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Sanders Warns President-Elect Trump: 'We Are Not Going Backwards'


Sanders Warns President-Elect Trump: 'We Are Not Going Backwards'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday called on Donald Trump to rescind his appointment of alt-right figurehead Stephen Bannon, vowing to hold the president-elect accountable for his campaign promises while fighting against "the expansion of bigotry."


Bernie, why aren't you draining your own swamp at the Dem party? Are your latest orders from Hillary to keep distracting?


Bernie said that he needed to back HRC because: " we cannot allow Trump to become POTUS". Unless like some of Bernie's delegates claim, Bernie's family was threatened at the convention in Philly, Bernie sold out to not only to HRC but millions of his acolytes because if Bernie had gotten the nomination in Philly, there is no doubt in my mind, Bernie would have buried Trump in the national election and Bernie is culpable for allowing Trump to become POTUS.


We can only proceed from where we are, and I, for one, am glad that Sanders is committed to holding Trump's feet to the fire on the policies he advocated that were well to the left of Clinton. We need his voice, and that of all true progressives, to propel us out of this nightmare. Bernie is imperfect, as are we all. But right now he has a Voice that is listened to by many, and the courage to use it. Is he the 'answer'? Of course not, but let's not hobble his efforts on our behalf.


Agreed, some good is n]better than non


While Trump won the election it was not exactly an overwhelming win. In fact, Clinton got about million more votes. That is largest win of the popular vote in US history of a losing candidate. So a minority of the country elected Trump. We cannot let this minority take over the country. Bernie seems to get that. Bannon has to go. That line has to be drawn. If Bannon is acceptable where does this end?


I think Bernie's on the Soros payroll.


The Dems have appointed him to "outreach." He's now the Democrats Judas Goat In Charge.

Meanwhile back where Democrat power lives, Wall Street's fave, Chuck Schumer has been tapped to replace do nothing harry reid. And the money boys are reasserting their hegemony over what used to be the people's party.

The only way to take back the Democratic party is for massive re-registration to Independent until the Democrats offer leadership worth following.


Bernie's got his platform and is all the rage on cable news and radio interview shows. It's been a week and we've got Paul Ryan talking about eliminating the ACA and turning Medicare into a voucher program. Bernie's still philosophizing about the election and "holding Trump accountable," but Trump met yesterday with the House budget chair intent on enacting Ryan's budget. The Republicans want to move fast on their agenda, well before the 2018 elections.

If Bernie wants to lead, I think he's got to get focused on the fight Ryan plans to bring and start talking about it. Holding Trump accountable means nothing. We all know the election sucked, we all know Hillary wasn't a good candidate, we all know enough white voters in the rust belt came out for Trump to put him over the top. I bet those same voters didn't plan on voucherizing Medicare in exchange for tax cuts for privileged interests though.

Bernie's got the platform, he needs to use it before Ryan submits a budget under reconciliation rules.


You can probably bet on that. These rural white voters from the rust belt wanted something to be done on the economy and after 8 years of Obama doing very little overall on the economy in his first term when the Democrats held both houses and HRC essentially vowing the same and more warfare to boot, who can blame them? And instead of focusing on jobs and infrastructure, clean, green jobs he pushes for mandated for profit healthcare insurance and an all-of-the-above energy policy. And he does not end the wars even after receiving the 'Peace Prize'.


"In a democratic society we can disagree all we want over issues, but racism and bigotry cannot be part of any public policy.": And that is because it fosters inequality. Same for misogyny, islamophobia.


What? Once again, almost no understanding of the ACA or its legislative history (which I've detailed in a number of comments). Please tell me, assuming it's your preference, how Obama was going to get Max Baucus, let alone Joe Lieberman, who promised to caucus with Republicans if a public option was in the bill, to vote for something close to Medicare for all? As one Bernie Sanders said in 2010:

"I would say that in the Senate, there are at most 10 votes for a single-payer plan,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., a self-described democratic socialist, who isn’t shy about his own preference for that kind of solution, told Salon this week. “In the House, I have no idea but it’s a small minority … It’s absurd to say, ‘Mr. President, go forward and make your bill single-payer,’ when you’ve got 10 percent of the Congress supporting you.”

Don't say LBJ either. LBJ had a 295 House seat majority and a 68 seat Senate majority to work with. Obama had a Senate majority of 60 for a grand total of three months to work with before Scott Brown won election. With that, he expanded Medicaid, passed much needed insurance reforms, and solidified Medicare funding for a decade. Oh and those much needed insurance reforms include guaranteed coverage, which only works with some kind of incentive--the evil mandate in this case--to insure the broadest coverage. Without it, we go back to insurance companies dropping people at the first sign of serious illness.


I wouldn't call it thinking.


Repugs may be crazy, but their agenda worked perfectly. They screwed the economy and murdered millions. Then when they were replaced they stonewalled the entire government. Then they blamed Obama for all of it, and promised change. And the stoopid murkins ate it up. Meanwhile the Democrats try to be bipartisan in their desperation to protect their money and power.


It is not up to Sanders or his Progressive friends. The American people fully intend to put these subversive changes back in the box. Suck it up.


Enough hyping of Sanders. He blew it. He has no position anymore to demand anything of anyone. Had he accepted Jill Stein's offer to step aside so he could run for President as the Green Party candidate, we might not have Trump as President today.

But he betrayed everything he said during the primaries. Nor did he complain when Clinton stole the nomination from him.

CommonDreams has of late been drifting to the center. Yes, it has!

So, Deidre, enough with Bernie. The flame has been doused. We no longer feel the Bern. It's a phantom sensation. Let him go.



"stoopid murkins"
Love that phrase and spelling.
Stupid Americans


You should know.


Thanks to Clinton, Sanders missed the boat. If it would have been Sanders and Trump, Sanders would have won...But that did not happen....Now he is complaining...just watch and see. The GOP will make a mess of everything...even if Trump can go to the center...That means, Democrats should work with Trump such that GOP do not make a mess...at least that is what I think...I could be wrong...


It was three Senators who announced they would not vote for cloture if the bill contained a public option: Nelson( D-NE; my former Senator); Lieberman (I-CT); and Landrieu (D-LA). Without a vote for cloture, bills are filibustered to death in the Senate. To get a bill passed, Harry Reid had to produce a bill without a public option (a bird in the hand).

I don't know about Lieberman and Landrieu, but Nelson was an insurance executive before going into politics and is now back with the insurance industry. He sided with big insurance and against the people.