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Sanders Vows To 'Vigorously Oppose' Trump's Noxious and Destructive Agenda


Sanders Vows To 'Vigorously Oppose' Trump's Noxious and Destructive Agenda

Jon Queally, staff writer



It is all in the frame:

Here is Common Dreams' headline:

Then here is the same story from "The Hill" (as displayed on msn.com):
Sanders signals willingness to work with Trump

Both stories have the same quotes but a widely different slant.
(And both are technically true.)


Sanders immediate task is to work against Obama passing TPP during the lame duck period.

Hopefully Sanders will rejoin the revolution by joining the Green Party TPP protest in DC November 12-17.


The perpetuation of this idea of a fair primary wrong. The article states: "Though Sanders consistently polled better than Clinton against Trump during head-to-head match-ups during the primary season, Clinton ultimately defeated Sanders to win the Democratic nomination."

This result needs to be reported accurately. "... ultimately defeated Sanders to win..." needs to be replaced with, "was given" or "got".


To the degree that Bernie opposes racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, I will vigorously support him.


Trump said this!

In one of the live TV debates with Clinton during the campaign, Trump surprised many viewers when he said, apparently sincerely, that he would never commit a first-strike nuclear attack against any nation. It took a lot of guts and moral integrity to say that. Clinton didn’t answer the question, but her past record as Secretary of State shows that she has no hesitation about launching illegal wars and murdering foreign heads of state

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/columnists/201611091047256607-trump-wins-us-presidential-election-sigh-of-relief/


Bernie, Bernie how about O'Bombers destructive policies in Syria and Yemen?


Come on, Jon Queally of commondreams. Unless you are auditioning for a slot at Salon, please don't weave tissues of half-truth like this:

"Though Sanders consistently polled better than Clinton against Trump during head-to-head match-ups during the primary season, Clinton ultimately defeated Sanders to win the Democratic nomination. "

Bernie Sanders did poll MUCH better (double digits) than Clinton against Trump.

But Clinton did not "win" the Democratic nomination, and we all know it (thank you, wikileaks, and thank you, Bernie delegates who reported to all of us on facebook). Clinton's nomination was rigged.


" the man who did everything he could to defeat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary"

This kind of revisionist history isn't helping anything. Except perhaps to insulate the party establishment.


Sanders Vows To "Vigorously Oppose" Trump's Noxious and Destructive Agenda
Senator tells president-elect he will not be able to enact regressive agenda without fight from progressives

Lost faith in US politics of all hues, including Sanders. I blame him for stubbornly refusing to run as independent. His "vigorous opposition" is too little too late. A new progressive champion is needed.


Your demanding a 'worthiness' test. Unlike the usual mainstream political landscape, Sanders is not asking you to support himself but the issues. The 'We' is not a membership vetted through some initiation of purity criterion. The 'We' means a movement. A movement requires no background checks.


Yes, I am. I didn't get "my money's worth" from any of the presidents in "the first 36 years of the Reagan Administration" (quoting myself). I'm beyond tired of politicians and parties serving corporate and wealth interests, rather than those of the people.

That's exactly what I was trying to express support for.

I guess I don't agree with this. I think a movement is built around shared ideas. And I think there's a big movement out there, that was not started by Bernie or any single person. I think Bernie "took off" because he was riding that wave. I also think he jumped off the wave when he detoured to support #WhichHillary.

If he's back now, maybe I can make common cause with him again. But for me, it's all about him - and anyone else - being in tune with the will of the people.


Thank you.


Thanks for bringing that to light. It's about time we stop playing games and recognized the fact that not only did the DNC manipulated the primaries to favor the Clintons, but how corporate media, such as CNN and msnbc, actively working to discredit Sanders.


You dumbass Bernie. Why did you shill for Clinton's noxious anti-working class anti-environmental agenda, and now you whine? You idiot. You could have joined the Greens when the Dems shafted you at the convention but instead you caved to shill for the most despised candidate in US history. Thanks a lot dumbass.

Richard Smith


Oh, you mean like you are doing here?

Yes, he does indeed still have some power, as do the rest of the Democrats in Congress, so long as they unite together and use it properly.


Sanders is being foolish and showing no understanding of Trump what so ever. Sanders should support Trump's agenda which will be getting revenge on all those who betrayed and 'corruptly' attacked him. That is the safest course for Trump, being the Sherriff of Washington, seeking to run down as many corrupt political and corporate players as possible, the more he gets, the greater the hero he will be, the man that cleaned up Washington and he doesn't have to do a thing except let the FBI and the NSA and the DOJ do their job properly and Trump will get all the credit for scalps he gets on his warpath for Justice.
You could imagine the hero status that he would achieve for taking down the Shrub, Darth Cheney, Uncle Tom Obama, Shrillary and Bubba. Do it right and he achieves a real place in history. Other than that do as little as possible, all the rest is a real mess and there are no good solutions, just limit the negative outcomes and let things calm down, it took three decades to achieve this mess, it will take at least a decade to just start cleaning it up. In four years the best Trump can hope for is to take down, say one hundred corrupt Democrats and 100 corrupt Republicans (he will look far better if he takes down equal numbers).
So Sanders you got cheated in the primaries and those millions who supported also got cheated, should you not be talking to Trump about seeking justice for those who supported you as well as them being cheated for decades by those same corrupt individuals.
Want to play safe keep Trump focused on revenge and justice (in this case the cheated middle class does deserve some revenge, that is what they voted for and corrupt politicians and corrupt corporations should be the target). Let's get Trump focused on the pursuit of Justice (you will not protect the Democrat by blocking prosecutions, you will save the Democrats by promoting the prosecution of corrupt Democrats, cheer it on).


YES - if Sanders were to join the Green Party as a humble member their maybe an indication of him becoming a more genuine politician. So far he's a most shocking traitor of "us" and his rally talk.

Bernie Sanders did not follow through on the most basic of all tasks: calling the Dem and Hillary electoral machine out for cheating us ("us" remember the slogan "not me".

Like Al Gore in 2000, he failed to even try which makes me think his candidacy from day one is part of the system's hoax of rigging things.

Maybe he thought his inclusion on the stage while it would last, could help change and educate people but please don't think he had any intention of taking his unexpected and overwhelming support (coming from "us") all the way to an otherwise slam dunk genuine victory - his job was to funnel votes to the appointed Hillary Clinton and I believe he understood that all along.

This is unforgivable - yet another FALSE HOPE for MILLENIALS - and, well we all know now how bad it turned out in Tuesday - and President Trump elect hasn't even started.


Bernie!! Shush up! Talking the talk means nothing when you don't walk the walk. You begged your supporters for money, promised to take your fight all the way to the convention, then not only endorsed Hillary, but went out to campaign for her.
You could have said, "no way" when Barry, and Hillary had you cornered in the White House, but you did not do so.
You could have taken your fight all the way to the convention floor (as you promised your supporters!) but you did not do so.
After Hillary won the rigged delegate count you could have conceded defeat, congratulated Hillary, and then sat down, but you not only did not do so, you became a cheer leader for her campaign, begging your supporters for money as well as urging everybody who would listen to vote for her.
You even went so far as to arrange for your home state to pledge the delegates necessary to put Hillary over the top.
And what did it all get you other than public humiliation and the promises of a loser? The chance to get lost in a minority party in the Senate. And the contempt of so many millions of your supporters who actually believed you were something different than an elderly hack politician desperately trying to wheel and deal like the rest of the Washington establishment.
You, Liz Warren, and Sherod Brown and all the rest of the regular Democratic insiders in Washington are cut from the same cloth as Dennis Kucinich who when push came to shove folded like an accordion.
So get on your soap box and bloviate your opposition to Trump--and know that nobody cares any more for you than you did for your former supporters.


If I go to the Green Party TPP protest in DC 11/12-17 where in Wash DC is is being held. Can you go for one day? If not, where are protesters going to stay for it?