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Sanders, Warren to Trump: You Promised to 'Drain the Swamp.' So Do It


Sanders, Warren to Trump: You Promised to 'Drain the Swamp.' So Do It.

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to "drain the swamp," that is, to push corporate lobbyists and Wall Street executives out of Washington, D.C. and install advocates for the working- and middle-classes in their stead.


I have always supported and liked you Bernie, but Bernie! Trump is the swamp, so to comply with Bernie's request he would have to drain himself!


In all fairness I would like to know who Warren and Sanders would put in these potions.


Unfortunately, both Sanders and Warren understood full well that Clinton would not "drain the swamp," were she elected. Bernie fought the good fight, but neither contested her ill-gotten nomination at that pivotal moment when it mattered.


Drain the swamp, fill it with sewage. Technically he is keeping his promise.


Drain the Swamp? You got to be kidding! Trump is dredging the swamp to locate all the bottom-feeders who cherish war, scapegoating and racism. Trump's vows to change Washington is obviously synonymous with bringing back the worst of the worst of the worst. With a Republican-dominated house and senate, Trump will "succeed". Thank you Democrats for selecting Clinton instead of Sanders, who actually had a great chance of beating Trump.


They ALL lie during campaigns and when elected just go ahead and do their damage. They are all the same and nothing ever changes. There is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats except for the symbols - the elephant and jackass. Waiting for Trump's supporters to realize it as quickly as some of us knew when Obama was going back on his promises that there was no hope and change. I have given up on this so-called democracy as it is a farce and I hope some of the wildlife is still left after humans are finished destroying all that is good and are extinct.


The people generously supported Sanders in an effort to drain the swamp, and his candidacy was the only option that would have begun that process. Bernie can berate Trump, the bully, til he's blue in the face, and his words will just bounce off of Trump's wall. He could have been the one calling the shots if he had stuck it out. His supporters expected more of a fight.


Dear Progressives,

As a member of OUR REVOLUTION I will be watching Bernie Sanders address the
country tonight at 7 pm. Eastern, and 4 p.m. out there in California. www.commondreams.org

The time is now and the cause is right. We are working NOW before Trump gets into

No more talk, people, time for action. IN SOLIDARITY. LET'S DO IT!


I was hearing about the idea to have the first general strike on Inauguration Day, and was thinking it could be taken wrong by Trump as a holiday. I'm all for it, it maybe it should be on the second official day of his administration and only if he actually contradicts anything he said he do, like keeping lobbyists on his transition team. Threaten it up front. Like telling the child if you do x, then Y will happen. They do x. We as responsible parents must do y. They'll say I t's not fair if you don't tell them up front though.


You meant obviously meant Fatass and Jackass, ...for what it's worth.


By seeing names it better defines what they mean when they say none of these and none of those, it also points out their philosophies and if they really know where to find the type of people they would promote. The people we sourround ourselves with helps define who we are.


It is easier to tear down to build. It is easier to criticize than to show by example. You can tell me what you think is wrong but I still need to know what you think is right.


The Republicans and the Democrats are controlled by the same criminal, cartel, the 1%. And the only difference is the Democrats are the controlled opposition in order to make naive Americans believe that they live in a democracy, when nothing could be further from the truth!


Warren sez: "Based on public reports, your transition team and your potential cabinet
include ... among many others, a former Goldman Sachs executive who is rumored to be a Treasury Secretary pick ... "

Must be a cut-and-paste from a previous statement she made to Obama.


Hypocrites! Drain the swamp of the Dem party you jokers.


The swamp won't be drained until Warren and sanders are gone.


This must be a joke. Will Sanders and Warren be making this call had Clinton been elected? They blew a great chance people gave them to oppose both corrupt parties by joining forces with Clinton. If they ever wanted this to happen, they should have quit and joined the green party - all Sanders supporters would have followed. I voted Jill Stein with a clean conscience. People trusted Warren to do the right thing. She has proven to be a total disappointment.


Of course Trump was right when he talked about the system being half-way rigged. But too many people misunderstood him when he talked about improving that.


my feelings as well. I changed party affiliation early on, just so I could vote for Bernie, then he bows out and thinks people like myself will support HRC, that would be at least as bad, probably worse.
Now we have to see if Trump will do what he says to help the 99%, or just be self serving like biz as usual...