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Sanders: 'We Have Enormous Momentum' Going Into South Carolina



I really thought Sanders was going to win in Nevada. He was running twice as many ads as Clinton and had more campaign workers on the ground. Losing Nevada was a setback for Sanders but it isn't over. If he comes within 10 points of winning South Carolina he would gain some momentum going into Super Tuesday. If he loses by more than 25 points it might be over.


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The media's lack of coverage for Bernie Sanders paid off in Nevada as most people there don't know who Sanders is. It is particularly sad that most black voters chose Hillary over Sanders showing that people still have a tendency to vote against their own best interests. Considering that Obama has done absolutely nothing for African Americans in the last 7 years of his presidency except reinforce the new Jim Crow Era of incarcerating African Americans at a break neck speed, it is particularly disappointing that no one seemed to care. Any one who is paying attention knows that Clinton will only perpetuate the school to prison pipeline for African Americans as well as executing them as well.
To make matters worse, so many people in Las Vegas have no medical coverage which you would think would be a key factor in supporting Sanders but again most voted for enriching the pharmaceutical and private healthcare providers that have wreaked incredible havoc on the citizens of Nevada.
South Carolina will prove to be difficult as well as too many African-Americans will vote for Clinton simply because Obama has thrown his support behind the destructive establishment candidate. Many white voters will throw their support behind Clinton as well due to her strong stance on incarcerating and executing as many poor African Americans as the justice system can round up.
It was a positive step that some prominent African-Americans like Danny Glover and Michelle Alexander threw their support behind Sanders, but not enough black celebrities have stepped up to bat to end the institutionalized racism that Clinton wants to perpetuate. It is time Sanders calls Clinton out on her abysmal record regarding human rights, illegal wars she has launched and her fealty to the corporate State.


Yes, but Hillary's campaign had been in on the ground in Nevada for a longer time than Bernie. So they had been hearing her pandering, oops, I mean message, longer. I'm not going to quantify results so early in the race. I'm counting on Bernie to do his stuff and I am with him for the long haul. I'm also volunteering with his campaign. I hope other Bernie Supporters here are doing the same!


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Seemed like a fairly sane analysis to me Matt. You are right on Super Tuesday..that is when the rubber will meet the road.. :slightly_smiling:


I have a feeling that Bernie will do better with minorities than all the talking heads on the Networks would lead us to believe. When polled who they would pick on honesty, 89% picked Sanders..vs 11% for Clinton. That is a huge problem for Clinton.


TJ says:
Harry Reid, Dirty Debbie DNC, and the mob put the Red Queen over the top. Reports of cheating are on the net. Not surprising. We knew Sanders was in an uphill battle all year in Nevada.

Sanders did win delegates in Nevada. He gets 15 delegates and Clinton gets 19 delegates, according to Bernie on Meet the Press.

This thing is not over. The Burn is still heating up. South Carolina looks like another uphill battle, but Clinton's smugness is slowly melting, since Bern has raised 94 million from us. That's so shocking to the Red Queen, that she is now stealing Bernie's positions and pretending she is angry at Wall Street.

That hoe will do anything for power. Anything.

Let's hope it blows up on her!



If word got out how the Hillary campaign is cheating, her goose would be cooked.


This is the web address that I show on the official page. There are links on the left, including volunteering. At least a starting place.

Bernie Sanders

Other orgs are hosting things, too, like MoveOn, DFA, etc.


Yes, and he's got to get the message out that every other problem will be greatly affected by diminishing the corporate and moneyed interests takeover of government.

Bernie, please read Michael Winship on the money and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the MIC, for starters.


i don't think Michelle Alexander actually endorsed him, although she did write an article critical of Clinton. C'mon, Michelle, we need you and more.


Blacks voted for their executioner, damn fools I thought black Americans were savvy politically speaking. I hope I am proved wrong more and more as the campaign moves closer to super Tuesday.


Clinton has 451 super delegates and 32 delegates. Bernie has 36 delegate and 19 super delegates. Which just goes to show you the game is rigged.


I thought that the Super Delegates are free to change their mind at an open convention considering the popular vote, like in New Hampshire. They did that with Obama, despite promising Clinton to vote for her. If Bern can stay neck and neck, they may cross if she screws up.

If I understand the convoluted Democrat Political Machinery, that is.


She would have to screw up big time for that to happen.


The right wing DLC leadership of the Democratic Party has a bunch of control over the support and resources incumbents (super delegates) receive from the national Party organization.

Many of the super delegates already share the same boat that Hillary's in. Those who are more independent minded have to weigh what they're willing to risk to go against the DLC's wishes.


Why would minorities vote for a woman who incarcerates them in mass?


I heard unionized casino workers were informed they were being watched and that it would be noted if they voted Bernie (a caucus vote is not private). Were those the Israel-first claws of Sheldon Adelson around Bernie's throat?