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Sanders Vows to Create National Clean Drinking Water Standards to End Corporate Contamination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/31/sanders-vows-create-national-clean-drinking-water-standards-end-corporate

There are existing laws to provide clean water. In January 2021 when you are sworn in as POTUS, hold up your right hand: 'I swear to uphold and enforce the laws of the United States Of America so help me … then do it!

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Corporations are baby people without bowel control.

Every corporation polluting air, water or soil should have a mother instead of ceo.


It has gotten to the point where I almost don’t listen to Bernie because I know he going to say the right thing–I don’t need to listen to him, I need to listen carefully to the others and then compare their words against their records. As an environmental hydrologist I can verify that Bernie sure has this one right.
BERNIE 2020!


Mutant Trumpanzees thrive on contaminated water. Only reason I can think of why they would support some schmuck that wants to gut existing clean water standards.

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Earth First


Every corporation doing what you’ve stated IS a mother…a mother, you-know-what…

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I’m with you Bernie, 1000%. We’re in a fight for the survival of earth, and this is no time for wishy-washy candidates. So give 'em hell, Mr. Sanders

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You made me laugh, vaquero!

Maybe because I was once a vaquero, too.

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If Bernie get elected, he will have quite a fight on his hands, as both parties are sucking the Corpropigs teats.

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How about just fixing Flint?

There are lots of Flints. Flint is just the poster child. And let’s not avoid looking at the pollution American countries cause abroad.

New Mexico, I stayed in a campground abutting the Gila National Monument Park. The deer were sickly. My landlord’s dog wouldn’t drink the water from the stream. Copper mines.

And in addition some of these laws (and standards) are federal, e.g. https://www.epa.gov/dwstandardsregulations.

So I would agree that for Bernie to say:

“Not only will we support state efforts to enforce stronger clean water laws, we are going to create federal clean water standards that force these companies to clean up their mess.”.

doesn’t seem accurate. What he should have said is:

(made up quote) we are going to strengthen standards where they exist and add new standards as needed in order to guarantee every person in the US has clean water which I believe is a human right.

Or am I missing something?

This river in Mexico has as a contributing polluter Celanese Company of Texas.
The worst part about sending American companies overseas is that the pollution restrictions are likely to be even more lax.
In a magical world all of the countries make laws to protect climate and environment. :slight_smile: