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Sanders Vows, If Elected, to Pursue Criminal Charges Against Fossil Fuel CEOs for Knowingly 'Destroying the Planet'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/20/sanders-vows-if-elected-pursue-criminal-charges-against-fossil-fuel-ceos-knowingly


Holding Big Oil accountable for their actions could catch on.


Too little too late Bernie. While your ideas are clearly the best of all the candidates, the bottom line is this. The DNC has already sent out the letters to the super delegates. They are, under no circumstances, to support you or your agenda. Biden is to be the nominee, and if he completely shits himself before Iowa, then Warren (now that she has made a back room deal with the clintonites) is their fallback chick.
The democratic establishment fears a repeat of 1968 so much that they are literally repeating 1968. They are ignoring their liberal populist base in the name of Order, and of course their largest corporate donors. In 68, after Bobby was killed, the party forced the helpless pro war corporate men Humphrey and Muskie down the voters throats. They lost to the worst politician of his era, Nixon. It appears 2020 is hurtling toward the same end, as the democrats appear to be doing anything they can to lose to the worst politician of this era.
The time has come for Bernie to run as an independent, and completely screw up our electoral process. It’s the only way we will learn.


Criminally, accountable…


You go Bernie!! … Oh yeah!.. Sock it to 'em!!..…Bernie Sanders for President 2020!!



Now, how might his supporters convince him to run as an independent?

Is Bernie open to the idea? What are his thoughts on this? It’s time for someone to ask him.


No more Golden Parachutes, just 9X12 cells.


I’m in oil city Canada (Calgary), and soon going down to the climate strike at City Hall, where rallies for the Trans Mountain pipeline were held not that long ago.

It is all feeling very surreal.

I first came to Calgary from Montreal and McGill University to work for Texaco as a summer student in 1970, and later, spent eighteen years in the western Canadian oilpatch.

Now here I am, after fourteen years as an environmentalist, striking for the climate, with my wife and fourteen year old son.

I know the science - it’s still surreal.

The ice ship Globalstern is heading out to become embedded in the Arctic Sea Ice now - the biggest Arctic Mission ever - a year in the ice - Nansen would be proud I think ~

Everywhere scientists are turning their attention to the multi-faceted beast we have created, and which now threatens us all. It is hard to grasp in truth - like living in a nightmare.

Climate change: Arctic expedition to drift in sea-ice for a year By Jonathan Amos

PS: When I met my son after his day at senior high yesterday, he informed me that there was no school today (Friday) - totally unexpected. I wonder how many parents, like me, sent emails to the Board of Education advocating for lenience if the students took the day off for this world rally?

PS #2: There were hardly any birds down at the Glenmore Reservoir this year, and I’ve been going there for decades. Then that story came out the other day about the worldwide bird decline, and all became clearer, if that’s any comfort. Plastics in the water - everywhere, uranium in India’s groundwater, hexavalent chromium in other places - and on and on ad infinitum.

This is much bigger than oil I’m afraid.

PS #3: According to an article in the new special issue of American Scientist - on WATER - there are no ‘long’ (1000 km) free flowing rivers left in North America - NONE.

We thought hydropower was an environmentally sound option - Wrong - AGAIN.


Super Delegates: At this point in the process, the names on the ‘super delegate letters’ are only vaguely known. We know about state level DNC lackeys but the far majority of the names are never revealed. Soon we will hear 1587 ~ super delegates have declared for Biden. Note this does not violate their fake agreement to withhold their vote until the second round at the DNC convention to anoint their candidate. Problem is: You will never know who. The DNC, a private 501c non profit corporation, has clearly told so called Democrats ‘we own the process and we will determine our candidate’… from the mouth of DNC lawyer and approved by a Florida judge. Would you buy a used car from these scumbags?


Sanders drew a comparison between the production of fossil fuels amid the climate crisis to the mass production of addictive opioids, which sparked a deadly nationwide epidemic

That our home planet is ill, that her eco-systems are ill as the internal eco-systems of so many of us are ill point to “civilization”–ours as a technological civilization in particular with its massive stresses and fueled by an economic system out of touch with Reality, exploiting people and nature wontonly to enrich a tiny minority–as the disease. Fundamental in all this is the notion that we are seperate and denial of cause and effect.


Bernie is a study in contrasts.

He’s clearly proposing the most far-reaching, comprehensive, and (relatively) radical policies compared to the rest of the d-party field – being associated by the media with Warren is contemptible malpractice.

Yet he clings to stodgy, centrist d-party electoral infrastructure which has crushed him the past, gone on to use him as a fund-raising tool, and is now poised to crush him again – if people think Bernie’s promise to sue Big Oil has fossil fuel execs scared, the DNC establishment is even more frightened because Bernie is the second choice of ByeDone’s supporters.

My sense is that if the DNC employs shenanigans to undermine Bernie – and so far the DNC hasn’t played too dirty, but it’s early – the drop off in voting by the young left will morph from myth to self-fulfilling prophecy.


I’m reading his book now. He is self-sacrificing for what he calls ‘the movement’. He, above all people, knows how old he is - it all makes sense now.


Have to say I agree, reluctantly. The only way to get his program into the DNC platform is to run independently, forcing them to make a coalition w him in order to govern. Something like a European model. Course, the agreement would have to be enforceable.

Maybe that wouldn’t actually work? Regardless, I say run as an independent (because your prediction will probably come true) and just break the system. His legacy would be to finally establish a third party w a leader and w a record of “success”. Not to win perhaps, but It’s the long range view is worth considering.


The tobacco “industry” lied, hid evidence, and deceived the public to push & sell their poisons, and millions suffered, became terminally ill and died to make the few rich. Eventually the Congress of the time was pressured to take action, passed legislation and states “pursued charges” against big-tobacco for the untold billions they stole form our society, increased health-care costs, and lives taken - stolen - prematurely!

The only difference between yesterday’s big-tobacco and today’s big-oil is the planet-wide enormity of the oil-conglomerate’s crime and the utter lack of integrity and concern for the Common Good by today’s corrupted Congress and politics dominated by wealth, not science!

Add to that the active participation by trump and his corrupt regime to the planetary crime by Big-Oil that threatens all the world!

The trump regime are knowing co-conspirators, participants-in, and complicit-to criminally negligent big-oil - the cheerleaders in a supremely-ignorant and crime of unparalleled proportions. The trump regime has actively hidden, silenced, deceived, and empowered big-oil and MMGH in so many ways they now bear full responsibility for the enormous consequences!
All the trump regimes actions to increase oil/gas extraction, consumption, “rolling-back” protections for the public health and safety, make them complicit - even the rather timid attempts to reign-in pollution and other sources contributing to Global Man-Made Heating by the trump regime are a huge part of the crime!

The terminally corrupt and insane president and his cohort tools of “growth” and polluting exploitation by private interests threaten all humanity as well as ALL life on Earth!.

RESIST! STRIKE! ACT! Protect our Mother, Gaia, NOT profits above all else in this Vulture Capitalist criminal enterprise they are controlling!!


Big Tobacco paid out a goodly sum, put a label on the package and continues … world wide.
I can visualize it now: Pumping gasoline into my car and notice the sticker: Hydrocarbons Are Leading To Extinction Of All Life Forms. Please Pay At The Pump Or Inside.


Good one smerl.

You can’t prosecute someone under non-existent laws. How is he going to do this? There are no laws out there that say you can’t drill for oil and sell it.

We need to start making examples of treacherous CEO’s.

Child psychology 101:
If there are no consequences for a behavior, there is no reason to change the behavior


Big tobacco also lied to congress about the effects of smoking. Don’t remember if they were under oath or not. But they got away with it.


Al Capone was taken down on tax evasion.

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