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Sanders Warns Trump Against Dragging US Into Another Endless 'Quagmire'

Sanders Warns Trump Against Dragging US Into Another Endless 'Quagmire'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday said he's "deeply concerned" that President Donald Trump's unilateral military action against the Syrian government will once again drag the U.S. "into the quagmire of long-term military engagement in the Middle East."

Questioning Trump's motives, the Vermont senator and former presidential candidate said the president "must explain to the American people exactly what this military escalation in Syria is intended to achieve, and how it fits into the broader goal of a political solution, which is the only way Syria's devastating civil war ends."


Once again, Bernie’s example shows what a President should be.


We will continue to have these rouge actions until we hold these war criminals accountable for their actions.
But we have little say in the matter.
The war criminals are owned by the Corporations and the Corporations want to profit from the wars, legal or not.
And it will be worse with Gorsuch on the Court.


Sure we deserve him, MCH.
Let’s Keep the Faith.


so clear who really gives a damn about the most of us - BERNIE. - also so clear why the orange man decided to run from his previously stated foreign policy to up his ratings which is really all he cares about and bomb the hell out of Syria. and how disgusting the behavior of the so-called democrats in following his lead. perhaps from all this chaos we can develop a true third party folks. the likes of Barbara Lee and Bernie are leading the way there. now we the people must convince them to leave the traitorous damn dems and lead a new clean party for the people! THE PEOPLES’ PARTY!


If Bernie had voted against war funding he would have more credibility on the matter. It’s not demanding “purity” to hold politicians accountable for their actions contrary to their rhetoric. The people committing your grandkid’s future tax revenue to the murder for hire industry now, are not the ones who will bring peace.


Good for Bernie, but he would have more credibility if he called out the warmongers in his own party, for they are just as responsible for this latest monstrosity as the Orange Blob.


I’ve google cities of Damacus and Alleppo before the wars, they were beautiful modern cities. Is there anything left to save in Syria? Obviously there are civilians that have not been able to escape the war torn areas of the Middle East… I guess Saudi Arbia, Jordan, Egypt and those lush cities of Dubai and oba daba whatever where the super wealthy of the world might live and work. The rest are hell holes created by dictators and US and allies.

For months women and children have to dying of malnutrition suffering slow painful deaths, where is the talk about the millions of these poor people? It is a crisis and so is chemical weapons.


Bernie is " deeply concerned" that this latest attack in Syria will become a military, quagmire like Iraq and Afghanistan?

I love you Bernie, but why do you seem to not realize that is the whole idea?


I’m asking this, but for good reason. Is there definitive evidence that Syria did this? None of the claims have yet been substantiated, from the US, Russia or anywhere else. I don’t trust any of them. We claimed similar things in the past, in Syria and elsewhere, and were wrong. Beyond that, as horrible as that was, if we are justified in bombing them for this, what is justified against us, given that we do things that are even worse to other countries? If this standard justifies our state violence, is violence against us then justified when we do even worse? Also, when we get up at the UN and wave our finger at other countries, do we think the world isn’t aware of our human rights record, or the coups and dictators we’ve recorded? Polls consistently show that WE are the largest threats to world peace, whether people agree or not. It isn’t to say that countries shouldn’t be condemned when they gas people, it is to say though that we aren’t the country to pretend to be on a higher moral footing, and we also should critically self-reflect when we do similar, or worse, things. We don’t. I think this country is collectively stupid. Whenever we see a conflict or whenever something happens in a country where we want a particular outcome, our first, second and third response is to attack a country, and it almost always results in blowback in the long term and almost always makes the situation worse. Seems to me that we have had a big role in Syria being in this condition. God forbid we reflect on that a bit. I remember though when opposing war and interventions, especially those that very well could make the situation worse, was something the left largely opposed. The Clinton, liberal hawks though have as much, if not more, say in the Democratic Party than the economic neoliberals do. I find leftist positions to be a relatively easy sell with many rank and file Democrats I know. Not the case with a less interventionist foreign policy. A good number of Democrats had no problem with Clinton sharing a stage with Kissinger.


The country does deserve Bernie. Remember, the electorate has been misled by a complicit media and the entire Third Way Clinton/Obama machine. Given even half a fair chance Bernie would already be president.

Notice I didn’t mention the Russians.


Assad did not do this. This is a complete fabrication. Conflict is the Hawk prescription to get Trump’s approval ratings out of the doldrums.


There will be a motion to impeach the bum. So. The dreaded VP choice Pence finishes the term. A guy, who calls his wife “Mother” and practices the fantastic thinking of a driven religious fanatic. He certainly will further the “Dominion Theology” that gives “Man” authority over everything, including nature and civil society (in Wikipedia). Thus (banksters love this), he will heartily “deliver us” from a clean, sustainable Mother Earth (a.k.a. us), AND from an increase to Civil Liberties and a People’s Democracy, TO NOT delivering - BUT - telling people how to live their own lives. Holy shit!


I supported Bernie Sanders during the campaign, but have never forgotten how he repeatedly argued on Thom Hartmann’s “breakfast with Bernie” segments that he agreed with Pelosi that there should not be criminal investigations into the Bush Administration’s role in taking a nation to war based on lies.

I don’t think he has ever called for criminal prosecution of those who are absolutely known to have formulated and carried out acts of torture. Did I miss something? I might of. Fill me in if I have.

If you read Sanders’ pronouncements on this, it fits into that milk toast apologetics for murderous and criminal acts of Empire. He speaks of in those insidious terms of “lessons”, and that it is “easier to get in to wars than getting out of them”, and other blood soaked apologetics.

But no surprise really, for someone that stood against criminal investigation, and thus stood against any potential prosecution of powerful individuals who took a nation to war and committed heinous acts of torture and mass slaughter of civilians, AND used chemical weapons such as white phosphorous in Fallujah.

And Bernie, the number of dead Iraqis is WAY over hundreds of thousands.

But hey, what’s some political posturing as a powerful Senator to help excuse the horrors of those crimes.


Once again, the Democratic Party let’s an Independent do their talking for them.

Betcha they wish they’d supported ‘their’ populist now.


Bernie is the Man who should be in the White House. His vision of what this country is capable of is much more progressive than anything the Democrats or Republicans have offered the American public for decades.

However, like the ‘Chicken’ has stated above, Bernie is not perfect. Bernie doesn’t support holding holding high government officials responsible for crimes against humanity.

This is why a ‘new’ party that advocates for holding all politicians accountable for their misdeeds is necessary.

Trust is something that needs to be earned, not just given.

The Democrats and Republicans can never be trusted with our most precious valuable thing.


Their disregard for it is unforgivable.


Joan, you are right about our governments inclination to attack first, then find evidence to support the attack later.

This has been possibly the largest shortcoming of the Democrat and Republican parties which contributes the most to our country’s loss of life and treasure.

The Democrats and Republicans need to maintain an Empire with over 700+ Military bases is literally choking the life out of our country.

It’s not sustainable.

Just imagine how better the money spent on death, destruction, and human suffering could be used.

This country’s voters need to reject Empire and vote those who would support it out of office.

Anything short of this will never do.


I find this to be somewhat of a confusing situation since the US has been dropping bombs in Syria for a long time. And, I don’t think there is any suggestion of sending US ground troops into Syria (or has there been?). So I do not see any parallel with Iraq and Afghanistan. I see this more as a unique situation. Also, our main military objective in Syria is to defeat ISIS which an enemy of Assad so presumably anything we do against Assad would undermine our fight against ISIS. A look at the situation would lead to the conclusion that ISIS has be dealt with militarily and Assad through negotiation. The short-term primary objective should be defeating ISIS. Trump claimed he would do that quickly and that he had secret plan. Obviously he had no plan but he should be working one. So far just about everything he has done would seem to help ISIS such as the Muslim ban and making statements about a religious war again Islam, .The only conclusion that I can draw is that Trump is hopelessly incompetent when it comes to Middle East policy (and just about everything else involving the presidency) and the world is in for some dangerous times.


To paraphrase Walt Kelly somewhat: We have met the “Evil Empire” and it is us!


This sounds naïve somehow. Certainly Bernie knows that Elites want war and that Trump represents them?

This was supposed to be HRC leading the way and let’s remember that Bernie was encouraging us all to vote for her. What would the difference have been?

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