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Sanders Unveils Plan to Wipe Out All Medical Debt in US, Declaring, 'The Very Concept Should Not Exist'

Let’s think about Great Thunberg as this example then and realize the need to heal both the eco-systems and our own internal eco-systems. Both have been ravaged by the same system of exploitation and the harm they have and continue to do.


…and both of these talking heads are very well paid to do the slandering…

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Go Bernie go, acing it again. Thank you Senator from Vermont.

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Boo goo quit crying and do something about it

As usual they are trying push Bernie out of the race.

He is the Man with the ideas and he is the Man who can truly Make America Great, with his Progressive Ideas.

Liz the “Capitalist” is untrustworthy. Anyone who was a Republican until age 40 deserves close scrutiny.

The Republican Party was still filled with Bigots and Anti-Union Wall Street Puppets when she considered herself a Republican?

What caused her Epiphany?

Bernie has been an Idealist Humanitarian all his life.

BERNIE SANDERS - 2020 - or become an Ex-patriot.

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According to some of the Bernie Delegates that attended the Democratic CON/ VENTION IN PHILLY, Bernie was somehow intimidated. Only anecdotal evidence, but it would not surprise me if true!

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You are right I believe. It only takes one opposing speech or a couple of flyers to influence a large portion of the electorate. We buy our toilet paper and Tide that way too.
But if Sanders gets too bold people will continue the bit about Bernie being too far out there and his stuff will not fly. A tough one to fight against, especially with all the money that will be spent to trash him.

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I’m sure he was threatened with loss of all of his committee assignments, and having a primary challenger in 2018 if he didn’t roll over and play dead. And he wanted to live to fight another day.


Your answer makes sense…thanks.

hell, I worked a temp gig for Experian a decade ago and I’ll be the first to tell you that company needs to be abolished. They were monsters.


So would anybody be worried about the cost of health care who has personally endured its current expense. We have been warned. Only shared risk can save us from the rapacious system that now exists. Each of us bears with the Damocles Sword of expensive healthcare consequent to accident or illness. Having been lucky so far does nothing to save you in your future.

Darn socialists. Trying to save us from capitalism. Some like to be overcharged and under-served. We should reserve a special place for them. Oh, there already is a place mentioned in the scriptures.

Dude, Sanders would be attacked even if he served up watered down placeholder legislation like the rest of the Dems do. Hell, Joe Dyedone is called a socialist by FoxNews and Trump.

The moral of the story: big problems demand big solutions.