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Sanders Vows Nationwide Ban on 'Disastrous' Fracking


Sanders Vows Nationwide Ban on 'Disastrous' Fracking

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

On the campaign trail in California, Bernie Sanders hit the White House and his presidential rival Hillary Clinton over their stances on fracking, telling reporters this week that opening up Pacific waters to oil and gas extraction would be "disastrous."


Good Start:
1- Impose a National Ban on Fracking.
2- Then Impose a National Ban on New Nuclear Power Plants.
3- Then Impose a National Ban on any Nuclear Power Plants that are more than 20 years old.
4- Then impose a National Ban old Coal plants.


And what are Hillary's positions on this issue?
Let's see:
Fracking: Resounding Yes
GMOs: Resounding Yes
NAFTA: Resounding Yes
TPP: Resounding Yes .... no make that Maybe No (at least until she is elected President)
Endless War: Resounding Yes

So tell me again why we should vote for Hillary.
Oh Yes.
Donald Trump is a bad man.


I'm reminded of one debate exchange between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders. Secretary Clinton enumerated a laundry list of exceptions to allow fracking that took about three minutes. When she finally stopped qualifying her support for fracking, Senator Sanders said, "My answer's a lot shorter. I'm against it."



Hashtag: :" Bern That Witch " ; )


So, if there is a nationwide ban on fracking the first question how do you replace the natural gas. About two-thirds of natural gas comes from fracking and about a third of electricity is generated by burning natural gas. And natural gas plays a big role in heating. So what we do, shut off the lights and turn off the computers? Buy more sweaters? What's the plan?


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The first part of any plan is to not allow the fossil fuel industries to dictate policy to our government, including writing legislation. They have been blocking the research and development of clean alternatives for years and are actively fighting against any legislation at any level that would begin to wean us off of fossil fuels.


Thanks for the post Cookies...that is absolutely priceless!!


Everybody forgets the Santa Barbera Oil Spill that still turns people into "tar-heels".

Are sticky oil-laden LA beaches a result of that? Nobody could tell me for sure. I'd ask them why my feet are covered in black blobs on the bottom, and they'd say:

"That's LA"


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Ever heard of solar and wind?
35 states have sufficient on-shore wind power resources at 110-meter turbine hub heights to meet 100% of their electricity consumption on an annual basis. This is in addition to the rooftop solar potential above and does not include substantial and as yet untapped offshore resources off the Eastern Seaboard.

And I'm not sure sweaters go well with your Mao pj's Hillary.


I'm listening right now to Bernie's press conference in Modesto calling for a nationwide ban on fracking. In contrast, Hillary Clinton is giving a 'national security' press conference in San Diego, something about which she has all the experience but no understanding. There is no national security issue I know of that she was shown to be on the side of wisdom.

Bernie had me at the first debate last year when he correctly identified global warming as the greatest security threat to the U.S. and the world. This is the leader we have been waiting for; one whom we can trust to be on the right side of wisdom before history tells us what that is.


That's the least that's necessary and "thank you, Bernie!" --
We also need these corporations who are proposing these outrageous schemes
to be put back in the box.


We have had plenty of time for a plan. So what is your proposal? Fuck the future generations so some lame politician can whow the gas/oil industry and stay in office? We see that here in Colorado with our fracking fluid, mine waste drinking democrat Gov John Hickenlooper and his side kick in crime US Senator Michael Bennet. By the way, I am a Democrat. These guys need to go.


I can't believe this article has omitted a big chunk of information! According to Josh Fox and an HBO feature coming up in late June, Hillary Clinton plans to build 300 fracked-natural gas generators in the US so that we will be married to fracking for the next century. She thinks this is a transition fuel.
Smarter and more adept at evil than Trump folks.
Bernie or Else...the ground water will be fucked along with the climate.
I'm thirsty already...


When will you anti-GMO lunatics understand that unless you eat wild game and wild fruits, nuts and berries, you are eating genetically-modified food. If you are a diabetic, you purchase insulin that is produced by genetically-modified bacteria.

All domestic plant and animal species humans depend on are GMO's. The domestic dog is a genetically modified wolf. Do you want all those dog lovers to give up their pets because they are GMO's?

Humans have unwittingly produced genetically-modified bacteria that are antibiotic resistant because doctors over-prescribe penicillin. This is obviously a bad thing. But domesticating plant and animal species for sources of food is what has allowed our population to increase to 7 billion. What do you think would happen to the human population if you eliminated all those GMO's we depend on as a source of food?


Unfortunately, the sun shines only during the day and the wind does not blow 24/7. Battery technology to store excess energy for use at night and when it is calm is not that great. This means you have to have a source of backup power that either comes from burning fossil fuels or from the nucleus of uranium atoms.

Nebraska is a very windy state. Yet, there is not much economic incentive to build wind turbines because we have public power, meaning you can't get the federal subsidies private power companies get to switch to wind/solar energy to generate electricity. In addition, burning cheap Wyoming coal keeps our electric rates lower than they would be if we stopped burning coal and used nothing but wind and solar energy to generate electricity.


Hillary seems to think that she deserves the support of Bernie's supporters if she "wins" the nomination. Bernie has made it clear to her that if she wants our support, she has to deserve it and work for it. Her recent behavior, vetoing one of Bernie's nominees to the board that writes the party platform because she was associated with labor, is not the way Hillary is going to make progressives happy with her. All but excluding labor from any input to the platform is no way to make anyone happy, least of all people who work for a living.

It seems that Hillary goes out of her way to make herself unloved. I don't know if she is just stupid or if she is so arrogant that she expects everyone else to kowtow to her Royal Majesty and can't understand why anyone would not agree. First Anne Romney and now Hillary Clinton..


Investment in renewable energy would be a start. The sun and the wind and the waves are not going to go away because they are not finite. Fossil fuels are and using them only delays the inevitable so why not get started on the alternatives NOW.