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Sanders Vows To Kill TPP If Elected. Will Clinton?


Sanders Vows To Kill TPP If Elected. Will Clinton?

Dave Johnson

As the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free-trade” agreement was signed in New Zealand by representatives of the 12 participating countries, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders strongly voiced his opposition and committed to doing what he can to kill the deal if he is elected president.

Rival Hillary Clinton has also stated opposition to the TPP, but will she also vow to kill it if elected?

Sanders Vows To Kill TPP


Thanks to Dave Johnson for keeping the public informed on scam "free-trade" deal treasons!
The answer is no! Hillary supported the TTP before she opposed it with her usual smarmy escape-laden evasive language that will allow her to flop yet again and support the TTP "free-trade" deal pushed/supported by her masters! http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/oct/13/hillary-clinton/what-hillary-clinton-really-said-about-tpp-and-gol/

Only candidates Bernie Sanders (and Jill Stein) unconditionally oppose the TPP scam along with many other people that recognize a scam when they see it!
FLUSH THE TPP! (and all those supporting it!)


Hubby "Bill Clinton sold NAFTA in 1993, saying it would create a million American jobs over a five-year period. Instead, NAFTA led to the loss of close to 700,000 jobs" - how many jobs and deadly consequences to the public and environment will Obama's TPP and TTIP cost? Already the WTO exerts far too much pro-corporate influence over national interests!




Why should a professional politician neck deep in horrible pro-war stances and pro-corporate policies be judged at her word?

This ship has already sailed. Hillary suddenly became a "populist" in attempting to counter ALL of Mr. Sander's positions as if they represent her own.

The con job isn't working on at least half of registered Democrats and lots of Independents.

Someone who caters to Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex is no friend of citizens.

The elites want TPP and by hook and crook they will engineer its passage. Meanwhile, all over the world people protest and oppose these new rites of serfdom where all rights are ascribed to Nobles, only.


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Not only are economic progressives and labor unions against the TPP but so are environmentalists. That's a large segment of the base of the Democratic Party. The best thing to do is fight hard against Congressional approval. If Congress votes it down that should end the TPP. for the US as it is now written.


Clinton did not make ANY promise and therefore has NO PROMISE TO KEEP !

Stating that "the bar is high and TPP does not meet it" gives her cover to (after she is elected) to make an inconsequential tweak that magical pushes TPP over "the bar" that she has yet to define..


Bernie needs to be all over this issue. It is an area where left and right are in substantial agreement.

If TPP goes down, Bernie goes up.



"Will Clinton vow to kill the TPP if elected?"

It doesn't matter, AT ALL, whether she vows or not. Obviously, should she decide to take a strong stance and "vow" to kill the TPP, her position would be reversed the minute she is elected.

Before I knew that she had voted in favor of the Iraq war, I heard her speech on the Senate floor, just prior to her vote. It was one of the most moving antiwar speeches I have heard. I remember my joy as I listened to her, knowing that somebody in power felt as strongly as I did against the war authorization. She concluded her speech and went on to vote in FAVOR of the war.

There is absolutely NO CONNECTION between what she says and what she will do. I hope that this important fact becomes widely known. Her words means absolutely nothing.


It's time for Bernie to stop being mister nice guy at the debates and town hall meetings.
There is a town hall meeting tonight on MSNBC.

Bernie should say he would kill the TPP if elected and point a finger at Clinton and ask if she will do the same.


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HRC would never overturn TPP...a virtual lethal expansion of corporate power worldwide with more potentially adverse affects on people, the environment, and the entire planet than NAFTA or CAFTA combined. She is beholding to too many of the plutocracy and the oligarchs among them.


I think it's more about letting BERNIE talk. Who can listen to his principled positions (who has a heart, functioning mind and intact soul) and NOT feel resonance?

While the conservatives get all nervous about "who's going to pay for it all," the answer is cuts to the Military Industrial Complex, a Wall Street tax on trades, and the reduction in all of the entitlement programs that now subsidize things like Big Agriculture and Big Oil... of all obscenities!

It's not as if there hadn't been a time in our nation's recent history when wealthy people were taxed in very real ways, and the MIC didn't automatically get to consume (and burn up) half of the budgetary allotment.

My point is that "we" can talk all we want. The fact is, when people listen to Mr. Sanders, they can't help but feel moved unless they:

  1. Are such morally damaged goods as to NOT want to see more citizens having decent lives
  2. Want the nation to become an ersatz monarchy (whether it's termed oligarchy, plutocracy, or corporatocracy)
  3. Can't get away from the family/church's BRAND designation

It just makes things so unfair when politicians lie and are NEVER held to account for the ways in which they make campaign promises (only to deceive voters) that they have NO intention of honoring; and it's equally maddening when media pundits--deferential to today's ruling class families--don't question obvious false statements. And add to this list, the fact that many vote counts ARE tainted one way or another.

In short, it's hardly a fair fight.


Hello, Cicero. It's amazing how many of us who feuded over prior issues agree on Mr. Sanders. I find that very positive.

I did NOT hear the speech you're referring to. I wonder if there's a link to it?

When two people sleep together, I believe a certain alchemy goes on. That's my esoteric way of saying that Mr. Clinton's expertise in playing the role of chameleon may have "rubbed off" on his wife. I think he did a better job of it and one reason for that is LEO is the sign of actors. Obama is another Leo.

It's a much tougher "sell" for Hillary.

If Bernie were cruel and coarse, all he'd have to do is play the LAUGH track from Mrs. Clinton's response to the brutal murder of Qadaffi, and listeners would be HORRIFIED.

State sponsored murder based on naked wars of aggression are indeed murders. And there's a reason why the first Biblical Commandment happens to be "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

I am bothered by women who self-identify AS Feminists who think Hillary would prove a good leader. I guess form their perspective, Lady Macbeth advanced the rights of women.



This is NOT a wise tactical move.

Remember, Bernie NEEDS the votes of women. If he came off as ATTACKING Mrs. Clinton, that would backfire.

Ultimately, WHAT is more potent and powerful that Truth plainly spoken? Mentioning Mrs. Clinton's record without making it seem that he WANTS to "make her squirm" is a far wiser strategy.

This is an era where many women do feel under attack.

A documentary came out (it was mentioned on NPR) that proves that the least safe place for women is in their own homes. There's a LOT of domestic violence that's going on and much of it, under the radar. Then there are very real rape numbers including campus rapes (20% of female students); and the Right's attack not just on Planned Parenthood but on the overall reproductive sovereignty of women.

NO Man with Progressive ideals and policies should come off as attacking a woman.

Do you see my point?


The term is beholden to...


In the absence of a clear statement, we have to rely on clues. A pretty good clue about where Clinton stands could be in the fact that before launching her campaign, she was working hard at selling the TPP to Congress, as various news sources reported. There was nothing surprising in this. The TPP is referred to as "NAFTA on steroids," and Bill Clinton stuck us with NAFTA. What politicians say during campaigns doesn't always match of with what their own records show.


No, that would be a strikingly adolescent conclusion. No woman who is too delicate to handle a debate can handle public office.




Will she? What do we thing all those tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees and campaign donations are for? Hillary is part of the TPP Wall Street Syndicate..
Bernie Sanders 2016


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