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Sanders Vows, If Elected, to Pursue Criminal Charges Against Fossil Fuel CEOs for Knowingly 'Destroying the Planet'

All these farmers who are losing their farms due to Trump’s trade war could
start growing hemp instead of soy beans.

I read a study not too long ago that showed today’s children have plastic
in their bodies.

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With the rush of the GOP and their evangelical base to create a theocratic country
I have a real problem with “religious rights”. Religious rights for some seems to mean
taking the rights away from others.

In fact scientists are finding that micro plastics are now in the very rain that falls.

Virtually all religions mandate “spreading the word” and converting others to their faith.

Hi flanigan2:
Maybe this should become a Supreme Court case-----as the First Amendment does not state a specific religion—as I understand it, it protects all religions—unless of course you are GW Bush and Cheney et al who got away with murder. : (

Bernie Sanders could stop using his imported sports car. Political Fossils don’t kill, political action figures do!

This is idiotic, we are all complacent in this, we all use fossil fuels. Point the finger at yourself, your parents, your grandparents, we are all responsible. How about he actually does something helpful, and uses his celebrity and influence to lobby for change instead, makes a plan, and looks to how he can influence industry to invest in ecologically friendly development? This is what will actually make a difference, cooperation, and investment in what will make a difference. Penalties, and lining the government coffers will not make a difference. Like, what everyone should be doing. Lets build a future, not destroy our present foundations, based on radio al ridiculous premises. That is the fastest route to change.