow out by then. They’re treading water, she’s gaining a bit of traction.