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Sanders Warns Trump That Any Move to Interfere With Mueller Probe "Impeachable Offense"


Russiaphobia knows no bounds! I have asked this question from day 1, still without an answer re: Russian election interference: What is the specific election interference-related crime that was supposedly committed by said parties?? Machine vote-flipping, ballot adulteration, voter brainwashing (oh wait, MSM beat them to it)? Which statute was violated? C’mon Mueller identify the crime. But no, we have instead US taxpayers on the hook for years on end supporting a flagrant abuse of justice, rounding people up for unrelated financial transgressions, then attempting to stitch the whole mess together under the banner of Russian collusion. And they think they can get an impeachment out of this? No matter how stupid people are, none of this passes the smell test and no real court would entertain it.


The Mueller probe is far more about trump & co involvement with Russian oligarchs and bankers, and domestic crimes, than so-called “Russian” subversion of our electoral processes that has more than enough going on homegrown (and from Israel)…

Mueller is investigating trump crimes, cronies, and collusion with those Russian oligarchs and bankers, and corrupt big-money right here…a process Sanders is supporting the process…don’t blame him for his efforts!

The tin-pot dicktator is lashing-out now because he lost control of the House and is very fesrful of what lies down the road…Mueller is a big part of that. The orange madman will commit many crimes and outrages between now and inauguration day when the House will have a new “leadership” and the power to (if they and Pelosi have any cojones) demand evidence of his crimes, tax cheat/lies, violations of Oath of Office, crimes against the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and his growing mental illness making him unfit for office!

The real enemy out there is “45” and his warmonger pro-Israel (and the Saudi “royals”) nutter-squad of bolton, et al and not Bernie Sanders! For loves-sake stop with the Sanders bashing and fight the real enemy! If many “real left” Bernie bashers had not trashed Sanders when primary running against the Red Queen, he might have been the candidate and we would not have the idiot of orange in power now! Their bad judgment or intentional divisive words may have cost us more than can be calculated!! The third party dream is not now a reality…

I voted Green for Howie Hawkins, but the Greens only got less than 2% of votes…no-frackin way that reality will stop the move to fascism and racism and environmental destruction or endless war! Just ain’t gonna happen! The resolve and power to educate and energize and organize - like Sanders does -must be built on the corrupt charade that passes for the American “system” of duopoly politics for the now!


Would a innocent person gut the FBI like this? Really now.


Evidence that Bernie is losing support of Russiagate?


Not true. People have admitted they met with Russian agents with the promise of getting dirty on Clinton. George Papdopolous actually plead guilty to lying about such meetings.


My friends and myself, and I find it reasonable to think that we’re not alone. Have you been paying attention to former Bernie posters right here on CD who have changed. Walk down the street it won’t be hard to find scores. He is not losing support “of Russiagate” he is losing support because he is buying into the fraud.


So you have no evidence that he is losing support. Thanks


Yes, can’t you read! The evidence is right here.


I’ve got a better idea. Let’s hope that Trump expands Mueller’s investigation so he investigates the Democrat involvement in the Dossier, the FISA warrant and their, and the Clinton’s involvement in their real Russian collusion.
Then I can sit back and laugh as all the Democrats run for cover, and then suggest the it’s time for Mueller to end his investigation.


By saying he is “losing support” I assumed you meant something substantial. Not some anecdotal evidence about you and your buddy.


That’s fine as long as Trump testify’s under oath.