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Sanders Viewed as Best Candidate to Beat Trump by Democrats and Independents Who Watched Latest Debates: Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/28/sanders-viewed-best-candidate-beat-trump-democrats-and-independents-who-watched

3:00 CST
Just finished watched Bernie Sanders in a live speech from Finlay park in Columbia Sc on C span, and what I’ve been saying like fucking forever (I’m 73 and been watching Sanders since the 80’s),

“Bernie Sanders, the real deal”


I’m 73 and felt the same way about Ralph Nader!


Just turned 63 and Bernie 2020 !! Feelin the Bern we have the momentum and I think Bernie wins South Carolina and crushes Super Tuesday to the dismay of the establishment. Chris Mathews will be seen wondering around Central Park and Nicole Wallace’s panties will be in a bunch. Just sayin.

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Yes, Ralph Nader is a TRUE American patriot.