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Sanders Vows to Stop TPP as Ministers Seal Deal for Corporate Elite

Sanders Vows to Stop TPP as Ministers Seal Deal for Corporate Elite

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will tie together as much as 40 percent of the world's economy. (Photo: Reuters handout)


I hope people start to get realistic about Sanders because while he isn’t perfect, you only have to look at how oligarchy is constantly undermining people around the world in favor of corporations to see why someone like Bernie is so desperately needed.


TPP: brought to you by the FFIA (Freedom FROM Information Act)…


Here’s the best explanation i’ve read of how this corporate ‘trade’ deal is actually designed to end democracy.

And another from a Canadian perspective by Canadian Murray Dobbin about how the damned devil’s spawn ‘Poison pill’ strategy ties hands of future governments.


It’ll be interesting to see if Bernie mentions the worst aspect of the deal Toilet Paper Plan deal - the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision - which permits multinational corporations to sue governments over allegations that their imaginary profits were lost due to local regulations, for instance those that protect the environment from the destruction caused by the myth of endless growth and endless greed.


This stinks so bad I want to be sick. The process alone should be grounds for disqualification - “behind closed doors” in an “in your face” fashion. Disgusting, and the crowning illustration of Obama’s mendacity.

Then there’s the lineage: Yeah, because we’ve all done so well post-NAFTA…

And the substance: Wow, it will really be great when our local anti-fracking efforts result in a penalty to Acme Pollution Inc. for the loss of its “expected profits.” Can’t wait!

Obama is doing his best to take us to Bizarro World…


These so-called 'free-trade" deals are another step to global financial slavery and environmental despoliation, AKA corporate fascism. Sanders is the only candidate speaking-out loudly to stop this give-away to greed.

“Two fifths of the global economy will be covered by corporate courts, meaning a huge rise in governments being sued for protecting the public interest from corporate greed”

This linked interview with Prof. Michael Hudson lays out how we find ourselves as slaves to financial parasites, corporate pirates and political whores for the .01%. This should be required reading for all!



Sanders’ voluntary mention of TPP is a huge leap forward in presidential politics considering that neither Obama or Romney ever mentioned it during the 2012 election. The issue was alive in other nations at the time, it was widely discussed in the 2012 elections in Japan.

Hillary will address TPP only if forced to by voters or the media.


While I support Bernie Sanders’s candidacy, I wish he would come out against the TTIP which he has not to my knowledge. The only mention of it that I can find is on his Senate website doing a search. In that instance he mentions TTIP in favorable terms save his disapproval of a certain provision opposed by Vermont cheese producers regarding labeling favored by the European producers.

Glad that he opposes TPP, and on that same principle he should oppose TTIP as well.


Get ready for that " giant sucking sound " again; the one that Ross Perot warned us about.


Bernie has mounted a petition in opposition - for any who might be interested:
Stand with Bernie against the Trans Pacific Partnership


Could a foreign insurance company that sells private pension plans sue the US on the basis that its Social Security system undermines that company’s potential business?


This stinks SO VERY badly. Governments will be reduced to rubber stamping corporate fascism and collecting taxes to fund the militarised crackdown on dissenters whilst the media tells us all is great because Wall Street says so.


My guess is yes. Either the TPP or the TTIP has language that seeks to “normalize” health care systems i.e., privatize publicly owned healthcare systems from country to country. Yee haw.

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Here’s another question: Could an insurer sue the government for legislation that failed to stop climate chaos and is therefore reasoned to be behind its loss of profits?


Got an email from Bernie this morning asking to sign his petition. Which I did straight away. Someone up above me posted the link to sign it, if you have gotten this far without signing it, shame on you!!!


This is NOT TRUE! Who does no one else remember this? In 2008, Obama was talking about reforming NAFTA. acknowledging how destructive it had been. It hit the news that someone in the Canadian trade ministry leaked that someone on Obama’s team had privately assured them–don’t worry about the anti-NAFTA rhetoric. That’s just for the election. Obama’s on board." Then Obama’s team said that was a dirty lie, no doubt coming from McCain’s team. In retrospect, it’s clear who was lying. Obama PRETENDED to oppose NAFTA-style deals while campaigning, just as he pretended to be for transparency and human rights and supporting whistleblowers and ending (some) wars. Is Sanders another such? If not, he will not be allowed near the Presidency.


“It’s a corporate dream but a nightmare for those of us on Main Street,” he added.
Let me translate this into more direct speech. It’s a boon to the corporate “persons”, giving them even more rights, at the expense of the human persons. We are fast approaching the point where human rights are only for corporations, not humans. We need to understand that WE ARE AT WAR–humans versus corporations–and our biggest advantage in this battle is that corporations don’t have actual existence–everything we say they do, in fact humans do for them. So–does someone working for a corporation equate to a traitor? Depends what they do–if you’re just stocking shelves at Wal-Mart I hope you can find a better livelihood but that doesn’t make you a traitor to the human race. What does, is fighting the battles that empower corporations at the expense of humans–corporate lawyers, PR people, and sometimes security guards, along with CEOs, come into this category. So do the politicians who use money collected from human people to do the corporations’ bidding.


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Over at MSNBC.com the headline screams OBAMA WINS BIG

And the “progressives” cheer!!!