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Sanders: Trump Has 'No Legal Authority' to Bomb or Attack Syria


Sanders: Trump Has 'No Legal Authority' to Bomb or Attack Syria

Jon Queally, staff writer

With expectations high that President Donald Trump will order airstrikes or a bombing campaign against Syria at any time, Sen. Bernie Sanders declared Wednesday afternoon that the president has "no legal authority" to directly target the government or military forces of Syria—a sovereign nation.


While it’s wonderful to hear Bernie speak on this issue, it will have zero impact on any decisions made by Trump.

On the other hand, a toxic cocktail of Diet Coke and Fox & Friends will steer the stumblings and fumblings that now constitute administration policy.


Sorry Bernie but many US presidents are actually criminals. War criminals and torturers. All that illegal. So how many were held accountable for their crimes? You as a senator know that the leaders of our country are in fact criminals and the majority of them do not have a moral thread to dress themselves. Emperors without clothes. Asshats without heads for brains.

Where were you and our famed government during the presidency of the idiot Bush? SO STFU.



Trump never wanted a single Syrian refugee to come to America.

He doesn’t give a shit about Syrian people.

He just wants to change the narrative, and bombing Syria does that.


Any military action taken without congressional approval, lawmakers argued, would be an “unconstitutional” violation. (From the article)

Any military action taken would be a violation. (Wingsofadove)


What he says should be said, but I’d add that Congress neither has the authority to unilaterally attack a sovereign country, which is unconstitutional because we signed the UN Charter. I know most politicians are nationalists and could care less about the rule of law if it restrains US power, but that is the law as it stands. The charter clearly states wars can only be fought by Security Counsel resolution or in imminent self-defense.


Demand Resignations!

Proclaim “No Confidence.”


If we don’t have time to wait for an investigation into the alleged chemical attack then could the world just stop or an hour for so and watch the original version of LORD OF THE FLIES



Well said. And Bernie! When you say that Congress must not abdicate it’s Constitutional authority to declare wars, that statement sir,would be laughable if it was not so outrageous!
Congress abdicated their Constitutional authority to declare wars a long,long, time ago!


Congress would vote near unanimously to back the warmongering. The people’s opinion simply does not matter anymore. Millions of opposing protesters in the streets would bring the war upon themselves. Nothing has changed or will change. The people have been rendered powerless. Tell me how I’m wrong.


There was no legal authority to torture people, that hardly proved a deterrent (after WW II, the US executed Japanese officers that had used waterboarding as it was considered torture). The Kellog-Briand pact outlaws war and the US is a signatory and as such it is the law of the land in the US. George W Bush broke the law with his wars of aggressions in Afghanistan and Iraq…no consequences for him. Laws are only meaningful when you live in a country that has ‘the rule of law’. Good thing we don’t live in some shithole country.


Watch Drumpf’s approval ratings go up as ‘progressives’ across the board applaud his assertive decision making in America’s never-ending quest to bring humanity, justice and freedom to oppressed people everywhere. Just watch.


What did Syria do to the USA? Nada. Other than aid- the USA has no right to go there ( as usual). The USA seems to be looking more and more like its enemies.


When I say enemies- it any government that the USA calls powered by terrorists.


Yes. And where was the accountability? Corporations as people??


Remember Libya? Did Obama get congressional approval? Nope.


Who mostly funds the UN? Aha!


Sorry but Bernie is right. Presidents are not supposed to be unilaterally going to war. They are required constitutionally to go to congress to get a vote. It is true we have a dirty rotten history of presidents usurping that power to engage in wars all over the planet, backed up by our “intel spooks” all over the planet. Which is exactly why we have a national debt that is over 20 trillion dollars. Trump is far worse than Dubya Bush. If he wants to put us into another Mid East war he needs to be impeached out of office. I’ll furnish the rotten peaches.


This Duopoly government is all about profiting from interactions with its enemies.