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Sanders Unveils Plan to End Cash Bail, Ban Private Prisons, and 'Fundamentally Transform' US Criminal Justice System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/18/sanders-unveils-plan-end-cash-bail-ban-private-prisons-and-fundamentally-transform


Tom Perez and Haim Saban just shit themselves again.
While the core of the Democratic Party apparatus is still pro death penalty, crime and punishment, fear and loathing, etc, one of their major candidates wants to, quite literally, eviscerate Joe Biden’s claims to fame. That’s right kiddies, while Joe still wants prisons filled with none violent mostly black drug offenders that can’t make bail, Bernie wants to decriminalize weed and pull the plug on ol Joe’s private prison racket.
It will be interesting to see the response of the other candidates now that Bernie once again beat them to the punch.


you could probably add Harris to that


This may help Sanders in the primary, If he can get any exposure in the news that is.


Oh yeah, Harris is just Barack Obama in a pant suit ( one covered in corporate logos, like a race car)


Bernie continues to “lead the pack” on policy while still trailing Biden whose only “policy” seems to be: Stay the course to destruction of what is left of “We the People” and political sanity. Polls are just another arm of the corporate media propaganda machine.


This is, needless to say, the best reform proposal out there, and the least mealy mouthed. Not quite abolitionism, but a great start.


Yes, no doubt about it. Carlmarks: WELCOME ABOARD!


Thank you! Glad to be here among friends and (mostly) awake and aware posters.


Elizabeth Warren was doing the right thing in putting together plans, ahead of time, plans that anyone could examine. Bernie Sanders is now doing the same thing, and he is correct.

Private prisons torture people, and then they get out, and then tortured people often as not wind up back in prison because they can’t cope, and that’s one reason we’re paying $50 billion per year in our tax money for American prisons. U.S. public prisons are at least 20% less idiotic in their approach to helping with society’s goals. All other countries, even some of the developing countries, are absolute geniuses compared to the U.S.

Cash bail is a racket designed to fork money over to bail bond companies and make them rich. Any sane judge would ask many defendants for personal recognizance, and if the defendant doesn’t make her court date she has to pay extra soon afterwards.

Statisticians will tell you that “same name” and “same face” mistakes are mathematically common. For example, an IRA soldier named Ted Kennedy was put on a no-fly list. Senator Ted Kennedy was kept off of a plane from Boston to D.C. because his name was found on the no-fly list.

In another mistaken name case, an eyewitness identified Charles Smith from a book of mug shots. The police then arrested Charles A. Smith, a local engineering student, and they found a gun and a ski mask. In court, the witness pointed out Charles Smith, a 45 year old bald guy with a long rap sheet. However, because the police had found the gun and ski mask, Charles A. Smith was convicted in court. We can’t afford this railroading any more.

Project Innocence reports massive numbers of wrongful death penalty sentences. The bigger the crime, the more likely our system will bag an innocent person. Gitmo was filled with innocent patsies and very few actual Al Qaeda members.

Pot is being fought tooth and nail, and not for logical reasons.

We need to carefully delineate between addiction and reforming criminal behavior, recognizing that some people fall into both categories. For example, Carrie Fisher was certain that the Donald was on powdered cocaine during each debate.

We also need to stop bargaining “10% guilty” down to “therefore you must serve 10% of the maximum sentence, or else we’ll roll the dice big on you.” This is a gross abrogation of our community’s covenant, which says that we would rather release 99 guilty people than persecute 1 innocent person.


Bernie Sanders would rather have the support ( endorsement ) of the union nurses than the prison guard unions. Joe Biden, not so much.
Bernie Sanders would rather have the support of entrepreneurs who are creating new markets and jobs in the agricultural hemp, CBD & THC emerging markets in the healing sciences. Joe Biden, not nearly so much.
Bernie Sanders would rather have the support of those who believe in expanded community based healthcare, including mental health services. Joe Biden, not so much.
Bernie Sanders…well, do you see a general pattern emerge here?
" They have the money but we have the people. "
Sen. Bernie Sanders


Sign on if you agree


Bernie has had plans for this and many other things for decades.
Dont make is sound as though Bernie is playing catch up with Warren. On most important issues, everyone else is playing catch up with Bernie.


We had trumpenstein promise to MAGA in many different ways. It is now clear that most of that gaggling accept for a misdelivered tax cut, was pure bovine scatology.

If the country is truly ready for major changes to make America better, Bernie is the real deal. Unlike trump who is fake news.


gandolf -" If the country is truly ready for major changes…"

And this is the key - communicating the message will be the difficult part.

I have blinders on - I will just vote for Sanders and hope for some reversal of status quo.

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Unfortunately, it seems to me, much of the country is too easily propagandized by their addiction to corporate media to help those of us awake make those major changes. I am at a loss as how to reach the “critical-thinking deprived”.


Done old goat … Bernie is real - it’s now or never


You’re right, it may be a bridge too far see the America we were believing in as children and young adults in the middle of the last century. The informative years for many that post here.
War is another thing that has haunted us ever since. Our personal efforts from here on out may be the difference in what kind of country we have in just a few years down the road.
There are too many things to fix to allow a trump into the china shop.


Let’s remember that Bernie is not in it for his ego OR the money. He’s in it to get results for us regardless of whether or not he gets the credit!

> “Bernie Sanders passed more roll call amendments in a Republican Congress than any other member.”
> Bernie Sanders was the roll call amendment king from 1995 to 2007

When someone tells you that Bernie has never done anything - ram THIS down their throats


It will be interesting to see the reaction of what is called The Black Misleadership Class, of which Kamela Harris is a member.
These are the people who have pushed the large black vote in primaries into the right wing column. Without the support of political bosses, Biden is nothing-a greasy, empty vessel without charisma or sincerity.