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Sanders: Trump's HHS Pick Proves He Was 'Never Serious' About Taking on Big Pharma


Sanders: Trump's HHS Pick Proves He Was 'Never Serious' About Taking on Big Pharma

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"At a time when the United States pays, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, the last thing we need is to put a pharmaceutical executive in charge."


Trump was never serious about many things he said. Marco Rubio nailed it in the Republican primary when he kept repeating thatTrump was a scam artist. The American people voted a scam artist for president. That is what we have to live with. Trump was serious about all the white supremacist stuff and in his speeches reminiscent of Mussolini he wasn’t just pretending to be a fascist. He is the real thing. All the white nationalists out there, and apparently there are quite a few of them, can be content that for their concerns Trump was actually being honest for the most part.


We can see how the trump regime is destroying regulatory agencies across the board and this nomination is representative of trumps agenda to destroy what others have built - even if those gains have been timid and hald-done.

we must remember that in the last prez election, HRC took/received more campaign-contribution bribes from Big-Pharma (mostly top execs) than all the 15 R’Con candidates combined! Corporate subversion of our government runs across party lines.The campaign bribes are paid-for by ripping-off patients needing critical medications (some of which may even work rather than poison/kill people)

What we need is to get big-money from ALL sources OUT of our electoral processes (right, when pigs fly), drastically reduce the time of electioneering, and increase the truthful, fully informing the electorate on issues, and demanding free air-time (there OUR air-waves aren’t they?!) and having more real debates…don’t hold your breath…


Much (not all) of the medical-industrial complex is a conspiracy between profit-motive based “economics” and public policy. When Walgreens and CVS occupy across-the-corner lots, the message is “you need drugs”. The glow box is full of that same message. Media-induced hypochondria is rampant in the US. Yes, there are “miracles” of modern medicine, but there is also a hell of a lot of good old fashioned chicanery. Profit-driven health care is an oxymoron. Profit-driven sickness maintenance is a veritable gold mine. The complicit “f-word” (food) stands right alongside this madness in one great human (and planetary) tragedy. Bernie Sanders is the politician who gets to the core the best on these matters. Go Bernie!


Our chickenhawk POTUS may not realize that he is one of nature’s instruments for killing off our excess population. But the oligarchy knows that with conservatives in charge of the killing, they should survive a predictable biospheric holocaust.

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