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Sanders Vows to Stop TPP as Ministers Seal Deal for Corporate Elite

Hillary will now have to read the agreement, and find something in it that she claims to disapprove. To support this deal in opposition to Bernie’s withering condemnation of it could be suicidal for her in the Primary. Most Democratic groups are fervently opposed to this, and view Obama and Biden as selling them out.

But bear in mind that she was in charge when negotiations on this were initiated, which means that she approves of the way the deal was negotiated, and its basic outlines, if not each of its details.


before anyone (country) can sign any of these treatys , something must be put into the treaty that every country and corporation that is represented or involved must agree to abide by, become subject to the rules and jurisdiction, of the ICC so when a nation or corporation commits a crime against humanity, harming humans or the environment while stealing resources , or polluting the air or waterways etc , and not be able to wiggle out of decisions made by the court . This would for starters exclude the US and probably lots of multinational corps from the agreement (those who these agreements are made for ) of course , we wont see this happen

I was thinking that all that is missing is an animation as bobble heads.


Then there is CETA between Canada and the EU. Global Justice has mounted an email campaign to reps against it. Being in the US, I have no reps there - but here it is for anyone who might want to check it out.

It may not be too late. If we can vote by mail, we can “Uber Vote” Bernie in. A touch on a smart phone would cast a safe, fast, free and easy encrypted vote with copy. No voter suppression and an astronomical rise in voter turnout would result.

Any interested techies here?

To get this done, I hear Obama was busy working the phones, selling people out. Passing the TPP is what he puts his time and energy into - disgusting.


TPP = Traitors Protecting Profits


Reasons keep piling up for a revolution. Sanders may be the only option for sanity.

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Just one more nail in the coffin of the U.S. republic and its democracy. This is definitely part of what the head of the Bush Crime Family, H.W. Bush, called the “New World Order”. And to think that it was all wrangled out in secret!
This is a disgraceful and very tragic day.


Of course Bernie objects to this corporate takeover of our sovereignty.Think about it this is the only issue the Republican’ts haven’t tried to scuttle or repeal. To me it looks like an Obama sell out. Clinton is mulling it over. It only took her two years to side against Keystone. Decisiveness in action.


Goddess bless! I get wet every time someone mentions the French Revolution – it can’t happen soon enough!

Pwr 2 the ABUSED peons!


White collar criminals is all I see. Better stay in your gated communities, time for cake.

“Someone like Bernie” - or preferably better, and there is one available …

“Sanders is the only candidate speaking-out loudly to stop this give-away to greed.”

This is so tiring - hearing this falsehood over and over - he is NOT the only one …


Good point - let’s see if he does …

And of course she wouldn’t lift a finger to try to stop the Fast Tracking of this abomination.

Have signed petitions against it before Bernie’s came along - his is rather redundant - if this is the first one you have signed - shame on you!


Oops, sorry, can’t be done - that was the point of Fast Track - it must be voted up or down, no amendments …

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I have a better candidate for donations - Stein …


He’s not …