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Sanders Vows to Ban 'Disastrous' Anti-Labor 'Right-to-Work' Laws

Sanders Vows to Ban 'Disastrous' Anti-Labor 'Right-to-Work' Laws

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday told a gathering of union machinists that as president he would keep states from undermining their rights by pushing for a federal ban on so-called "right-to-work" laws.


Why is Sanders the only DEM nominee who is not afraid to stand and fight for and with unions? Hmm don’t remember Obama or Hillary doing this.


Good question- it’s because Shillary and Obomba are Wall Street lackeys.


and its why the corporate dems will lost to trump again… Joe Biden … right


Can you name any Democrat who has not strongly opposed “right to work” legislation in any state? What is it about being a powerless legislative minority don’t you understand?


Yes, because Trump a Champion of Working-Class Solidarity!

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We have to raise the minimum wage to at least a "livable wage BUT my opinion we have to liberalize the labor laws. With strong unionization (and it was only about 35% at it’s strongest point) the wealth gap was a hell of a lot smaller than it is now. I believe if you want to address this as quickly as possible, make it easy to join and form unions. Bring back the middle class, UNION YES!!!


Can’t stand him. Another Wall Street lackey, but dumb too boot.

Neither side wants to “bring back” the middle class. That’s why WTO, jobs being outsourced etc is so hot.

They live in the ivory tower, and at the source are phonies.

During his 2008 campaign Obama promised to march with the unions, when Scott Walker busted unions in Wisconsin shortly thereafter, Obama stayed as far away from Wisconsin as he possibly could to assure that the Democrats’ corporate money addiction would continue to be fed.

Its not just right to work states that allow workers to opt out of paying union dues while getting all the union benefits. I live hundreds of miles from the nearest right to work state and my neighbor showed me a copy of his recently ratified collective bargaining agreement that contains an amendment allowing opt out that was apparently mandated by some recent federal legislation.


Bernie is correct on another issue, and his vision for a better America with stronger labor legislation is much appreciated.
Teamsters Local 120


The right to work for less.

I don’t get these anti-union types who argue that an individual person is supposed negotiate a fair wage, safe working conditions, and benefits… with a corporation!


They’re not. They’re supposed to sing, in harmony, 16 Tons by " Tennessee " Ernie Ford.


That’s a good idea. Obama promised to join picket lines in comfortable shoes, and a lot of folks were fooled by that. Democrats make a lot of hay while never actually supporting Labor. Bernie seems genuine, but the Democrat party WILL let you down, it’s what they’ve always done in the end.


Don’t trust Bernie, because Forced Unionism is 100% anti-worker and passing a national Right-To-Work law is 100% pro-worker since it protects the right for workers to voluntarily join a labor union if desired while also making Forced Unionism illegal.

Resist Socialism!

What is it about being a powerless legislative minority don’t you understand?

The Corporate Leadership of the Dem Party has chosen to be a “powerless minority”
while the right wing GOP rose on that same kind of power.

When the opposition uses all available power, plus violence –
and where leadership of the Dem Party was in corporate hands the gun was loaded
to destroy any democratic legislation to benefit the people – and especially labor.

The more corporate money the DP demanded their members take the more sided
with corporate power the party became.

Koch Bros./John Birch Society funded the DLC - Democratic Leadership Council –
along with other large corporations and recruited Bill Clinton and other Southern
Democrats to found the DLC to move the Dem Party to the right where they would
reflect increasing corporate interest rather than serve the needs of the people/nation.
Koch representatives and representatives of these large corporations served on the
DLC Executive Board – Joe Liebermann was Chair of the Exec. Board.
And thus the Democratic Party became an official branch of the GOP.


Uhhhhh, WHAT???


Sanders can say what he wants, but unless 1) the Senate is Democratic and 2) the filibuster goes down, this is just campaign talk (which is fine). The idea Mitch McConnell cares what Sanders thinks, or the current Senate would be responsive, is laughable.

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