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Sanders Tops New CNN Poll in New Hampshire: Bernie Edges Warren as Biden Dives

Oh, I doubt that NYT is outright lying about the number of national campaign field offices, what I’m saying is that national campaign offices are only one aspect of a grassroots campaign and that state and local grass roots campaign offices are entirely separate critters from national campaign offices.

C’mon Common Dreams. All this fellatio of Sanders will just give you sore needs and sour grapes when Biden wins the nomination.

Polls often tend to be fickle snap shots, frequently with built in methodological biases due to how questions are asked and the audiences they purposely, or accidently, target.

New Hampshire (CNN): @BernieSanders in first place.

Iowa (NYT): Sanders in second place.

Nevada (CNN) Sanders tied for first.

California (KQED) Sanders in second.@BernieSanders seems to be surging.

If polls are fickle snapshots, stop linking them.

Just like those last two presidential nominations Uncle Joe won, right?

And the soon-to-be two non-nominations for Sanders

Let’s see who drops out first. I predict ByeDone by months.

I do consider polls to be fickle snapshots, which often fail to accurately capture even the instant and larger environment of the moment they memorialize. The most important aspect of polling to keep in mind, is that while they often have some relevance to the past instant they portray, they ultimately have very little predictive capacity regarding future opinions and outcomes, especially as the time frame grows from past instant into the future.

Have you noticed that none of the CNN headlines say Bernie leads the New Hampshire polls?


I wouldn’t expect anything less from CNN or MSNBC.