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Sanders, Warren, and Other Senate Dems Urge Obama to Get Behind 'Fight for $15' Movement


Sanders, Warren, and Other Senate Dems Urge Obama to Get Behind 'Fight for $15' Movement

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a letter sent to the White House on Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders joined Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Senate Democrats to urge President Obama to escalate his support for struggling American workers by getting behind the 'Fight for $15' movement which has galvanized low-paid workers across the nation in a collective call for better treatment by employees, the right to unionize, and a living wage.


One problem with such federal laws is that they are one size fits all. Should not the people of diverse areas have a say about what laws should apply to their particular place? To consider things like the cost of living and the local economic situation? Though well meaning, this law could cause loss of jobs, migration, immigration, urbanization, higher food prices, etc. Local referendums should be able to set the minimum wage, not the federal government.


This kind of shameless pandering is only going to get worse as we move closer to the next auction (election). As JohhyJames points out in a previous post, this nonsense from Warren and Sanders is designed to make the Dems look progressive. It’s meaningless Kabuki theater. Both Sanders and Warren know this full well. They’ll get some sort of payback down the road. Sanders will probably wind up with a cabinet seat in the Clinton administration: their token “progressive.” Warren, of course has her sights set on the Presidency in 2020.

The sad thing is that so many faux-progressives are buying into this scam. Even some of the noteworthy commenters here at CD. Fool me once (or let’s say about a hundred times) shame on you. Fool me yet again? No problem. The Demobots love to be screwed.


I support $15.00, regardless of who promotes it. Anyone promoting it is fine with me.


These two senators represent such a small minority within the American political system which is a real shame.


Obama’s oligarchic paymasters don’t want 15/hr, so Obama doesn’t either–just that simple.


Yes, it’s a safe issue, and maintains an illusion that the US is doing OK. Most important, it discounts our poverty crisis, referring to those who have incomes as “struggling.” “Feel their pain,” and keep the people pacified. What we need – and don’t have – is anyone in government who has the courage to address reality. Reality is, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people who need one, and there is nothing to fall back on. In addition, our govt targets the disabled, seriously ill and the dying. What do you think happens to those who are left out? We have a poverty crisis, and we need someone in politics who has the integrity and courage to ask, “What should we do about the jobless poor, and the unemployable?”


Such issues as the minimum wage are determined by Congress, not the president. By contrast, Congress deeply slashed food stamps for the elderly poor, disabled and working poor, and reportedly plan severe cuts in Social Security Disability. What do you think we should do about all those who can’t work, or for whom there are no jobs?


Those are boilerplate myths, see: http://www.dol.gov/minwage/mythbuster.htm


He has had plenty of opportunities to do just that in all his years in Congress - but Bernie has no intention of being a Dem “spoiler” - he basically said so himself - he will hop on the Hillary bandwagon, or that of whichever other Dem wins the primary, if/when he loses …

To me what will be more interesting to watch is what Warren will do in the primaries - if she fails to support Bernie, which i predict she will, that, It seems to me, is all you need to know … and when she does fail, the excuse will be “just want the process to play itself out, and let the people decide” LOL!


thanks… I read it…


" The illusion of choice."
Well put! This is just more de’ja’ vu from the Obama con of 2008.

Even if they are not aware of it, Sanders and Warren are the dog and pony show opposition to mollify the progressives. They are being played like a fiddle!

The illusion of the Obama con of 2008 actually being experienced for the first time. The same con and the sad part: It will fool many well meaning, but naïve people again. Like the song says: When will they ever learn; when will they ever learn!


Those arguments are almost indistinguishable from the arguments against a higher minimum wage made by the Chamber of Commerce.


“Even if they are not aware of it” – They are well aware of their roles as tools for this farce they call “democracy.”


This will give Obama another chance to show if his corporate masters have complete control over him.


TRUE! We never have had a democracy if your definition is a political system where the average American citizen has any real political, participation.


They decided in the early days of the 20th century that the people could not be trusted with democracy. At least democracy of the rich and famous. With the power of a real democracy the people could easily threaten their wealth.
So, the illusion was created.


$15 dollars an hour is a start but it is hardly a trip to the middle class, what’s left of it anyways.


Minimum wage Australia 16.22 per hour
Labor force participation in work force 64-72 percent low to high various sources

Minimum wage USA 7.25 per hour
Labor force participation in work force 58-63 percent low to high various sources

Of the OECD nations the USA tends to the lower half for minimum wage. It has tends to have a lower workforce participation rate.

OECD countries with lower minimum. Wages such as Mexico and Chile do not show higher work force participation

  • I haven’t heard of Congress and such a plan.
  • Given the high level of fraud putting people on Social Security Disability, I am not surprised at responsible persons feeling disgust for it.
  • Also, excess fraudulent and true Disabled persons on SSDI are running through the SSDI Trust Fund at a fast pace. At the current pace it will be = $0. in a year or two. I have heard that Congress isn’t interested in bailing out SSDI unless changes are made.